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Details of ADM 137/10/9
Reference: ADM 137/10/9

Folio 305: telegram from The Officer Administering the Government of Uganda to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 18th September 1914, relates to his defence force and reinforcements which could be supplied in case of emergency. Has been in communication with the Government of the Sudan and has suggested that a small striking force should be stationed at Nimule for emergencies only.

Folio 309: Committee of Imperial Defence. Expedition against German East Africa. Memorandum by Sir E G Barrow GCB, Military Secretary, India Office. 18th September 1914.

Folio 310: telegram from the Governor of the East African Protectorate to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 19th September 1914, report on the evacuation by the enemy from Kisii. Kisii natives looted all buildings taking baggage, ammunition, cash deserted by enemy. Enemy said to have been provided with 500 rounds of ammunition per man. Forty German Europeans armed with latest pattern service rifle.

Folio 311: telegram from Governor of the East African Protectorate to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 19th September 1914, shots fired between His Majesty's ship on Lake [Victoria] and German position on shore. Steamship Winifred fired at from shore and from steamship Muanza [German tug]; replied with Hotchkiss and Maxim after one and half hour's firing Winifred withdrew. Karungu evacuated by enemy. Steamship Kavirondo captured German dhow which sank while being towed; same day Kavirondo destroyed loaded dhow alongside pier by shell fire. Steamships Kavirondo and [William] Mackinnon continue patrol of Kavirondo Gulf southwards.

Folio 312: telegram from the Secretary of State for the Colonies to the Governor of the East African Protectorate 19th September 1914, your last requisition on Uganda has left that Protectorate dangerously denuded of troops. On arrival of Force C about 30th September you should be able to send back the 200 men borrowed. If you agree tell Governor Uganda that this will be done.

Folio 314: telegram from HMS Pegasus at Zanzibar to Admiralty 19th September 1914, Zieten [German steamship] interned at Mozambique. Nothing known of cargo but it is reported that a quantity was burnt to enable her to make for port.

Folio 315a: telegram from Resident Zanzibar to Admiralty 20th September 1914, following from Captain HMS Pegasus, regret HMS Pegasus obliged to strike flag bombarded by Konigsberg [German light cruiser] in Zanzibar harbour at dawn today while repairing engines and cleaning boilers. Our guns could not reach enemy. Konigsberg has disappeared towards the South. Handwritten note from Vice Admiral Sir F C D Sturdee to First Sea Lord [Prince Louis of Battenburg]-the Pegasus should be ordered to rehoist the Flag and raise steam.

Folio 315c: draft telegram from Vice Admiral F C D Sturdee to Resident Zanzibar 20th September 1914, Captain of HMS Pegasus is ordered to rehoist flag and raise steam ready for further action on part of Konigsberg [German light cruiser]. Pencilled note 20th September 1914, Not needed in view of latest information.

Folio 315e: a list of the armament and ammunition carried by HMS Pegasus and Konigsberg compiled by Vice Admiral Sturdee and sent to First Sea Lord with the following note, the above shows that the Pegasus might have been outranged. Reply from First Sea Lord, Yes she was probably caught napping.

Folio 326: telegram from Admiralty to Commander-in-Chief, East Indies, Bombay 20th September 1914, HMS Dartmouth and HMS Fox to convoy transports to Mombasa. Send HMS Chatham to Zanzibar at once. HMS Dartmouth after arrival of convoy to hunt Konigsberg [German light cruiser] in concert with HMS Chatham.

Folio 327: telegram from Britannia, Simonstown to Admiralty 20th September 1914, following further details through Eastern Telegraph Company, HMS Pegasus beached 11am. Casualties estimated 25 killed 80 wounded. Lt.R.N.R. Drake died in hospital. Lt.Cdr. Turner leg being amputated. Staff Paymaster Seath slightly wounded. Konigsberg going south. [SS] Gascon [Union Castle Line] due Zanzibar this morning not arrived yet.

Folio 328: telegram from A.S.[Admiral Superindent] Malta to Admiralty 20th September 1914, Eastern Telegraph Company reports Aden, Zanzibar cable cut.

Folio 329: telegram from HMS Swiftsure to Admiralty 20th September 1914, propose that HMS Dartmouth should search out and destroy Konigsberg [German light cruiser] before returning to East Indies Station.

Folios 331a-331b, (paper M 02081/14).

Folio 331b: Colonial Office covering memo concerning attack by a German cruiser on Zanzibar.

Folio 331c: Telegram from Governor of East Africa Protectorate to Colonial Office, Pegasus is not sunk but considerably damaged.

Folios 331d-331e: Letter from Eastern Telegraph Company Ltd of 20 September 1914, containing details of a coded telegram about Pegasus.

Folio 332: telegram from Davis, Nairobi to Central News, London 20th September 1914, S.S. Kavirondo Uganda Railway Marine Steamer captured German dhow Harold on 13th September, she sank in tow with loss of one of our seaman. Later same day S.S. Kavirondo sank loaded dhow off Majita Bay. Two squadrons East Africa Mounted Rifles Bowkers Horse when entering Karunga Bay on S.S. Winifred were fired upon by German steamer Owanzu with a seven pounder and two maxims. The Winifred replied with one maxim and after an hour and half withdrew; she returned the next day with S.S.Kavirondo but found Karungu unoccupied. Twelve Germans there, one killed, three wounded. One private East Africa Mounted Rifles slightly wounded. Kisii casualties are: British - 1 officer, 1 native officer, 6 rank and file killed, two officers, 12 rank and file wounded. German, 10 Europeans, 28 rank and file killed. 5 Europeans, 16 rank and file wounded captured. Probably some of enemy's dead not yet found and some wounded said to have joined in retreat.

Folio 335: telegram from the Officer Administering the Government of the Uganda Protectorate to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 20th September 1914, assistance from Sudan. Situation is grave as large numbers of German troops are reported to be marching on Uganda from the south. I have asked the Sudan to assist by sending four companies of troops via Nimule. Please confirm with Foreign Office.

Date: 1914
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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