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Reference: FO 383/381

Germany: Prisoners, including:

Return to the UK of British soldiers escaped from Germany:

  • George Manson Hart.
  • William Midwinter.
  • Paul Choat Westley.
  • James William Pitts.
  • Schreider Collingwood.
  • Alexander Robertson.
  • Frederick George Green.
  • Harry Grimshaw.
  • Albert Edward Chevrall.
  • Charles Henry Duller.
  • Charles William Davis.
  • Thomas Bloomfield.
  • William Shane.
  • James W Kerr.
  • Thomas Mullins.
  • William Shande.
  • Walter Edwin Atkins.
  • George Oscar Hardington.
  • Lieutenant L T Bruce.
  • Walter Duncan.
  • Robert Stones.
  • George Edward Huggett.
  • John Wilson Thomson.
  • Alfred Ash.
  • John Lench Davis.
  • Henry Watson Guy Benjamin.
  • Arthur James Ollerton.
  • William Crawshay Loder Symonds.
  • Jocelyn Lee Hardy.
  • Patrick Maxim.
  • Frederick Wigby.
  • Samuel Charles McConnaghy.
  • Allan Wilson.
  • John Dorman.
  • Laurence Samuel Horne.
  • Albert George Dunbar Panhurst.
  • Edward Gardiner.
  • Ernest Evanson.
  • John William Rundle.
  • William John Wallace.
  • Clarence Hicks.
  • Arthur Hollings.
  • George Garbutt.
  • William Henry Tubb.
  • Harold Paintin.
  • Norman Donald Crichton.
  • Joseph Vipond.
  • Horace Robinson.
  • William Price Arthur John Mack.
  • George Easterbrook.
  • Moyle Stick.
  • Arthur Hill.
  • James Moore.
  • Frederick Britt.
  • Lieutenant J B Robinson.
  • Lieutenant D G Milne.
  • J? Osborne.
  • G H Reed.
  • P G Cooke.
  • Arthur Leggett.
  • Martin Lavin.
  • Louis Maurice Spiers.
  • Richard Cuthbert Royston.
  • F Woodier.
  • L B Merry.
  • P J Kemp.
  • Second Lieutenant A E G Wilson.
  • Seaman Roland Hookman.
  • Trooper Leonard Nixon.
  • Lieutenant P F Dale.
  • Robert Dymond.
  • Charles Joseph Seitz.
  • Miles Gordon.
  • John Dempey.
  • William Sedley Gerald.
  • Arnold Henry Bertram.
  • Russel Badcock.
  • Thomas Gill.
  • George Hardy.
  • Vincent Dastoly.
  • Leonard Candy.
  • David Smith.
  • Nelson Phelan.
  • Arthur D Corker.
  • Donald A Cameron.
  • John Land.
  • Horace Doughty.
  • Lewis Taliesin.
  • Thomas Jones.
  • George Jackson.
  • John Millar.
  • Thomas L Shannon.
  • Charles E H Rathborne.
  • Lieutenant Martin Campbell.
  • Captain A H Cartwright.
  • Captain Edward Wilmer Leggat.
  • Corporal E J Hurley.
  • Alexandra (sic) Reid.
  • James Leith.
  • Emile Bacqué.
  • Corporal Maurice Phillips.
  • Corporal Lucien Créspin.
  • Alfred C Cotton.
  • J D Wark.
  • Charles Lockhead.
  • Sidney Philip Heminsley.
  • Arthur Metcalfe.
  • Frederick James Allen.
  • William Sharman.
  • Harry Chapman.
  • Albert Turner.
  • Frank Edgar Yeomans.
  • Laurence Cal.
  • Claude Benson.
  • Donald McDonald.
  • David Griffiths.
  • Percy James Fleming.
  • George Harry Hemming.
  • Edward Leonard Malcolm Facer.
  • John Cooper.
  • Charles Seivewright.
  • Ernest Fowler.
  • John Bursdon.
  • William Parsons.
  • Frederick Mallinson.
  • Francis Michael Smith.
  • J W Johnston.
  • William Overson.
  • Leonard Calder.
  • Douglas Dunlop.
  • Frank Sawicki.
  • William Hattin.
  • Edward R Little.
  • George Robb
  • George Sargeant.
  • Harry Drinkwater.
  • Samuel Child.
  • Max Goodman.
  • Harford Havelock.
  • John Whittington.
  • William Hawkins.
  • Norman Wilson.
  • Edward Joyce.
  • Lieutenant F J Ortweiler.
  • Captain A H Cartwright.
  • Peter McArthur.
  • George Brown.
  • Kenneth Warburton.
  • Frederick Muff.
  • Dennis Ferry.
  • Murto MacMilan.
  • Ernest Pearce.
  • Alexander Millar.
  • James Stott.
  • Charles McDala.
  • Edward John Amy.
  • James Frank Bayes.
  • Alexander Oliver.
  • Albert James Corps.
  • Arthur Johnston.
  • Lieutenant Dwyer Auguste Neville.
  • Daniel Young.

Despatch from Vice Consul John Cameron concerning escaped prisoners and the necessity of keeping method of escape a secret.

Clothing for British prisoners escaped from Germany.

Employment of police dogs to recapture escaped British prisoners.

Lieutenant Harker and Lieutenant Athuis: report on their attempted escape from Schweidnitz.

Enquiry into the fate of William Rogan.

George Bradley and Francis Leyland, both of the 1/5th East Lancashire Regiment: request for the particulars of their deaths.

List of 200 German civilians awaiting repatriation.

Internment or repatriation of British and German civilians. Includes a list of British prisoners of war in Ruhleben.

Copy of contract with Rotterdamsche Lloyd and Zeeland shipping companies.

Exchange of incapacitated prisoners.

Reciprocal repatriation of detained medical personnel.

Arrangements for the transport of prisoners.

Payment of pilots engaged in vessels of prisoners' service.

Voyage of Mr de Meester on prisoners' service and his permission to land at Boston.

Stores for SS Sindoro for the repatriation of invalid prisoners.

Internment in Holland of German and British prisoners.

Code 1218 Files 82-170 (to paper 22784).

Date: 1918
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 82-170 (to pp. 22784).
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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