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Medical journal of the Marion, hired convict ship from 21 October 1851 to 7 February 1852 by Mr Le Grand, Surgeon Superintendent, during which time the ship was employed on the voyage to Swan River.

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Folios 1-2: Copy of sick list. Folios 3-5: case no. 1, William Dalby, aged 37, Convict; taken ill at Portland; sick or hurt, articular rheumatism; put on sick list 1 November 1851, discharged 7 December 1851 cured.

Folios 5-11: case no. 2, Owen Sullivan, aged 20, Convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, phthisis pulmonalis, came from Pentonville Prison, has been a soldier and was employed on the Public Works at Swan River, stated that his family were generally healthy and that he has ten brothers and a sister, he complained of symptoms of bronchitis, with dry cough; put on sick list 3 November 1851, died 14 January 1852 at 1.45 pm.

Folios 12-14: case no. 3, James Cranhurst, aged 24, Convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, bronchitis; put on sick list 11 November 1851, discharged 20 December 1851 cured.

Folios 15-16: case no. 4, George Spencer, aged 22, Convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, diarrhoea; put on sick list 29 November 1851, discharged 11 December 1851 cured.

Folios 17-21: case no. 5, James Wootton, aged 44, Convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, concussion of the brain, from Millbank Prison, was attempting to go across the fore hatchway for which he fell into the fore hold; put on sick list 1 January 1852, discharged 28 January 1852 cured.

Folios 21-24: case no. 6, Laurence O’Brien, aged 30, Convict; taken ill at sea; sick or hurt, bronchitis, he was holding a ticket of leave, was received from the York hulk, and has been a soldier previous to the conviction, complained of severe cough, oppressed breathing and some soreness of the chest beneath the sternum also a frontal headache; put on sick list 13 January 1852, sent 1 February 1852 to Hospital at Fremantle. Folio 24: Nosological return of cases mentioned in the journal.

Folio 25: List of men who received wounds or hurts during the period of this journal.

Folio 25: James Wootton, aged 44, Convict; nature of hurts, concussion of the brain consequence of a fall down the fore hatch way into the hold, on 1 January 1852.

Folios 25-27: Surgeon’s general remarks, the Marion, male convict ship arrived at Woolwich from Deptford on 21 October 1851 and received on board the guard consisted of one Lieutenant of Engineer, 30 Sappers and Miners, 15 wimen and 17 children also a convict Warder for Swan River Establishment his wife and 7 children. On the following day 159 male convicts embarked on board, and on 23 October the ship sailed and arrived on 25 October at Spithead where 71 prisoners were received. The ship proceeded to Portland and taken on board 50 convicts making a total number of 280. The ship finally sailed on 2 November for Swan River. The Surgeon stated that the main hatchway of the Marion was fitted with iron bars, the intervals between which were wider than between wooden bars, admitted considerably more light and air to the prison which acted beneficially on the health of the convicts, the Surgeon passing remarks on case no. 1, case no. 2 and case no. 5, he also mentioned three of the guard’s wives were confined during the voyage and all had female children and did favourably, with exception of Mrs Osborne whose child was born dead.

Folios 28-29: Blank.

Date: 1851-1852
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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