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Title: Secretaries of State: State Papers Ireland, Entry Books

The Secretary of State's letter books of correspondence relating to Ireland, letter books and a memoranda book of the Lord Lieutenant (John, Lord Carteret) in Dublin Castle, 1724 to 1730, and entry books for warrant books, 1713 to 1776.

The secretary's entry books contain copies of out letters to the Lord Lieutenant, judicial and ecclesiastical office holders, and other public personages or bodies in Ireland. The letters mostly convey instructions or news, perhaps of bills approved or postponed, or refer to appointments, but they may touch on any aspect of the administration. Occasionally the subject may be a petition (or perhaps a lawsuit in Dublin), and a copy of the petition (or affidavit) may appear amongst the other entries.

The warrants are for appointments, including those of the Lord Lieutenant, bishops, members of the Privy Council of Ireland, etc and a few lesser positions such as the house-keeper of Dublin Castle. The warrants also authorise (amongst other things) the creation of peers, the holding of courts martial, permission for the Lord Lieutenant to come to Great Britain on leave, and the grants of pardons or patents.

The series includes a few printed papers.

Date: 1681-1784
Related material:

Warrants are in HO 101

The Secretary's entry books are continued in HO 122

Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Physical description: 23 volume(s)
Access conditions: Available in digital format
Publication note:

Those records dated 1681 to 1704 are included in the following publications: Calendar of State Papers Domestic Charles II ed M A E Green F H B Daniell and F Bickley 28 volumes (London 1860-1947) Calendar of State Papers Domestic James II ed E K Timings 3 vols (London 1960-1972) Calendar of State Papers Domestic series of the reign of William and Mary ed WJ Hardy and E Bateson 11 volumes (London 1895-1937) Calendar of State Papers Domestic Anne ed R P Mahaffy 2 vols (London 1916-1924). The records for 1760 to 1775 are in the Calendar of Home Office Papers of the reign of George III 4 vols (London 1878-1899). Please speak to staff at the Map and Large Document Room enquiry desk for the precise location.

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