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Reference: PRO 30/22/16A

VOL. 16A Summary of Contents. Political and administrative correspondence. Politics and government: opening of parliament (Feb. 6). The Queen's speech; drafts and cabinet comment (fs. 3-43). J.R's eve of session dinner list (fs. 295-6). Correspondence: J.R.; cabinet members. Reform: the franchise; rating; borough disfranchisement; lodgers. Correspondence: W. E. Gladstone; J. Lambert; C. P. Villiers; Sir G. Grey; A. H. Layard; T. Milner Gibson and others. Ministerial arrangements: resignation of Sir C. Wood; appointment of J. G. Goschen to Duchy of Lancaster with seat in cabinet; junior posts; honours; pensions; Lord Amberley's constituency. Correspondence: J.R.: the Queen; W. E. Gladstone; A. H. Layard; Sir C. Wood; Lords Clarendon, Monck, Northbrook; Sir G. Grey; Hon. H. Brand and others. National Gallery: Sir W. Boxall appointed director; Lady Eastlake's pension; question of central administration of art collections and public buildings. Correspondence: J.R.; W. E. Gladstone; A. H. Layard; the Queen (through Sir C. Phipps) and others. British Museum affairs: correspondence S. H. Walpole. County court treasurers: question of abolition. Correspondence: W. E. Gladstone. Army: question of reduction of Home battalions. Correspondence: the Queen (through Gen. Grey). Lady Palmerston declines a peerage for herself (fs. 182-4). Royal household: death of Sir C. B. Phipps; question of a successor to Privy Purse and retention of Gen. Grey as private secretary. Correspondence: J.R.; Lord Sydney; Gen. Grey; W. E. Gladstone; Sir G. Grey. Ireland: question of punishment of soldiers with Fenian connections; as to a pay increase for constabulary "..... the force is melting away" (Wodehouse, fs. 189-94); calls for additional troops. Question of suspension of habeas corpus: J.R. advises caution but Wodehouse and Fortescue urge immediate action. Ireland: University charter: method of appointing ecclesiastical senators; R. C. fears of Queens College voters. Question of baronetcy for Dr. D. J. Corrigan. Correspondence: Lords Wodehouse, de Grey; The Queen; Sir G. Grey; Duke of Cambridge; C. Fortescue and others. Ecclesiastical: J.R's reasons for declining to issue a commission for revision of the liturgy (fs. 346-7). Clerical appointments. Foreign affairs: Italy: question of the Vatican and municipality of Rome. Minghetti's proposals for disposal of church property in Italy. Correspondence: Odo Russell; Hon. H. Elliot. Foreign affairs: Greece: Cretan uprising against Turkish rule; suspicion of Russian attitude. Lord Clarendon's concern for "..... that unhappy boy (King George I) standing alone among Brigands" (fs.102-5). Foreign affairs: Danube principalities: political upheavals. Clarendon is doubtful that the Austro-Venetian question can be solved by "the present Shindy" (fs. 417-18). Foreign affairs: France: Paris exhibition 1867: minutes of meeting of H.M. Commissioners (fs. 376-9). Question of ex-queen Amélie's continued residence at Claremont and Queen Victoria's concern (fs. 120-3); Treasury memorandum (fs. 435-6). Foreign affairs: Persia: question of treatment of Jewish subjects. Correspondence: J.R.; Sir M. Montefiore. Foreign affairs: U.S.A.: J.R's objections to G. Bancroft's speech to House of Representatives 12 Feb. (fs. 437-42). Colonial affairs: Jamaican disturbances and commission; law officers' report (fs. 222-4) and copy correspondence of Henry Taylor and governor E. J. Eyre.

Date: 1866 Jan. 1-Feb. 28
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Not Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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