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Details of CO 152/353
Reference: CO 152/353

Correspondence from 'offices' (Government departments and other organisations) and from individuals on matters relating to the Leeward Islands. Correspondents and subjects are as follows:


  • Admiralty (appointment of Sir E M Merewether);
  • Crown Agents (Antigua: lease of the island of Redonda, St Kitts: contribution of £5000 to National Relief Fund, contributions to Public Officers Guarantee Fund, purchase of St Kitts Stock or Debentures, lease of phosphate deposits of Redonda, note issue by Royal Bank of Canada, purchase of St Kitts 4½% debentures, Dominica: purchase of Dominica 4% stock for 1920-42, Montserrat: new issue of postage stamps, allowance to Lieutenant Colonel Davidson-Houston);
  • Foreign Office (Dominica: smuggling);
  • Board of Trade (Dominica: importation of alleged German paper, Antigua: Government guarantee of interest on capital for Central Sugar Factory);
  • Treasury (Dominica: gift of £10,000 to British Government).

Miscellaneous Offices:

  • Montserrat Company (Montserrat: provision for widow and family of late Mr E F Dyett, embezzlement);
  • General Post Office (Antigua: loss of registered postal packets, war taxes on letters, Dominica: inclusion of Dominica in itinerary of steamers);
  • Board of Education (St Kitts: Agriculture and Science Master of Grammar School);
  • Ministry of Munitions (Virgin Islands: molybdenite deposits in Virgin Gorda);
  • Sugar Commission (Virgin Islands: export of sugar to New York, Antigua: grievance of Agricultural and Commercial Society);
  • Local Government Board (Antigua: exemption from City Rate of International Apostolic Church);
  • Colonial Nursing Association (St Kitts: appointment of a Nurse Matron for Cunningham Hospital);
  • Colonial Office (Antigua: uncinariasis, London School of Tropical Medicine, Virgin Islands: amendment of the Constitution of Virgin Islands);
  • British Museum (Antigua: poisonous fishes in the West Indies, St Kitts: fish poisoning).


  • Mrs B S Brodie (Virgin Islands: payment of taxes on 378 acres at Beef Island);
  • Reverend J H Bell (Virgin Islands: assistance for Mr E C Bell);
  • Mr E R Branch (St Kitts: Medical Officer of District 2 in Basseterre);
  • Buckhead, Hill and Company (St Kitts: discharge of Sergeant McMillan);
  • Reverend J W Coone (Antigua: International Apostolic Holiness Church);
  • Mr G Condace (Antigua: case of Mr B Reause);
  • Sir V Caillard (St Kitts: Mr D E Paygnet);
  • Davidson-Houston Limited (Montserrat: his pay from Colonial Funds, assistance for Mrs A C Dyett, his pay from Army funds);
  • Mr C H Elgee (Montserrat: Captain C H Elgee, employment in a Government department);
  • Forbes, Abbott and Lenard (Montserrat: lease of Redonda phosphate deposits);
  • Mr G M Fowler (Dominica: land in Dominica);
  • Mrs Greene (Antigua: medical appointment for Mrs E Roden);
  • Gillespie and Company (Antigua: mail service);
  • Dr E B Garrard (Dominica: discharge from Colonial Medical Service);
  • Mr H A Hopkins and others (Barbuda: petition from inhabitants of Barbuda);
  • Mr E Henderson (Dominica: alleged formation of a 'coloured' native land syndicate);
  • Mr J W A Hanley (Dominica: alleged imprisonment in Panama);
  • Mr G Joseph and others (Barbuda: Barbuda);
  • King and Jenkins (Barbuda: administration of oaths);
  • Mr C Malone (Barbuda: application for magisterial appointment);
  • Sir F Maxwell (Barbuda: administration of oaths);
  • Miss J R Marie (Barbuda: dismissal of B P Marie);
  • Dr G B Mason (Barbuda: German submarine base at St Thomas);
  • Dr F Oliphant (Antigua: resignation of post of Medical Officer);
  • Mrs G L Oliphant (Antigua: Dr F Oliphant);
  • Mr E B Russell (Antigua: pay from Colonial Funds, allowance while in Army, allowance from colony);
  • Mr F B B Shand (Antigua: application for colonial employment);
  • Mr W H Stoker (Antigua: assignment of his pension, power of attorney in favour of the insurance society);
  • Reverend B Sower (Antigua: widow of late J G Piguenit);
  • Mr C H Sills (Antigua: medical appointment);
  • Captain J W Tough (Antigua: application for promotion);
  • Mr H A Watson and Company (Antigua: copper mines in Virgin Gorda, molybdenite deposits on Virgin Gorda);
  • Miss A Williams (St Kitts: resignation).

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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