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Details of WO 43/1059
Reference: WO 43/1059

Officers' commissions (67). Original documents mostly on parchment Barber, Thomas, Ensign 32nd Foot 1801 Barstow, Arthur, Major, Land Forces 1873 Blair, William, Adjt. Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles 1813 Bourchier, Ch J. Sub-Lieut. Land Forces 1874 Boyd - Ensign 5th Foot 1815 Boyd, Francis, Ensign 1/West India Regiment 1823 Boyd, Francis, Ensign Cape Corps Infantry 1830 Budden, Joseph, Capt. 97th Foot 1826 Burke, Thomas, Asst. Surgeon, 1st Garrison Battalion 1808 Burton, Arthur, Adjt. 1st Regiment Stormont Militia 1817 Burton, Arthur, Capt. and Adjt. Stormont Militia 1830 Cadett, Henry, Ensign 44th Foot 1838 Cambefort, Baron de, Brigadier General, Colonial Forces, St Domingo 1796 Cameron, J.C. Lieut. 79th Foot 1804 Chadwick, Dempster, Lieut. 5th British Militia 1813 Churcher, Joseph Goddard, Lieut. Rl. Clarence Battalion, Rl. Dockyard Corps 1848 Clark, George Ward, Capt. 13th Foot 1822 Cumberland, Edward Sandford, Ensign 44th Foot 1835 Dakers, Colin, Ensign 72nd Foot 1839 Dakers, Colin, Ensign 22nd Foot 1841 Davis, Archibald, Troop Quartermaster, Lancashire Fencible Cavalry 1800 Dawkins, Clinton T, Adjt. Kerry Militia 1853 Deeker, Robert, Deputy Asst. Commissary General Delgairns, Peter, 18th Canadian Militia 1810 Fairclough, Thomas, Lieut. 90th Foot 1800 Fullarton, William, Lieut. Colonel 98th Foot 1780 Fullarton, William, Colonel, East Indies 1782 Glubb, John Warren, Adjt. Flintshire Militia 1854 Hamilton, Charles, Troop Q'master 17th Light Dragoons 1807 Henry, Alexander, Ensign Monaghan Militia 1810 Herbert, John Sweeting, Ensign 10th Foot 1842 Hext, Charles Stainforth, Capt. 8th Foot 1837 Hext, Charles Stainforth, Capt. 4th Foot 1846 Jackson - Lieut. Corps of Waggoners 1794 Johnston, John, Q'master 5th Dragoons 1795 Lang, William, Asst. Surgeon, Turkish Contingent 1855 Law, John, Asst. Surgeon 3rd Foot 1836 Leighton, Forester Owen, Lieut. 2nd Foot 1825 Menzies, Allan, Ensign 3rd Foot 1833 Menzies, Allan, Lieut. 3rd Foot 1836 Molyneux, John, Asst. Surgeon African Colonial Corps 1827 Murray, The Honble George, Lieut. Colonel 2nd Life Guards 1815 Narden, William, Ensign 2nd Surrey Supply. Militia 1798 Newsham, George, Ensign 3rd Lancashire Militia 1813 Newsham, George, Lieut. 3rd Lancashire Militia 1814 Nicholson, George, Lieut. 2nd Foot 1810 Ogle, George, Ensign 58th Foot 1795 Petry, John, Lieut. 13th Foot 1822 Quill, Thomas Prendergast, Lieut. 80th Foot 1852 Ramsey, Sextus, Paymaster, East Yorkshire Militia 1855 Robinson, James, Lieut. 2nd Foot 1825 Shaw, Alexander, Captain 35th Foot 1807 Sheridan, Thomas, Lieut. 57th Foot 1813 Stuart, John, Ensign 55th Foot 1834 Stuart, John, Ensign 33rd Foot 1834 Stuart, John, Lieut. 33rd Foot 1839 Webster, Samuel, Troop Q'master 15th Light Dragoons 1793 Weekes, John, Lieut. Limerick County Militia 1808 Webner Lewis Ensign 76th Foot 1796 Wibner Lewis Lieut. 76th Foot 1798 Wilmer Lewis Capt. 76th Foot 1805 Adjt. 1st Surrey Militia 1808 Capt. 1st Surrey Militia 1808 The name of the Officer appears in these three forms Williams, John, Q'master 88th Foot 1793 Williams, John, Ensign 88th Foot 1794 Williams, John, Lieut. 88th Foot 1797 Young, Thomas, Ensign 1st Battalion 1st Foot 1800

Date: 1780-1874
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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