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Reference: ADM 137/11/4

Folio 154: Telegrams from Commodore, Hong Kong to Admiralty 10th August 1914 fast mercantile cruiser Empress of Asia sailed 9th August. One officer, twenty men Royal Garrison Artillery and 25 men 40th Pathans on board to make up crew. In view of shortage of ratings for armed mercantile cruisers I am entering men offering pay to seamen and stokers £6 per mensem[month], ordinary seamen £3 10 per mensem[month], petty officers £7 per mensem[month] which are local rates of pay. Folio 157: Telegram from Intelligence Officer, Hong Kong to Admiralty 10th August 1914 Russian Admiral places Askold [Russian cruiser]Zemchug [Russian light cruiser], 4 torpedo boats and 4 armed Volunteer Fleet at disposal of Commander-in-Chief China. Folio 158: Telegram from Foreign Office to Sir George Buchanan, St Petersburg 10th August 1914 British and Russian naval forces are too far separated for any combination at present except in China. Folio 159: Telegram from Admiralty to Commanders-in-Chief China, East Indies and Senior Naval Officer New Zealand 11th August 1914 control of Australian Navy transferred to Admiralty. Folios 161-163: Telegram from Sir C Greene, Tokyo to Foreign Office 9th August 1914 relating to the declaration of war by Japan against Germany provided that His Majesty’s Government are willing to agree to grounds [listed]on which declaration of war is based. Folio 164: Telegram from Foreign Office to Sir C Greene, Tokyo 10th August 1914 His Majesty’s Government will not ask Japan to act under Treaty of Alliance at present. Folio 165: Telegram from Department de la Marine, Paris to Admiralty 10th August 1914 Russian naval department agrees to co-operation of the Siberian naval forces with the Anglo-French forces. However Russia believes Hong Kong to be difficult to reach for the Russian cruisers from Vladivostock. Folio 166: Telegram from Admiralty to S.N.O.[Senior Naval Officer]New Zealand and Commander-in-Chief China 10th August 1914. Rear Admiral Australia asked to reconnoitre Rabaul and attack German cruisers, coal and wireless forthwith. Folio 168: Telegram from Marine, Paris to Admiralty 10th August 1914. [French destroyers] D’Iberville, Fronde, Mousqet, Pistolet arrived Singapore last night. Cassard[French light cruiser], Cosmao [French light cruiser] to patrol coast of Morocco. Thanks to HMS Cornwall Admiralty may now dispose of her as desired. Folio 169: Telegram from Sir Edward Grey to Sir J Jordan, Peking 10th August 1914. Japanese Government will be obliged to take action[against Germany]whether we co-operate or not. Folios 174-175: Telegram from Sir C Greene, Tokyo 10th August 1914. Relating to British concerns over China if Japan declares war on Germany and Japanese objectives in Far East. Folio 176: Telegram from Sir C Greene, Tokyo to Sir Edward Grey 10th August 1914.Japan wants Britain to co-operate in present action against Tsing-Tao. Folio 180: Telegram from Sir Edward Grey to Sir J Jordan, Peking 11th August 1914.Japan suggests that territory from which China has been excluded by German occupation should eventually be restored to her. We should agree to this and you can say something in general terms reassuring the Chinese as to probable results of Anglo-Japanese action if it takes place under the alliance. Folios 182-183: Telegram from Foreign Office to Sir C Greene 11th August 1914. Japan should state her action will not extend beyond China Seas or to any territory except in German occupation in Asia. Folio 185: Telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief, China 11th August 1914. Practically certain Japan declares war on the 12th [August]. Communicate with Japanese Commander-in-Chief. Send light cruiser to Vancouver. Leave trade protection north of Hong Kong to Japanese, concentrating attention with Australian squadron on destroying German cruisers. Folio 187: Telegram from Sir J Jordan, Peking to Foreign Office 11th August 1914. German men-of-war all cruising 20 miles off Kiao-Chow. Three armed Hamburg America merchant cruisers fitted out ready at Kiao-Chow. Three or four other merchant ships and captured Russian Riazan [?Riasan] at Kiao-Chow. Four German ships at Swatow suspected about to sail and arm. Folio 188: Telegram from Sir J Jordan, Peking to Sir Edward Grey 11th August 1914. Relating to joint co-operation with Japanese and its effect on China, United States concerns that Japanese activities do not extend to Pacific and hopes that co-operation with Japan not only British but also France and Russia. Understands the resentment Japanese feel against Germany because of Liao-tong affair of 1895. Folio 189: Telegram from Marine Paris to Admiralty 11th August 1914.Russian Minister of Marine informs me that the Askold[Russian cruiser] and the Semtchong[Zemchug. Russian light cruiser] ready to collaborate with Franco-British squadron in Chinese waters. Askold can steam 19 knots and Semtchong [Zemchug] 20 [knots]. The English admiral will be able to arrange with the Russian Admiral Schultz at Vladivostok for the details concerning the concentration of the combined forces. Folio 193: Telegram from Shanghai to Central News, London 11th August 1914. Chinese cruisers Haichi and Haichow are stationed off Woosung in order to enforce the neutrality of Shanghai. Folio 194: Telegram from Receiver General Suva to Admiralty 12th August 1914. Montcalm [French cruiser] arrived.Telegram from French Admiralty to Admiralty 12th August 1914. Montcalm [French cruiser]telegraphs is going to Noumea to coal and is going to China with Kersaint [French sloop]. What are your intentions concerning Montcalm. Have you information about the probable intentions on the cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst signalled on the 5th August near the Solomon Islands steering South-East.Telegram from F.N.A. to Marine Paris 12th August 1914. Montcalm [French cruiser] to remain at Suva and wait for arrival of a military expedition coming from New Zealand about August 20th to capture Samoa. Two cruisers of type Pyramus will accompany the transports. Aid of Montcalm most useful. Folio 196: Telegram from Commander-in-Chief China 12th August 1914 Under certain conditions I wish to declare a blockade of Kiao-Chau. Authority is requested to do so at my discretion. Folio 198: Telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief China 12th August 1914. Our trade on Pacific coast is being threatened. Directly Japan declares war send HMS Hampshire and one light cruiser to Esquimault. Folio 199: Telegram from Sir J Jordan, Peking 12th August 1914 Relating to the future of Kiauchow and Chinese Government’s proposals. Folio 203: Telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief China 12th August 1914. Authority is given to declare blockade of Kiaochow in concert with Japanese. Folio 207: Telegram to Commander-in-Chief China and Commodore Hong Kong 13th August 1914. Commence hostilities against Austria. Folio 209: Telegram from Sir J Jordan, Peking to Foreign Office 12th August 1914. Terms proposed by Germnay for surrendering Kiao-Chow to China. Folio 215: Telegram from Senior Naval Officer, Singapore to Admiralty 13th August 1914.D’Iberville [French torpedo vessel], Fronde [French destroyer], Pistolet [French destroyer left for Java Sea. From Swatow to Admiralty.German [merchant vessel] Pongtong left cleared for Shanghai. Folio 216: Telegram from Sir J.Jordan[Peking] to Sir Edward Grey 13th August 1914. Admiralty says trade can be resumed from all China ports.

Date: 1914
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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