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Reference: FO 383/223

Turkey. Prisoners, including:

Report of the death of Private William Williams at Angora.

Identification of deceased British soldiers.

Provision of lists of prisoners by the Turkish Government.

List of survivors of the submarine E20, captured in the Sea of Marmora (in docket no.4827).

Request from the Prisoners of War Committee for a full list of Indian prisoners interned in Turkish territory.

List of British officer prisoners from the British Expeditionary Force, and list of Indian prisoners interned at Mossoul provided by the Ottoman Red Crescent Society (both lists in docket no.27930).

Representation to the Turkish Government about the circumstances surrounding the death of Private Mc Knight.

Enquiry from the Town Clerk's Office in Heywood, Lancashire, regarding information on prisoners in Turkey.

Request from the War Office for details of officers and men missing following the Gallipoli campaign.

Correspondence regarding lists of prisoners in Turkey, including:

  • Request from the India Office for a full list of prisoners in Turkey; proposal for the lists to be compiled by the Indian prisoners.
  • Proposal for the circulation among prisoners of lists of non-commissioned officers and men from New Zealand and Australian regiments, missing after the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Offer by the Vatican Prisoners' Bureau to assist in the circulation of lists.
  • Parliamentary question by Sir Arthur Markham on the provision of information by the Turkish Government about British prisoners.
  • Supplementary lists of British prisoners captured in the Dardanelles, provided by the American Embassy and other sources (in docket no.52616).
  • List showing the numbers and nationalities of interned belligerent civilian subjects in Turkey.
  • Lists of British civilian subjects interned in various regions of Turkey; subsequent amendments to lists.
  • Report of the death of the Reverend B Z Friedmann at Safed in Palestine.
  • Transmission to the Vatican Prisoners' Bureau of lists of British officers and men reported missing in Gallipoli.
  • Enquiries from the Turkish authorities regarding four missing Turkish officer prisoners.
  • Notification of deaths of prisoners: proposal for a reciprocal agreement between the Turkish and British authorities.
  • Correspondence regarding amendments to lists of missing British personnel from Gallipoli made by the Red Crescent Society and the American Embassy in Constantinople.

Denial by the Turkish Government of the maltreatment of British prisoners at Constantinople.

Refusal by the Turkish authorities to provide information on the death of Thomas Hunt of the Fourth Worcester Regiment, due to the alleged withholding of information on deceased Ottoman prisoners. Includes a sample form produced by the International Committee of the Red Cross for the provision of this information (in docket no.104384).

Request to the American Embassy in Constantinople to establish the names and other details of prisoners whose photograph was published in The Illustrated London News of 27 May 1916; proposal for The Illustrated London News to republish the photograph (which appears with annotations in docket no.195714) with the names of the prisoners.

Enquiries from the Turkish authorities about two missing officers, Captain Nedjati Bey and Captain Mehmed Effendi.

Correspondence regarding the preparation of lists of missing Turkish, British and Indian prisoners.

Request by the Turkish Government for a full list of officers and men captured during fighting in the region of the Suez Canal.

Request from the War Office for information on Herbert Gardner, Private Archibald Earley and Private Samuel Gray of the 1/5th Hampshire Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

Typescript copy of an article from The Times on allegations of failures by the British and French authorities to notify the Turkish Government about the deaths of Turkish prisoners.

Mr Coara Abela, a British subject resident in Beirut: petition for compensation following damage by fire to his property in Turkey.

Petition from former staff of the British Post Office in Constantinople concerning non-payment of salary; decision by the General Post Office in London that no compensation could be offered as they were unestablished staff ( a list of names of the staff is in docket no.16909).

Mr Pariente, former employee of the British Post Office at Smyrna: terms of employment following his temporary transfer to the Foreign Office.

Mehmed, former cavass [courier] at the British Post Office in Constantinople: decision not to supplement the gratuity already paid to him.

Establishment of the dates of reports to the Turkish Government of maltreatment of Turkish prisoners in Egypt.

Capture of Ottoman officials at Camaran Island, including:

  • Question of the repatriation of three sanitary officials.
  • Agreement for their repatriation via the Suez Canal.
  • Later arrangemenets for their repatriation via Athens.
  • Confirmation that the Turkish authorities would release five British subjects held at Afion Kara Hissar as soon as the three Ottoman officials arrived in neutral territory.
  • Confirmation that the ship carrying the three officials had arrived at Suez, and that they were at Ras El Tin Camp, awaiting a boat for Athens.
  • Report on the repatriation or internment of the other Ottoman officials captured at Amara, with a list of their names (in docket no.189628).
  • Departure of the three sanitary officials for Athens.
  • Report of the deaths of two of the sanitary officials at Aden; threats of Turkish reprisals.

Report on the possibility of requisitioning Turkish property in Egypt.

Reports of alleged mistreatment of Turkish and British prisoners, with specific information relating to Lieutenant Commander Stoker and Sub-Lieutenant Geoffrey Fitzgerald.

Alleged ill-treatment of Turkish prisoners in Egypt and Lemnos.

Threats of reprisals to British prisoners by the Turkish authorities, following complaints made by Ismail Hakki Bey, a Turkish subject interned at Alexandra Palace; views of the American authorities on the internment of Turkish subjects in the United Kingdom; proposal to transfer Mr Hakki Bey to an officer prisoner of war camp.

Arrest of eight British subjects at Constantinople as a reprisal for the capture of eight Turkish officials on the Island of Camaran; includes the names of the British subjects (in docket no.34525) and a list of names of the Turkish officials (in docket no.3571).

Withdrawal by the Turkish authorities of privlieges accorded to British officers at Angora.

Deportation of certain British, French and Italian subjects from Constantinople.

Investigation into allegations of mistreatment of Turkish prisoners in a letter written by Lieutenant Mustrar, a prisoner at Sumerpur, including:

  • Report by the War Office on conditions at Sumerpur.
  • Alleged threat of reprisals to British prisoners, reported in letters from British officers interned in Turkey, as a result of conditions at Sumerpur.

Report of a British visit of inspection to Turkish officers interned at the camp at Sidi Bishr in Egypt.

Code 1244 Files 601-604.

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 601-604.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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