Catalogue description Registry Number: CCG 180/867. Weights and values of restituted goods: returns....

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Details of FO 1057/274
Reference: FO 1057/274
Registry Number: CCG 180/867.

Weights and values of restituted goods: returns.

Correspondence within the Reparations, Deliveries and Restitutions Division [RDR] on the overall value and weight of restituted goods between May 1946 [before which it was not customary to assess value] and September 1947, for a total of 128 million RMs and a comprehensive weight of machinery and similar equal to 32,000 tons restituted to the claimant countries, plus 370,000 tons of total shipping, according to the document. Further correspondence between the RDR and the Control Commission for Germany in Berlin [British element] dated March 1947 provides general statistics on the restitution process and its distribution among the claimant countries, where The Netherlands appear as the markedly main beneficiary with a total value of RM 95,362,264, followed by France with RM 10,599,000 and Belgium with RM 6,948,385. Incomplete data are provided for the USSR [the only goods for which receipts were received were 176 horses] and Yugoslavia [as for the USSR, receipts were received only for horses, a modest number of rubber-working machinery items and machine tools].

This piece also includes detailed classified lists of restitutions to The Netherlands, France, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Belgium, Luxemburg and Denmark and organised according to the nature of the restituted goods. Statistics are quoted as of the end of January 1947 and describe a total of 55,154,283 kilos of material for a comprehensive value of RM 113,813,946. Most of the classified material pertains to heavy industry, machinery, raw materials, transportation and agriculture but also includes bonds, shares and currency. It also includes household furniture [for a total value of RM 42,310 for The Netherlands, RM 2,050 for France and a total of 95 sets for Czechoslovakia ], jewellery [2,922 items for The Netherlands for a total of RM 1,121,930], silverware [17 items for France, 85 items for a total of RM 8,300 for Poland] and scientific and academic books [140,000 kilos for The Netherlands, 29,603 pieces with a total value of RM 20,000 for France, 257 pieces to Czechoslovakia, 6,073 pieces with a total value of RM 50,500 for Poland].

The piece also includes a monthly report for December 1946 with a general list of the number of claims as well as declarations under the General Order No 6 submitted by several countries, mostly Holland, France, Belgium and Czechoslovakia. Less detailed lists of weights and values are also included for the month of October 1946.

Note: This document forms part of the Looted Art Collection; records selection and descriptions reproduced by the kind permission of the Commission for Looted Art in Europe.
Date: 1946 - 1947
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: CCG 180/867
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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