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Medical and surgical journal of HM transport Phoenix for 29 January to 30 July 1828 by William Bell Carlyle, Surgeon, Royal Navy, during which time the said ship was employed in carrying convicts to New South Wales.

Folios 1-4: John Curtis, aged 22, convict; case number 1; disease or hurt, erysipela. A stout muscular looking young man who has been brought up as a chimney sweep. Is affected with a painful swelling and inflammation of a deep red colour in his right leg, extending from the toes up to the knee. Put on sick list, 6 March 1828 at Spithead. Discharged 10 April 1828.

Folio 5: John Sullivan, aged 21, convict; case number 2; disease or hurt, syphilis. Put on sick list, [14?] March 1828 off Land's End. Discharged 9 April 1828, free from complaint.

Folios 5-6: Thomas Smith, aged 21, convict; case number 3; disease or hurt, pneumonia. Put on sick list, 21 March 1828 at sea. Discharged 28 March 1828 well.

Folios 6-8: Henry Holmes, aged 21, convict; case number 4; disease or hurt, febris intermittens. Put on sick list, 23 March 1828 at sea. 20 May 1828, has had no return of his complaint.

Folios 9-10: James Murphy, private, 39th Regiment; case number 5; disease or hurt, dysenteria. Put on sick list, 7 April 1828 at sea. Discharged 15 April 1828.

Folios 10-11: William Watson, aged 20, convict; case number 6; disease or hurt, dyspepsia. Put on sick list, 11 April 1828 at sea. Discharged 1 June 1828 cured.

Folio 12: John Baynes, aged 28; case number 7; disease or hurt, diarrhoea. Put on sick list, 29 April 1828 at sea. Discharged 4 May 1828 cured.

Folio 13: George Williams, aged 19; case number 8; disease or hurt, tormented all night by a most excruciating headache which he attributes to having exposed himself to the sun for some time without his cap. Put on sick list, 25 April 1828 at sea. 30 April 1828, has been daily getting better and is now perfectly well again.

Folio 14: A numerical abstract of the medical cases mentioned in the journal.

Folio 15: Surgeon's general remarks. Every individual of the convicts and Guard were landed at Sydney in a state fit for duty. Towards the latter end of the voyage a few additional ounces of lemon juice were given daily to 15 of the convicts who were discovered to have a scorbutic sponginess of the gums which yielded readily to the Lime Juice in eight or ten days. The brother of Holmes (see case number 4 above) being a weak kind of creature naturally, with an impaired digestion and great dejection of mind, was for a considerable time put on an improved diet with wine, and by that means kept him in his usual health. One natural labour a few nights before our arrival is the only additional incident worth mentioning. [Signed] William Bell Carlyle, surgeon, Royal Navy.

Date: 1828
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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