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Details of FO 383/231
Reference: FO 383/231

Turkey. Prisoners, including:

Internment of British seamen at Magnesia, including:

  • Allegations by the Turkish Government of the ill-treatment of the crew of the SS Kara Deniz, which was detained at Bombay.
  • Refusal by the Turkish authorities to sanction the exchange of British prisoners from the SS Assiout and the SS City of Khios, interned at Magnesia, for the crew of the SS Kara Deniz.
  • Provision of financial relief to the British prisoners at Magnesia.
  • Report of the death of Mr Richard Marshall, Chief Officer of the SS Assiout, in Smyrna Hospital.
  • Captain V E Lazzolo: provision of information on the stoppage of payment of the government allowance to prisoners at Magnesia; report that no parcels were being received.
  • Authorisation for the American Consulate at Smyrna to make payments to the prisoners at Magnesia.
  • Parliamentary question by Mr Butcher about conditions for the British prisoners at Magnesia.
  • Mr John Drysdale: enquiries about his son, Mr R D Drysdale, interned at Magnesia.
  • Report from the American Consul-General in Smyrna on conditions at the camp.
  • Provision of relief for the interned British seamen by the Imperial Merchant Service Guild.
  • Non-delivery of parcels to the British seamen at Magnesia: recommendation that parcels should be sent to them via the American Embassy in Constantinople.
  • Parliamentary question from Mr Peto about the release or exchange of the British prisoners at Magnesia.
  • Provision of financial relief to the British seamen interned at Magnesia by the Mercantile Marine Service Association.

Transmission via the American Embassy in Constantinople of a letter from the Reverend J A Campbell to the Reverend T R Hodgson of the Bible Society at Pera.

Reverend Robert Frew: deposit of a sum of money at the American Embassy in Constantinople for Mr Cyril Cumberbatch.

Application by the Turkish Government for the release of Kiazim Effendi, a pharmaceutical chemist interned at Malta; deportation of Mr Harry Daston from Constantinople to Tchoroum, as a reprisal by the Turkish authorities.

Transfer of British and French prisoners from camps at Kiangri and Afion Kara Hissar to Bosanti for employment on railway construction.

Provision of information by Mr Morgenthau of the American Embassy on Turkish policy regarding prisoner exchanges, the inspection of camps and the repatriation of wounded prisoners.

Letters from Lieutenant Commander Stoker describing conditions in the camp at Afion Kara Hissar.

Mrs Marion E Dawson: enquiry about her husband, Mr T Launcelot Dawson, interned at Tchoroum,and request for him to be exchanged with a Turkish prisoner; transmission of a power of attorney to Mr Dawson.

Proposal by the Indian Government for special rates of pay for Turkish civil officials captured in Mesopotamia; list of prisoners at camps at Thayetmyo and Sumerpur in India recommended for the grant of a special allowance (in docket no.257924).

Proposal for the appointment of an American Consular Officer at Mosul to assist in matters relating to the British prisoners interned there.

Anglo-Palestine Company: application for permission to remit money on a monthly basis to Palestine.

Mrs Hope van Millingen. including:

  • Transmission of a letter to her from the Alumni Association of Robert College, following the death of her husband, Professor Alexander van Millingen.
  • Delivery of a letter to the Reverend Dr Gates of Robert College in connection with the late Professor van Millingen's estate.
  • Instructions to the Constantinople branch of the Deutsche Bank regarding money held in Mrs van Millingen's account.
  • Enquiries regarding Austrian Treasury notes held by Professor van Millingen at the time of his death.

Payment by the Trustees of the British Museum to Akras Frères of Aleppo in connection with excavations at Jerablus.

Departure of Mrs Richard Routh and Mrs Mary Routh and her child from Vourla.

Insurance of British property in Constantinople, including:

  • Insurance of the English High School.
  • Insurance of the British Sailors' Home at Constantinople.
  • Enquiries about insurance of the Keeper's House at Scutari Cemetery.

Proposed measures to be taken by the Turkish authorities regarding Allied property and money held by financial institutions in Turkey; request by the British authorities for lists of the relevant accounts and deposits.

Occupation of the British and French Hospitals in Constantinople by the Turkish authorities; refusal of permission for the staff of the British Hospital to leave.

Seizure by the Turkish authorities of furniture belonging to the Reverend Brett in Smyrna, for non-payment of taxes.

Registration of claims by British subjects for property requisitioned or destroyed by the Turkish Government.

Code 1244 Files 25401-41145.

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 25401-41145.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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