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Medical journal of the convict ship Minstrel for 19 March to 26 August 1825, which sailed to New South Wales, by Hugh Walker, surgeon and superintendent.

Folios 1-2: Henry Herrings, convict, aged 31; disease or hurt, two ulcers on his right leg, a little below the knee on the anterior part of the tibia, each the breadth of a dollar. Also one double the size situated on the calf a little below the ham. Has previously escaped from sentence of transportation in 1816. Previously on board the Justitia convict hulk. Taken ill, 5 April 1825 at Woolwich. Discharged on 28 June 1825.

Folios 3-3A: Henry Fussel, convict, aged 18; disease or hurt, epilepsy. Taken ill, 28 April 1825 at sea. Discharged on 12 May 1825.

Folio 3A: Ann White, aged 11 months; disease or hurt, fever. Taken ill, 28 April 1825 at sea. Discharged on 4 May 1825.

Folios 4-5: Thomas Chester, private soldier, aged 19; disease or hurt, sea sickness and epilepsy. Taken ill, 28 April 1825 at sea. Discharged on 20 May 1825.

Folio 5: Henry Fairmaner, convict, aged 30; disease or hurt, chancres on the glans penis with phymosis. Taken ill, 29 April 1825 at sea. Discharged on 4 June 1825.

Folios 5-6: Catherine Connor, aged 4; disease or hurt, this girl is of very delicate constitution, being a twin. Has symptoms of worms, hardness and fullness of the abdomen and is considerably emaciated with a pale countenance. Taken ill, 28 May 1825. Died 5 June 1825.

Folio 6: issued to Charles Wilson, convict, on the 16 April 1825 a single truss for a rupture in the left side.

Folio 7: William Brown, convict, aged 30; disease or hurt, sickness at stomach, loss of appetite, slight headache, skin dry with thirst. Taken ill, 29 May 1825 at sea. Discharged 30 June 1825.

Folio 8: John Boswell, convict, aged 29; disease or hurt, headache and pain in the breast, skin hot, and dry with a full, strong and hard pulse. Taken ill, 10 June 1825 at sea. Discharged 15 June 1825.

Folio 8: Occasional cathartics have been administered this month [June 1825] to several convicts who have been affected with constipation.

Folios 8-9: John Sheen, convict, aged 27; disease or hurt, euysipetatous inflammation on the right leg, extending from the knee, to the middle of the calf; attended with oedematous swelling and some contractions of the hams, gums soft and spongy. Taken ill, 3 July 1825 at sea. Discharged 20 July 1825.

Folios 9-10: William Frowen, convict, aged 38; disease or hurt, pains in back and limbs with cough and oppression of the chest, gums soft and spongy with oedematous swelling of his legs. Taken ill, 4 August 1825 at sea. Discharged 16 August 1825.

Date: 1825
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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