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Details of FO 383/65
Reference: FO 383/65

Germany: Prisoners, including:

Extracts from letters of German prisoners in UK: compilation of report from prisoners' correspondence.

Weekly reports by Major Ducrot, Postal Censor, War Office, compiled from prisoners' correspondence: reports regarding complaints and praises contained in prisoner of war correspondence during week ended 15 May 1915 (in docket no. 68314) and week ended 5 June 1915 (in docket no. 83310).

Mrs Adela Prout, of Stoke Newington: request for assistance for a weekly allowance as her husband is an invalid, detained in Germany.

Capt J A Smithwick, wounded prisoner at Crefeld: arrangements for his brother, R H Smithwick of Kilkenny, to communicate with him by telegraph; request for his possible exchange due to illness.

British subjects deceased in Germany: arrangements for return of personal effects of British seamen, William Stewart (Chief Engineer), Robert Bowdirch (or Robert Bowditsch), and Robert Wilkes.

Reciprocal exchange of death certificates of prisoners of war.

British subjects interned at Ruhleben: enquiry from Nottingham Chamber of Commerce whether subjects will be assisted to obtain work when a camp was dissolved, whether compensation will be paid, and relief for families in England.

Compensation for interned civilians in Germany.

Escape attempts by German prisoners, including:

  • Lieut Hans Andler, German prisoner detained in Brixton Prison: letter requesting certain representations be made to the German Government; request by US authorities for UK views before forwarding letter.
  • German prisoners escaped from Dyffryn Aled, Wales: Lieut von Andler and Lieut von Sandersleben; German Government request for confirmation of report of sentence by court martial, and copy of sentence; trial of Lieut von Andler and Lieut von Sandersleben.
  • Disciplinary measures at Dyffryn Aled.
  • Sentences imposed for attempted escape: protests from Lieut von Helldorff and Lieut von Hennig, recaptured escapees from Dyffryn Aled now at Chester Castle.
  • Sentence on Lieut-Capt Tholens for attempted escape from Dyffryn Aled.
  • Protest against handcuffing by recaptured escaped German officers.
  • Protest of German officers re-arrested after escape.
  • Sentence on two German officers escaped from Dorchester.
  • Sentence imposed for attempted escape: protest from Lieut Hans Keilhack, German Naval Lieutenant detained at Chelmsford, against severity of sentence and prison treatment.
  • Sentence passed on two German prisoners for attempted escape from Dorchester: Herr Heym and Herr Bergmann.
  • Sentences passed on Lieut Hans Keilhack and Lieut Otto Thelen.
  • Detention at Chelmsford of three German officers: German Government protest against conditions of detention.
  • Conditions at Detention barracks at Chelmsford: report by Edward G Lowry, Special Attaché in Charge of the German Division.
  • Oscar T Trefftz, German prisoner of war interned at Holyport following recapture after escape from Donnington Hall: protest against treatment on recapture and procedure and sentence of court.
  • Lieut Rudolf von Sandersleben, German prisoner of war interned at Holyport following recapture after escape from Dyffryn Aled: protest against treatment on recapture and procedure and sentence of court.
  • Lieut S Matthias Petersen, German prisoner of war interned at Holyport following recapture after escape: protest against treatment on recapture and procedure and sentence of court.
  • Detention of German officers at Chelmsford.
  • Complaints of three interned German officers: investigation into complaints.

Eugène Graessle, German in UK: application for British nationalisation; recommendation for exemption from internment (Christian Edward Eugene Graessle).

German Emperor's property in Canada.

Charles James King, British subject detained at Ruhleben: request that a telegram be sent to Mr King informing him of dangerous illness of his wife in Upper Tooting.

Muller system exercises for British interned officers: includes list of officers (in docket no. 64557).

Hugo Dahms, Australian citizen in Berlin: renunciation of Australian citizenship to be naturalised as a German.

H G Gardener, naturalised British subject born in Sweden of German parents, living in Southport: wish to leave UK; request for information which countries he may go to and where passport is obtainable.

Use of picture postcards by prisoners.

Payment of lawyers fees in Berlin: question of payment to Dr Victor Schneider, lawyer and German subject and legal adviser to HM late Embassy at Berlin, for services rendered in connection with termination of lease of Sir H Rumbold's flat in Berlin.

Compensation for British civil prisoners for losses sustained owing to internment: enquiry from Harry Asher, interned at Ruhleben.

Mrs Bertha Gostynski, returned from Germany where husband, Jakob Gostynski, British subject interned in Ruhleben: request from her brother, B Horowitz of Hackney, for relief for her and her children; referral to Jewish Board of Guardians.

Disciplinary punishments for prisoners of war: amendments to rules; includes printed copy of Royal Warrant. Maintenance of Discipline Among Prisoners of War, 1914.

British Indian prisoners in Germany, including:

  • Treatment of prisoners: various reports.
  • Prisoners of War Help Committee proposal regarding representation of Indian prisoners.
  • Inter-departmental conference of representatives from Foreign Office, War Office, India Office, Indian Soldiers' Fund, and the Prisoners of War Help Committee.
  • Report of Indian prisoners being held on Baltic islands.
  • Indian prisoners of war camp at Wünsdorf (Zossen): reports.
  • Lists of Indian prisoners in Germany: arrangements for compilation.

Grimsby steam trawlers: enquiry from Grimsby Fishing Vessel Owners' Exchange Company Ltd regarding possible loss of trawlers and fate of crews, possibly now interned in Germany.

British seamen interned in Germany: includes lists of individuals (in docket no. 82123).

Merchant seamen and fishermen prisoners of war: includes printed lists of merchant seamen and fishermen detained as prisoners of war in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey, 21 September 1915 (in docket no. 146257).

Code 1218 File 62952-67310.

Date: 1915
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: File 62952-67310.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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