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Reference: MPK 1/410

11 items (to illustrate memoranda respecting proposed [post-First World War] settlements in the Caucasus, Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula) extracted from FO 371/4368. (1)-(4) 'A Map of Turkey in Asia': 4 copies, showing the area between 24° and 52°E and between 28° and 44°N. Scale: 1 inch to about 87 miles. Printed and published by Stanfords Geographical Establishment. Each copy has different additions. (1) Overprinting, coloured, showing the boundaries of an independent Arab state demanded by King Hussein; the 'six vilayets' of the Treaties of San Stefano and Berlin, 1878; an enclave of Russian sovereignty around Baku (now Baky, Azerbaijan); the Dodecanese Islands under Italian sovereignty; Aegean Islands belonging to Greece; the districts ceded by Russia and annexed by Turkey, 1918; centres of atrocities 1915; a possible frontier between Turkey and Bulgaria; and a possible scheme for the division of Turkey into independent states on the basis of nationality. Overprinting by Harrison & Sons, October 1918. (2) MS additions, coloured, marking Daghestan; Russian Azerbaijan; the southern boundary of Persian Azerbaijan; territory ceded by Georgia and Erivan (now Yerevan, Armenia) to Turkey, June 1918; Persian territory presumably intended to be annexed to Turkey; and the route under enemy control from Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Batum (now Batumi, Georgia). Printed reference table affixed. (3) Overprinting, coloured: 'Map to illustrate the Agreements of 1916 in regard to Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, &c': showing French, British, Italian, Russian and International Spheres; and an independent Arab State. Additional title affixed: 'Areas referred to in the Agreements between Great Britain, France, Russia, and Italy'. (4) Overprinting, coloured: 'Possible Redistribution of Ottoman and Arabian Territory on the Principle of Self-Determination'.
(5) Outline map [?overlay], MS coloured, on tracing cloth, showing the same area as (1)-(4). Title affixed: 'Areas in which it is hoped that the Peoples of Turkey, Arabia, and the Caucasus... will subsequently opt for the assisstanceof the Allied Powers'; reference table affixed. (6) Same base map as (1)-(4), with overprinting coloured: 'Possible Settlement of Arab Countries': marking different areas on the basis of ethnic distribution; MS corrections. (7) Larger printed map, showing additionally the whole Arabian peninsula. Reference table. Scale: 1:6,969,600. Ms additions, coloured, mark several areas under discussion. Title affixed: 'Map illustrating Territorial Negotiations between H.M.G. and King Hussein'; reference table to additions affixed. (8) Similar to (3). Overprinting by Harrison & Sons, November 1918. (9) Same as (5), but on tracing paper. (10) Similar to (4). Reference table affixed. (11) Similar to (6), but incorporating corrections; reference table.
Reference tables to (1), (2), (4) and (6) remain with the parent document.

Date: 1918
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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