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Reference: WO 54
Title: Ordnance Office and War Office: Entry Books and Registers

This series contains Entry books and registers of the Ordnance Office, including:

  • quarterly lists of salaries, pensions, etc of the civil and military establishment and artificers, 1594 to 1837.
  • lists of civil and military establishments at home and abroad, 1676 to 1855, including some lists of the Irish Ordnance establishment, returns of Ordnance medical officers, 1835 to 1850, and lists of Artillery and Engineer officers, 1851 and 1855.
  • commissions of master gunners, 1740 to 1772.
  • Artillery and Engineer officers, including foreign corps, 1794 to 1851.
  • returns of Engineer officers, 1786 to 1850.
  • men of the Artillery and sappers, miners, artificers, labourers, etc, 1755 to 1863, in description books.
  • discharges, deaths, transfers, etc, 1740 to 1859, chiefly from the Artillery, but including some from the Engineers.
  • registers of pensions, military and civil, 1802 to 1844, including widows' pensions and some registers of salaries and pensions of the Barrack Office.
  • registers of letters of attorney of civil and military officers, 1699 to 1857.
  • returns of persons employed, 1811 to 1847.
  • miscellaneous registers, pay lists, etc, of the Artillery and Engineers, 1692 to 1871, including French Emigrant Engineers and Artillery, 1795 to 1802, Field Train, 1799 to 1849, barrack masters in England and Ireland, 1797 to 1852, and Royal Military Academy, 1839 to 1841.
  • appointment papers, etc, 1670 to 1855, consisting of original letters of application, testimonials, certificates of baptism, appointments, etc.
  • list of barrack sergeants, 1771 to 1824.

Date: 1594-1871
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Ordnance Office, 1683-1855

War Department, 1855-1857

War Office, 1857-1964

Physical description: 948 volume(s)

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