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Details of ADM 137/12/4
Reference: ADM 137/12/4

Folio 191: telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief East Indies 18th August 1914 - Marmaris reported at Basrah with steam up. Order [HMS] Odin to watch her closely and to be prepared to engage her on receipt of orders.

Folio 192: telegram from Viceroy to India Office 18th August 1914 - 9 battalions Native Infantry ready to start 20th and 21st August 1914. We are consulting Naval Commander-in-Chief to escort.

Folio 198: telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief East Indies 19th August 1914 - Transport Ballarat conveying officers etc for India left 18th August due Bombay about 11th September.

Folio 201: telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief East Indies, Bombay 19th August 1914 - Admiralty are informing War Office and India Office that naval escort will be ready 20th August for Egyptian and East African convoy. Important no delay.

Folio 202: telegram from Aden to Admiralty 19th August 1914 - Zanzibar - Seychelles and Seychelles - Mauritius cables interrupted, Seychelles completely cut off.

Folio 203: telegram from Commander-in-Chief East Indies, Bombay to Admiralty 19th August 1914 - re changes to disposition of Squadron.

Folio 210: telegram from the Viceroy to Secretary of State 19th August 1914 - the Nairung is vessel referred to in our telelgram of the 15th instant. She belongs to the Asiatic Steam Navigation Company. Her speed is ten and half knots. She is fitted with wireless telegraphy.

Folio 212: telegram from Aden to Admiralty 20th August 1914 - [HMS] Duke of Edinburgh arrived.

Folio 214: telegram from Colombo to Admiralty 20th August 1914 - list of German ships captured on East Indies station: Trifels, Steinturm, Reichenfels, Rappenfels, Furth, Australia, Moltkefels, Josef Agost Foherezeg.

Folio 218: telegram from [HMS] Britannia, Simonstown to Admiralty 20th August 1914 - I directed Senior Naval Officer Zanzibar on 12th August to refuse to recognise Red Cross in [German ship] Tabora. It was hauled down under protest and ship captured.

Folio 221: telegram from Secretary of State to Viceroy, Army Department 19th August 1914 - re request for further assistance from India. A handwritten note on the telegram from Vice Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee to the First Sea Lord, Prince Louis of Battenberg expresses concern over these demands 'without reference to the Admiralty' and points out that 'in the meantime the German cruiser Konigsberg is free to attack British trade'.

Folio 223: telegram from Viceroy to Secretary of State India Office 20th August 1914 - we hope to despatch whole of leading division on 24th and 25th August 1914. Admiral reports no date earlier than 24th will suit naval arrangements.

Folio 225: telegram from the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies 20th August 1914 - re providing reinforcements for the Expeditionary Force and alterations in the garrisons of defended ports abroad.

Folio 226: telegram from the Under Secretary of State, India Office 20th August 1914 - re providing reinforcements for the Expeditionary Force.

Folios 230-231: telegram from Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty to First Sea Lord, Prince Louis Battenburg and Vice Admiralty Sir Doveton Sturdee 20th August 1914 - re the disposition of Royal Navy ships in the Pacific.

Folio 232: History Section Precis. M 15664/14. (b) Letter from Foreign Office 20th August 1914 - reference blockade by [HMS] Astraea of Dar-es-Salam, Bagamoyo and Tanga. M 15664/14. (c) Sir E.S. [Vice Admiral Sir Edmund Slade] 21st August 1914 - it is most undesirable that informal blockades should be given official prominence. Also questionable whether Captains of cruisers should agree to terms of truce. Suggest Admiralty refuse to ratify the arrangements already come to, M 15664/14. Pencil note, see M 01481/14.

Folio 234: telegram from Commander-in-Chief, Simonstown to Admiralty 21st August 1914 - German steamer Zieten arrived Mozambique 19th August 1914. Reported met [German cruiser] Konigsberg near Cape Guardafui 9th August 1914 who had captured British steamer City of Winchester. Passengers and part of crew brought by German steamer Zieten to Mozambique. Telegram from Consul, Mozambique to Hall Line Liverpool 19th August 1914 – [British steamer City of] Winchester captured by Germans off Socotra. Crew Mozambique except second officer, third engineer, carpenter retained on board, all well.

Folio 235: telegrams from Colombo to Admiralty 21st August 1914 - [HMS] Fox sailing 22nd August. From Director Royal Indian Marine, Bombay to Admiralty 21st August 1914 – [Royal Indian Marine ships] Dufferin, Minto arrived today Karachi. From [HMS] Black Prince, Aden to Admiralty 21st August 1914 – arrived at Aden.

Folio 239: telegram from Admiralty to [HMS] Odin W/T Jask and Basra 21st August 1914 - German steamer Ekbatana at Basra. Reported to be making to block channel by sinking lightship.

Folio 241: telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief, Cape and Senior Naval Officer, Zanzibar 21st August 1914 - Government of India empowered to communicate direct with Commander-in-Chief Cape as to Expeditions in Cape command.

Folio 242: telegram from [HMS] Black Prince, Aden to Admiralty 21st August 1914 - no hostile armed mercantile cruisers sighted in Red Sea. German ships reported at Maesawa Channel, Persepolis, Christiana 10th [August] - Segovia, Ockenfels, Borkuon, Ostmark, Hurmfels. Austrian ships - Moravia, Ambra. [German steamer] Zeitun reported painted funnels British India Steam Navigation Company funnel bands and flying red ensign. Resident at Perim Island reports one Turkish gunboat at Hodeida and 4 Turkish gunboats at Camaran.

Folio 245: telegram from Commander-in-Chief, Simla 19th August 1914 - we have selected Jodhpore Lancers for Egypt. They can be mounted on horses or camels as War Office decides.

Folio 246: telegram from G.O.C. India 20th August 1914 - Sir Portab Singh urges that the Jodhpore Lancers should be sent with their horses instead of camels as he expects more trouble in equipping them and training them with camels than was first anticipated.

Folio 247: telegram from Viceroy 19th August 1914 - Maharaja of Bikaner is attached to Staff of 7th Division but his camel corps goes with 9th Cavalry Brigade.

Folio 251: telegram from Viceroy 14th August 1914 - the force destined for German East Africa should be alluded to as Indian Expeditionary Force B and the force destined for British East Africa as Indian Expeditionary Force C.

Folio 252: telegram from India Office to War Office 21st August 1914 - it is understood battalions from India to Singapore will not now be necessary. Battalion from India to Mauritius has been warned but despatch will depend on naval situation. M 01490/14.

Folio 255: telegram from A.S. [Admiral Superintendent] Malta 22nd August 1914 - [ship] Chasseur reports that Eastern Telegraph Co cable ship Cambria reports both Seychelles Island cables interrupted since 19th August. British ship City of Winchester long overdue at Suez. Captain of German ship Sudmark states German cruiser sank City of Winchester after removing passengers and crew.

Folio 261: History Section Precis. M 01512/14. (c&d): letter from India Office to War Office 22nd August 1914 - will consent to 3 battalions being withdrawn from India provided battalions from Tientsin, Hong Kong and Singapore can reach India within one month. M 01512/14. (f): Sir H.B.J. [Admiral Sir Henry Jackson] 24th August 1914 - arrival of troops from Far East cannot be guaranteed if naval escort is reckoned on, M 01512/14. (g): 1st S.L. [First Sea Lord Prince Louis of Battenberg] 25th August 1914 - cannot this be done with assistance of Japanese. They could join Australian force at Colombo, M 01512/14.

Date: 1914
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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