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Title: Chancery: Scotch Rolls

Chancery rolls relating to Scottish affairs; the misnomer 'Scotch' has been used at least since the eighteenth century.

The enrolments relate to a wide range of subjects. Political transactions include the disputed succession to the crown of Scotland on the death of Margaret of Norway and the attempts by Edward I and his successors to conquer Scotland; safe-conducts to ambassadors; negotiations and treaties of peace.

Naval and military matters include the details of preparations for wars with Scotland; orders concerning the pay and provision of the army; orders for garrisoning, fortifying and victualling castles; and the impressment of ships and seamen for various expeditions.

There are also proceedings relating to prisoners of war, including negotiations for the ransom of David Bruce, King of Scotland. There are rewards to partisans, such as the grant of estates, generally to Scots who aided the kings of England in their claims to the crown of Scotland; orders for attainders of persons acting against Edward I and his successors, and grants of pardon.

Also, orders for raising money, particularly by customs on merchandise at Berwick; licences to Scottish merchants to trade in English ports, and to English and Scottish merchants to trade in foreign ports; grants of benefices, licences and safe-conducts to those going on pilgrimages; licences to fight duels in Scotland; licences to students in Scotland to study in England, particularly at Oxford and Cambridge; and grants of wardship.

Date: 1290-1516
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Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: Latin
Physical description: 113 roll(s)
Publication note:

Many of the documents in this series have been transcribed and published as Rotuli Scotiae, I (Record Commission, 1814) for the period 1291-1377; Rotuli Scotiae, II (Record Commission, 1819) for the period 1377-1516.

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