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Details of SP 36/93/2/118
Reference: SP 36/93/2/118

Folio 118: List of men not involved in [Jacobite] rebellion, aged over 16 years, living on Lord Cromertie's estate in the parish of Logie Easter [Ross and Cromarty]. Names: John Mackenzie of?Meddet; Donald Ross, Miller; Donald Ross his son, Joiner; David Munro, Miller; Barnet MacClucky; Malcolm Ross; William Uain; Hugh MacCuncily; Donald Kay; Hugh MacCowny; Alexander Monro, Servant; John?Ruah; Donald?Ruah, his son; John Mackenzie, Tailor; Thomas Ross, Gardener; Donald Mackenzie, Weaver; James?Innes, Taylor; John?MacTruckiter; Donald Mackenzie of Bleakhill; Alexander Leich; George Young; John Crain; David Roy; Alexander?Maceun; William Cunningham, Servant; Alexander Mackenzie, Shoemaker; Alexander?Macieurnan; Thomas Taylor; Thomas Mackenzie; Alexander Ross, Tenant in?Friach; Robert Mackay, Smith; Donald Mackenzie, Tenant; James Chisolm, Wheelwright; William Chisholm, Wheelwright; Andrew Chisholm, his son;?Finla [Finlay] MacAngus; John Roy, Weaver; William Roy, Weaver; Malcolm Mackenzie, Carpenter; John Ross in Bella?Chrugafan; Alexander Williamson; John MacCleuhy. Signed by Park Grant Minister. Dated at Logie Easter [Ross]. Filed with:

Folio 119-120. List of men on over 16 years of age on Lord Cromertie's estate in the parish of Kilmuire Easter [Ross-shire] none of whom had taken part in the rebellion. Names: John Hall, Gardener at New Tarbat [Ross and Cromarty]; William Sutherland, Gardener's man; James Dunbar, Gardener's man; Kenneth Mailey,?Grive; Thomas Nish, Coachman; Norman Mackenzie, Postilion; Alexander Fraser, Butler; Donald Macintosh, Porter; John Robertson, Cook; Donald Mackenzie, his servant; Donald Riach, Servant at New Tarbat; Kenneth Munro, Servant at New Tarbat; John Carmichael, Servant at New Tarbat, John?Hossaick, Servant at New tarbat; William MacCony, Officer; Donald Riach, Slater; James Munro, tenant in Kilmuire; Andrew Roy, tenant in Kilmuire; John Mackenzie, tenant in Kilmuire; Walter?Mailevin, tenant in Kilmuire; Alexander Munro, Wright in Kilmuire; David Munro, his brother; William Fraser, Offficer; Grigor Grant, tenant in?Polle; Hugh Ross, Shoemaker in?Polle; Donald Hendry, Servant in?Polle; James Crain, Servant in?Polle; William Gresich, Servant in?Polle; Hugh Ross, Taylor in?Polle; John Munro, Shoemaker in?Polle; Alexander Roy, tenant in Tullich [Stirling]; Duncan Mac Andrew, of Tullich; Walter Roy, tenant in Tullich; Andrew MacGilicroft of Tullich; Finley MacGilandrish in?Keldery; John Munro of?Keldery; Donald MacStiven of /Keldery; Robert Mackrob, Weaver; Hugh Robertson, Weaver; George Mackenzie, tenant in?Elpitald; James Mackenzie, Servant; John MacLeod, Servant; George Mackezie, Servant; Donald Taylor, Servant; Donald Mackenzie, Servant; David Ross, Tacksman of Milltoun; Aklexander Forbes, Shoemaker; John Holm, Mason; James Clark; William Brackiter, Miller' Norman Ross, Miller' John?MacInteen, Miller; Donald MacCurchy, Miller' Hugh Munro, Miller; Andrew ross, Miller; Alexander Sutherland, Wright; John Mackhutchion; Donals MacWilliam, Slater; George MacWilliam, Slater; David Roy, Taylor; Peter Tayler; David Mackenzie, Smith; Alexander Roy, tenant; Donal Stronach, his servant; Francis Hendry, Mason; Donald Urquhart, his man; Donald MacCony, Taylor; James Rupel,?Litster; Donal More, in Morvich. Signed by Arthur Ross, JP.

Date: 1747 Jan 30
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Folio 297-299
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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