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Reference: ADM 101/163

An appendix to the journals of the provisional battalion of Royal Marines serving at Canton, and to the journals of HMS Highflyer. This book embraces the medical topography of China and Japan and contains numerous essays on subjects connected with medicine in China, Charles F.A. Courtney. Also includes Chinese anatomical diagrams.

Folio 1: Cover Sheet.

Folio 2: Preface.

Folios 3-4: Contents.

Folios 4-5: Medical Topography of Canton. Description of the city and suburbs, geology, city wall, character of the buildings, principal temples, state of education, charitable institutions, meteorological observations.

Folios 6-8: Metrological remarks on the climate of Canton, the result of observations taken during a series of years. Folio 8: Map of the city of Canton and adjacent islands.

Folios 8-17: Allied French and English occupation of the city of Canton. Description of the forces destined to attack the city, assault and capture of Canton, list of casualties, position of the troops inside the city, monthly statement of prevalent diseases, history of the allied occupation from January to September 1858. Monthly statement of prevalent diseases in 1st Battalion. List of deaths in provisional battalion.

Folios 17-19: Medical Topography of Hong Kong. Geographical position, general description of the island, geographical nature of the soil, observations on the climate, sanitary condition of the island, striking proofs of its insalubrity, prevalent disease, census of 1859, meteorological table for 1859. Folio 20: Medical Topography of Macao. Geographical position, description of the town, the burial place of the poet Cameons, meteorological observations, hospital for lepers, Macao a summer retreat for the merchants of Canton and Hong Kong.

Folios 20-21: Medical Topography of Swatow. Geographical position, description of the town, origin of the present prosperity of Swatow, Double Island described, Chinese superstitions, population, imports and exports, typhoons, salubrity of Double Island.

Folios 21-22: Medical Topography of Amoy. Geographical position, description of the Island, geological nature of the soil, productions of the Island, population, unhealthiness of the British troops at Amoy in 1841 and its probable cause, prevalent diseases, cholera at Amoy in 1858, meteorological remarks. Map of harbour and Island of Amoy.

Folio 23: Medical Topography of Fuchau. Geographical position, description of the river Min and the city of Fuchau, Pagoda Island described, variety of fruits at Fuchau Asylum for lepers, hot sulphur springs, climate, prevalent diseases. Map of River min to Fuhchau Fu.

Folio 24: Medical Topography of Ningpo. Geographical position, description of the city and surrounding neighbourhood, climate, prevalent diseases. Map of passage to Ningpo.

Folios 25-26: Medical Topography of Chusan. Geographical position, description of the Island, geological nature of the soil, the harbour described, occupation of the Island by the British Forces in 1840, and unhealthiness of the troops and its probable causes. Map of the passage up to Shanghai.

Folios 26-31: Medical Topography of Shanghai. Geographical position, description of the Chinese city and the foreign settlement, public institutions, meteorological observations, earthquakes, Woosung anchorage recommended during the hot months, a cruise to Japan or among the Islands of the Chusan archipelago when there is much sickness on board the ships, prevalent diseases, epidemic of catarrhal opthalmia, the climate of Shanghai and Canton compared, tabular statement of diseases treated at the Shanghai dispensary, comparative return of the European Hospital.

Folios 32-34: Medical Topography of Pekin. Geographical position, description of the city, temples and palaces, account of the action off the Peiho on 25 June 1859, list of killed and wounded, HMS temporary hospital ship Assistance.

Folios 34-36: Medical Topography of Nagasaki. Geographical position, description of the town, population, chief public buildings, Island of Desima, coal mines, meteorological observations, Nagasaki recommended as a sanatarium for the residents of Southern China. Colour drawings of a Japanese man and woman.

Folios 36-39: Medical Topography of Yedo. Geographical position, description of the city, fire engines, fireproof buildings, width of the streets, observations on the Japanese Bay of Yedo described, account of the great eruption of the volcano Fusiama in 1783, climate, meteorological observations, Yokohama, the port of Yedo described.

Folios 39-42: Medical Topography of Hakodadi. Geographical position, description of the town, installation of Mr Hodgson as 1st British Consul, lead mines, exports of Hakodadi flora, prevalent diseases, meteorological observations.

Folios 42-44: Meteorological observations taken during the cruise of HMS Highflyer round Japan, 1859.

Folio 44: Averages of thermometer in Hong Kong, Macoa, Canton, Shanghai, Ningpo and Fachau Folio 45: Nosological return of the sick and wounded on board HMS Highflyer, 1859.

Folios 45-46: History of HMS Highflyer and diseases on board HMS Highflyer.

Folio 46: List of deaths on board HMS Highflyer during her commission.

Folios 46-67: Essay on the most important diseases of China, continued fever, remittent fever, intermittent fever, ephemeral fever, small pox, measles, scarlatina, epilepsy, insanity, coup de soleil, bronchitis pleuritis and pneumonia, pthisis, dysentery and chronic diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis, diseases of the eye, rheumatism, scrofula, cutaneous diseases, hydrophobia.

Folios 67-86: An essay on Chinese Medical Literature.

Folios 86-89: Small feet of the Chinese Women, Origin of the Custom, its effects upon the health by Surgeon F.A. Courtney, R.N.

Folios 90-94: An Essay on Opium Smoking.

Folios 94-96: The natural history of China and Japan, mammalian of China, botany, mammalian of Japan, birds of Japan, fishes of Japan. Folio 96: Chinese notions of natural history, birds, fishes, insects.

Folio 97: Translations of the Chinese anatomical maps appended to this book of remarks, Tsong Fu Ming Dong Du, explanatory map of the contents of the human body; Tsuh Zun Ming Dong Du-side view explanatory of the body, Tsun Zun Ming Dong Du- a front view of the human body, Tsun Zun Ming Dong Du- back view explaining the body.

Date: 1857-1859
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