Catalogue description John Evelyn Bendon Adams; William Knox Angus; Thomas Armstrong; Ian Edward Ashworth;...

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Opening date: 01 January 2035

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Details of LCO 22/32
Reference: LCO 22/32

John Evelyn Bendon Adams; William Knox Angus; Thomas Armstrong; Ian Edward Ashworth; John Wynne Bankes; Ronald Alfred Benge; Alan Edgar Bennett; David Percival Blakey; Reginald Clarrence de Montmorency Blum; William Armistice Bowen; Leslie Balfour Boyd; Gordon Neil Bradley; Hugh Dashwood Brown; Stanley Ivan Brown; John Waddingham Brunyate; Ronald Burgess; Flintan Gerard Burke; Charles Harold Chorley; Philip Colbey; Alfred Rupert Neale Cross; William Dennis Curnock; Percy John Corcoran; Kenneth Vincent Digby Cotes-Preedy; David James Llewelfryn Davies; Ralph William Davies; Henry George Dodd; Roderick Neville Donaldson; Anthony Graham Dunford; Logan Andrew Edgar; James Hunter Shaw Elliott; John Corbet Ellis; Charles Henry Elston; Kenneth Evans; Russell Evans; Herbert Geoffrey Feather; Alan McKenzie Fell; Ian Braham Fife; Bernard Finlay; William Alexander Finlay; Robert Eric Finnimore; Alan Bulmer Fleming; George Abraham Barnett Fox; Richard Guy Cresswell Freeman; Leopold Henry Gillis; Gordon Henry Harper Glasgow; Alpha Godfrey; Hubert Frederick Thomas Gough; Anthony Gouldsmith; Walter George Gray; John Edward Greenwood; James Murray Gregory-Jones; John Coldwell Griffiths; Ronald Vivian Hambrook; Dorothy Janet Harding; Victor Percy Harries; John Shand Haselhurst; Peter Allen Hayward; robert Raymond Hebson; Derrick Robert Hills; Anthony Hobson; Michael George Holloway; David Evelyn Houstoun-Barnes; Vyvyan Derek Hugh-Jones; Carl Alan Arnold Hughes; David Heppell Hughes; Norman Haygarth Inman; Jacob Jaffe; Arthur Joseph Jeddere-Fisher; William Graeme John; Frederick William Wawman Kempton; Raymond Frederick Kent; Michael James Kilroy; Norman Edward Kynaston; John Leonard Lannon; Etherage John Murray Leslie; Harry Livermore; John Emrys Lloyd; William Mackenzie Mackenzie; Amar Nath Maini; Norman Barr Martin; George Leeke McLoughlin; Anthony Roger Mellows; William James Menary; John Colin McFadyean; Vinayak Dattatraya Mhaiskar; Ronald George Middleton; Helenus Patrick Joseph Milmo; Hugh Montgomery-Campbell; David Emrys Morgan; David Stanley Morgan; John David Fitzgerald Moylan; Charles Demoree Newbold; James Cecil Norris; Neville Lewis Orchard; Humphrey Leslie Malcolm Oxley; Michael Wroughton Parkington; Colin Murray Pattinson; John Peak; Fredrick John Pearson; Norman Charles Pearson; John Faithful Fortescue Platts-Mills; David James Rook; Charles Ritchie Russell; Thomas Aloysius Ryan; Philip Emlyn Sandercock; Michael James Cavendish Saunders; John Downing Hopwood Sayer; Charles Hilary Scott; Peter Linton Seville; Edward Aubrey Simans; George Richard Spensley Simey; Alfred Maurice Smith; Charles Mure Smith; Walter Frank Smith; Montague Philip Solomon; Joseph Spoor; Joseph Francis Stout; Geoffrey Summers; Jack Stripling Syrett; Walter John Cambridge Todd; George Kenneth Tomlinson; Edward Trevelyan; Reginald William James; Tridgell; Alfred Eric Tritschler; John Leigh Turner; Robert Scothern Urquhart; Gerald Eugene Waddington; Roland Henry Wade; Harold Edward Waller; Peter Watkin-Williams; Henry Weston Wells; Walter Somerville Wigglesworth; Norman Henry Wight; Charles Walter Wilbourn; Daniel Gareth Williams; John Thomas Williams; Meurig Williams; Roger Corbitt Williams; Bazil Sylvester Wingate-Saul; Thomas Claude Middleton Winwood; Arthur Wynn Jones; Horace Lewis York

Date: 1970 Jan 01 - 1974 Dec 31
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Closed Or Retained Document, Open Description
Access conditions: Closed For 60 years
Closure criterion: Commercial and personal information supplied in confidence
Lord Chancellor's Instrument: LCI 151 - Series containing both closure and accelerated opening instruments
LCI signed date: 2000 February 21
Record opening date: 01 January 2035

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