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Details of FO 383/234
Reference: FO 383/234

Turkey. Prisoners, including:

Enquiries regarding the will and estate of Mr Edward Keyser, former Manager of the Bank of Salonica at Smyrna.

Proposed exchange of Rechid Saadi Bey for Monsieur Charrier, a French citizen interned in Turkey.

Payments by the American Consul at Baghdad on behalf of the Church Missionary Society and its employees in Mosul.

Aerial bombardment of Smyrna, including:

  • Threat of reprisals by the Governor of Smyrna in the event of further bombing raids.
  • Advice from the American Consul General at Smyrna that further raids should be suspended, due to proposed reprisals by the Turkish authorities.
  • Second aerial bombardment of Smyrna, and details of the damage inflicted.
  • Report of an interview between the Governor General of Smyrna, Rahmi Bey, and the American Consul at Smyrna.
  • Criticism from Admiral Robeck, Commander of the Eastern Mediterranean Fleet, of the contents of a telegram from the British Consul at Mitylene, Mr Heathcote Smith, regarding the raids at Smyrna.
  • Report by the American Consul at Smyrna of a third bombing raid.
  • Protest by the Turkish Government about the bombardment of the residential quarters of Smyrna, and threat of reprisals.
  • Correspondence between the Right Honourable Arthur James Balfour and Sir Edward Grey regarding policy on bombing raids.
  • Advice from the Italian Ambassador that bombing targets should be restricted to specific forts in Smyrna.
  • Opinions of the British Consul at Mitylene, Mr Heathcote Smith, on the bombing of Smyrna.
  • Claim by the Turkish Government that the raids constituted a violation of international law.
  • Information on the number of Italian nationals interned in Smyrna.

Death of Dr David McKenzie Newton at Smyrna, including:

  • Notification to Mr James Scobbie and Doctor John Trail of Dr Newton's death.
  • Provision of funds by the Church of Scotland Jewish Mission Committee and Mr James Scobbie to assist in the repatriation of Mrs Elizabeth F Newton.
  • Request by Mr John McKenzie Newton for further information about his brother's death.
  • Enquiry by Mrs Newton about insurance policies held by her husband at the University Life Assurance Society.

Detention of British subjects from Salif, a port on the Red Sea, including:

  • Enquiry from Sir John Jackson Limited about the health and whereabouts of members of the company's staff interned at Sanaa (Sana) in North Yemen.
  • Correspondence regarding the return of a letter addressed to Mr O N Bakewell at Sanaa and annotated by Private Plevey, a prisoner at Sanaa; later information that Mr Bakewell might be interned at Menacha.
  • Mr Alex Lawrie: enquiries about Mr Francis Cowdry and Mr E R Bailey, interned at Sanaa.
  • Names of British subjects interned at Sanaa (in docket no.147997).
  • Transmission of a message from Mrs P Cowdry to her husband, Mr Francis Cowdry, now interned at Menacha.

Advice from the Western Assurance Company on insurance policies on property in Turkey belonging to British owners, with a list of names of certain policy holders (in docket no.114128).

Medical personnel and army chaplains captured at Kut el Amara and interned in Turkey, including:

  • List of army chaplains and officers from the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Indian Medical Service (in docket no.114512).
  • Report of the good treatment of the chaplains and officers, and likelihood of their exchange under a reciprocal agreement.
  • Advice that Armenian medical officers should not be handed over to the Turkish authorities against their wishes.
  • Request by the Reverend Captain Arthur J Wilcox and Captain W R O'Farrell for assistance in gaining their release.
  • Lists of medical officers reportedly released by the Turkish authorities, and of those awaiting repatriation (in docket no.191064).
  • Decision by the Turkish authorities not to repatriate certain British medical officers and army chaplains, due to the need for their assistance in providing medical and religious support to interned Britsih prisoners.

The Eastern Telegraph Company Limited: request for permission to send remittances to their staff at Pera and Smyrna.

Mr Frederic Rosenthal, a Turkish national interned at Towcester: permission for him to be handed over to the French authorities at Southampton.

Shamsul Ulama Kamaluddin Ahmad: enquiry about the welfare of his brother, Hakim Alauddin, an Indian national interned by the Turkish authorities at Jedda.

Proposal for Armenian prisoners released from internment in India to join the Armenian Volunteer Contingent.

Correspondence regarding a petition from Vartick Kodjabasian, an Armenian national interned in Malta, requesting permission for him to join the Russian Army; transmission of a copy of his petition to the Russian Embassy in London.

Permission for the son of the Mufti of Mitylene to leave the island with his family.

Code 1244 Files 99837-121991.

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 99837-121991.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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