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Reference: ZSPC 11
Title: W E Hayward Collection

This series is an extensive collection of books, magazines, cuttings, photographs, timetables, maps and tickets compiled by the late W E Hayward of Weston-super-Mare. The main subject is railway history but there are also a few books about the mines of Cornwall, canals and steamers.

The material in this series is non record material originally held in the Library.

Note: Catalogue entries for this series are currently being enhanced as part of a project supported by volunteers. Undated items have been given derived dates in square brackets. The expert railway volunteers working on the project have established that they fall within specific period.
Date: 1831-1977

On deposit in BTHR, references SPC 11/1 were assigned to the books, files and relics (RELICS transferred to Transport Museum Clapham, December 1972 and subsequently to the National Railway museum, York.), and these were listed under files or general descriptions and the books and files keyed into the BTHR Library Index. Mr Hayward however had his own system of referencing which, albeit somewhat complex, can be used to pin point information not in the BTHR Library Index. To facilitate the use of Hayward's own lists and indexes, the SPC list now reflects under 'Old Refs' those references he himself employed, and there is also a Key (available in the Standard list set) to the new SPC piece numbers. It should be noted that the system is not infallible, and that to avoid an excess of notes, certain features of the system are not mentioned here.

BASIC HAYWARD ARRANGEMENT ('CASE' may be taken to mean bookcase or cupboard (which may or may not have continued in use in BTHR) containing a series of files or binders in different colours identified by various letters):

  • Case A = Files 1-120 = SPC 11/274-397;
  • Case B = Files 200-269 = SPC 11/470-521;
  • Case C = Files 800-881 = SPC 11/398-444;
  • Case C = Files 800-881 = SPC 11/398-444;
  • 900-924 = SPC 11/445-469;
  • Case D = Files 300-413 = SPC 11/522-603;
  • 725-728 = SPC 11/665-668;
  • Case E = Files 500-566 = SPC 11/604-626;
  • 741 = SPC 11/669;
  • 750-751 = SPC 11/670-671;
  • 775-777 = SPC 11/672-674;
  • Case F = Files 600-671 = SPC 11/627-664;
  • Case G = RCH Maps and Airey Junction Diagrams (numbered in a separate 500 series) and Miscellaneous = SPC 11/708-763 and 773 A-B and 774 ex relics;
  • Case H = Library, etc GWR Timetables, etc = SPC 11/1-258; 696-707 259-273;
  • Case N = Files 700-713 = SPC 11/675-688;
  • Files re WEH-LYN Collection (714-719) = SPC 11/689-693;
  • Two ticket albums = SPC 11/694-695.

REFERENCES 1. Classified Card Index Virtually all refs. in this are to a Case Letter and File Number. Check file ref. in Key and obtain SPC 11 piece number. Non file numbers are usually for books whose old refs. run consecutively and appear in the SPC 11/1-258; 696-707 sections.

2. Card Index A-Z An examination of this index suggest that it has been virtually superseded by the cards in the BTHR library index and certainly it is easier to obtain reference by this means. For readers who wish to consult, some brief guidance is given below:

  • (a) 'In Case A & c', 'In Binder', 'In Library', or where no instructions are given, refer to BTHR Library Index under same title and/or author to obtain SPC 11 reference.
  • (b) 'In File A & c' refer to SPC 11/689 under Section A & c, obtain old file ref, and Key to SPC 11 number.
  • (c) Where 'In File' is associated with a ref. merely Key to new SPC 11 number.
  • 3. Book refs. in Files or in SPC 11/689 See instructions relating to books in 1. above.
  • 4. SPC 11/689 Explanation of contents descriptions of file contents, etc. is given and a code indicates number of items in categories of material within files, e.g. photos C/5, labels 1/2, etc.. If the explanation of the code is not in any particular section, there is one at the end of Case A section. File numbers are straightforward one to three digit references. Books in bibliographical & c. lists in each section will have additional letter elements, etc. To key refs. up see various instructions under 1-3 above.

Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Non record material
Language: English
Physical description: 780 volume(s)
Access conditions: Open
Immediate source of acquisition:

British Transport Historical Record Office

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