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Details of T 233
Reference: T 233
Title: Treasury: Home Finance Division: Registered Files (HF and 2HF Series)

Files of the Home Finance Division deal primarily with questions concerning capital issues, loans, government stock, currency, the financing of nationalised industries, import duties, public accounts, purchase tax, national savings and the financial affairs of Northern Ireland. Some files also relate to departmental estimates or 'Blue Notes'.

Includes records relating to the setting up of the of the Committee of Enquiry on the Control of Public Expenditure (Plowden Committee), 1959-1961 (T 233/1710 and T 233/2153).

This series also includes files of the F series, which were reregistered in the HF series in 1948.

Date: 1919-1975

Chronological within original subject classification (see Treasury Registration Systems)

Transfers of files created after December 1951 have been arranged in former file reference number order.

Related material:

For records of the Committee of Enquiry on the Control of Public Expenditure (Plowden Committee) see T 291

Separated material:

Files of the Public Income/Outlay Division (2P10 and 2PIO.EST) were re-registered in T 320

Files dated 1962-1973 registered as 2 FH series T 326

Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: HF and 2HF file series
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Treasury, Domestic Economy Sector, Home Finance Group, 1975-1984

Treasury, Home Finance Division, 1938-1962

Treasury, National Economy Group, Home Finance Division, 1973-1975

Physical description: 3031 file(s)
Access conditions: Subject to 30 year closure unless otherwise stated
Immediate source of acquisition:

From 1977 Treasury

Accumulation dates: 1948 to 1973
Accruals: Series is accruing
Administrative / biographical background:

The Home Finance (HF) Division was set up in 1938. In 1960 the estimate Clerk and his supporting staff were transferred from Home Finance Division to National Resources Division II (NR II), as a step towards developing the organisation for presenting public expenditure. In November 1962 the work was transferred to sub-divisions of the newly formed Finance Group, viz. F (H1) and F (H2) respectively. The Finance Group contained three divisions:

Finance (Home and General)Finance: Overseas and CoordinationFinance: Overseas Development

Files of the Finance (Home and General) Division were registered in the 2 FH series and can be found in T 326. On 1 January 1973 another major reorganisation of the Finance Group took place, in response to the UK's entry to the EEC, and the Finance Home Divisions (2 FH) were transferred to the National Economy Group and renamed Home Finance (HF). From 1973 to 1975 files of the renamed Home Finance Division were registered into the 2 HF series and then, from 1975 to 1981, into the HF series.

The Home Finance Division covered the following subjects during the period 1948-1960. From 1960 to 1962 the Division's responsibilities included these same subjects, with the exception of those marked with an asterisk.

Banks and Banking (including Public Holidays)Civil ListCurrency (Bank notes and coinage)Customs and Excise (including Orders under Import Duties Act 1958)*Diplomatic PrivilegesInland Revenue*Isle of Man Act 1958, Migration of Companies (Income Tax Act 1952, section 468)Miscellaneous Expenses VoteMotor taxation*Licences for Duty-free Imports*Purchase Tax*MintsDuties under Import Duties Act*Key Industry Duty*Secretary of the Excess Profits Tax Refunds Advisory Panel*Miscellaneous questions not otherwise assignedExchequer FinancingDebt Management and analysisFinancial Statistics (including Economic Classification)Current Reviews and Forecasts (including HF contributions to National Income Forecasts, Economic Survey etc)Gifts, bequests and interest free loans to the ExchequerBuilding Societies*General Post OfficeGovernment StocksBorrowing from banksHire purchase*Migration of Companies (Income Tax Act 1952, section 468)National Debt OfficeNational SavingsTithe*Trustee Savings Bank Nationalised Industries: (a) Seven Boards financed under Finance Act 1956, section 42; (b) National Coal Board and other public corporations including NFFC, CDFC, AMC and SMC; (c) General Post OfficeGovernment guaranteesCompanies Act 1948Prevention of Fraud (Investments) Act 1939Dividend LimitationThe 'small' investor (unit trusts etc)Local Authorities: (a) Public Works Loan Board and Local Loan Fund; (b) Local Authorities capital financing; (c) London County Council Annual Money BillInterest Rates (Exchequer advances and Public Works Loan Board loans)Control of Borrowing Order 1947Capital Issues Committee (Policy and individual cases)*Radcliffe Committee (Treasury questions)Commonwealth StocksColonial Stocks*Local Authority StocksTrustee ListGeneral questions on financial assistance to industry under the Distribution Act 1945/1958Loans, grants and guarantees under the Trade Facilities Acts 1921/1926Special Areas (Amendment) Act 1937Northern Ireland (financial arrangements)*Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust*Secretary of the Development Areas. Treasury Advisory and Capital Issues Committee*Loans under section 4, Distribution of Industry Act 1945*Liaison with Finance Corporation for Industry and Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation*General enquiries regarding loans for industry*Treasury aspects of Companies Acts administration*General questions on Parliamentary Supply matters*Financial Resolutions etc, Civil Contingencies Fund*Estimates, Revised and Supplementary Estimates - general arrangements*Consolidated Fund and Appropriation Bills*Public and Private Bills*Presentation of Parliamentary Papers and Statutory Instruments*Expiring Laws Continuance Bill*Forecast Estimates*Statistics of estimated Government expenditure*Estimates and Supplementary Estimates Civil Classes I to X, Estimates for the Revenue departments and related Blue Notes*Votes on Account*London County Council*Royal Bounty*Royal Household and Civil List*Liquidation of SARA Limited*Liaison with Nuffield Trust

From 1973 to 1981 the Finance Divisions were responsible for the following:

Home Finance Division 1: National savingsBank of England and other financial institutions, including building societiesDividends

Home Finance Division 2:

Government lending arrangementsRoyal Mint and the coinageGovernment stocks

Home Finance Economic Unit:

Monetary policy

Accounts Branch:

Consolidated FundNational Loans Fund and other central accountsVote expenditure

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