Catalogue description Office of Land Revenue Records and Enrolments and predecessors: Associated Departments and successors: Maps and Plans

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Reference: LRRO 1
Title: Office of Land Revenue Records and Enrolments and predecessors: Associated Departments and successors: Maps and Plans

This series includes maps and plans formerly in the custody of the Auditors of the Land Revenue, the Keeper of the Office of Land Revenues and Enrolments, and their successors; maps and plans relating to deeds and enrolments or otherwise used in the course of the normal business of the Commissioners of Crown Lands and the Crown Estate Commissioners; and maps and plans deposited under statute.

Several of the documents relate to enclosure awards, surveys, deeds, etc., to which they are here attached. In addition to plans of forest lands, parks and estates in England, Wales, Ireland and the Isles of Man and Alderney, the series includes maps of lands reclaimed under various Harbour Acts and the like, of the Thames Embankment, the Wash and the Fens, etc.

Detailed descriptions of the records in this series are being converted from The National Archives' paper-based map catalogues. Pieces 1-2065 are currently described in detail; it is hoped that detailed descriptions of further pieces will be added to the Catalogue in the coming months.

As far as possible, places depicted on maps or drawings are identified in catalogue descriptions by the names given on, or contemporary with, the documents themselves, although spellings have been modernised and standardised to facilitate searching. Where there has been a significant change to the name of a place or that of the political or geographical area in which it is situated, the current name is usually given in brackets after the name taken from the document. If it has not been possible to identify the place named, the name given on the map or drawing is noted in inverted commas. If no place is named, and the location cannot be identified, this is noted explicitly in the description.

Places now in the London area, but outside the City of London, are identified according to the county or borough in which they were situated at the date when the map or plan was produced. 'London' or 'London:' followed by a borough name, is used in describing material produced during the period of the London County Council (1899-1965) or the Greater London Council and successor authorities (1965 to date). Where appropriate to facilitate searching, the current inner London borough is also noted in brackets. For places which remained in Essex, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent until 1965 only the original county, and not the current outer London borough, is noted.

Date: 1560-1981

By county and by date.

From the 1920s, Public Record Office practice was to allocate to maps and plans a separate map reference indicating their location in a specially fitted Map Room at Chancery Lane. This practice was discontinued in the 1960s, but items which had been extracted before that time continue to be described and cited under their map references. In the case of this series, those map references were prefixed by departments MPE or MPEE (for maps stored flat), MR (for rolled maps) or MPZ (for maps stored in other formats). In such cases, it is the map reference by which documents should be ordered.

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Many of the plans in this series are also to be found in: CRES 39

Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Auditors of Land Revenue, 1554-1832

Commissioners of Crown Lands, 1925-1956

Crown Estate Commissioners, 1956-

Office of Land Revenue Records and Enrolments, 1832-1961

Physical description: 2821 bundles, photographs and rolls
Access conditions: Subject to 30 year closure
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Descriptions of most items within the range LRRO 1/2028-2690 are in the Supplementary Card Catalogue in the reading rooms at The National Archives, Kew. For a list of enclosure awards in this series, see the 'List of Some Enclosure Awards in the Public Record Office', which can be found with the paper list of the series CP 43 in the reading rooms at The National Archives, Kew.

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