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Details of FO 383/125
Reference: FO 383/125

Balkans: Prisoners, including:

Treatment of Bulgarians interned in British territories, including:

  • Proposed free departure of Bulgarian civilian subjects from Britain, and free departure of British subjects from Bulgaria.
  • Detention of Bulgarians in Canada. Treatment of Bulgarian prisoners at Amherst Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Proposed transfer of all interned Bulgarians to Alexandra Palace, London. Four so transferred; one (Felix Tagger) released.
  • Internment of Bulgarians in the United Kingdom.
  • Peter Tchernokojeff, Bulgarian subject, interned at Alexandra Palace: Count Wrangel, Swedish Minister, supports his desired release.
  • Two Bulgarians interned in New Zealand.
  • Repatriation of Bulgarian prisoners.
  • Bulgarian prisoners in Australia and Malta.
  • Treatment of Bulgarian soldiers captured by Anglo-French forces in Macedonia.

Enquiries and concerns about British Hospital Units in the Balkans, including:

  • Doctor Muriel Iles, of the British Hospital Units in Serbia: enquiry as to her whereabouts by her sister, Miss A M Iles of Saltash, Cornwall.
  • Serbian Relief Fund press for the return of the British Hospital Units from Serbia.
  • Lady Paget's Hospital at Eski-Uscub (Skopje), Serbia: all the members of the mission reported to be in good health; full list of staff, with office and nationality, given (in docket no.10960).
  • Enquiries for British subjects in Bulgaria and Bulgarian zone.
  • Voluntary Aid Nurses of the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service detained as prisoners in the Royal Serbian Military Hospital at Kruschewatz (Krusevac), Serbia: list of names given (in docket no.20494).
  • Members of the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service detained as prisoners at Kruschewatz (Krusevac) and Vrnjatschka Banja: list of names given (in docket no.25512).
  • Repatriation of members of British Hospital Units.
  • German treatment of Hospital Units in Serbia.
  • Dr J B Christopherson, of the Berry Mission, and Dr A Banks, of the British Red Cross Mission, both interned and desire repatriation.
  • Members of the British Red Cross Society and Anglo-Serbian Hospital staff detained as prisoners: lists of names given (in docket no.31663).
  • Members of Serbian Relief Fund Units sent to Serbia (including Lady (Ralph) Paget's Hospital; Cornelia Lady Wimborne's Hospital; Mrs Stobart's Hospital; 1st British Farmers' Hospital; 2nd British Farmers' Hospital): lists of names given (in docket no.35018).
  • Return of Hospital Units from Serbia.
  • Dr Caroline Matthews, having worked independently with the Serbian Army, complains at Berne, Switzerland, of bad treatment by Austrians at Ujice (Uzice), Serbia, and other places.
  • Sir Ralph Paget enquires about his wife, Lady Paget and her Hospital Unit, at Sofia, Bulgaria: she is well. Updated list of Lady Paget's Hospital staff at Skopje (in docket no.41701). Repatriation of the Hospital staff.
  • Austrians seize the effects of the Scottish Women's Hospital at Kruschewatz (Krusevac).
  • James Berry, FRCS, and other members of the Anglo-Serbian Hospital (the Berry Hospital or Berry Mission) repatriated.
  • Wounded Allies Relief Committee: a Unit at Ghevgeli was working with the French; now repatriated; list of names given (in docket no.46300).
  • British doctors and nurses captured in Serbia, and since repatriated: lists of their names provided by the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in docket no.62803).

Code 1219 Files 940-1127 (to paper 62803).

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 940-1127 (to pp. 62803).
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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