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Folio 1: 24 June 1820: I joined the Almorah at Deptford fitting for the reception of convicts.

Folio 1: 11 July 1820: sailed down the river for Cork to embark convicts for New South Wales.

Folio 1: 23 July 1820: arrived at Cove. Lay there until 10 August, when we received orders to proceed to Waterford and report to Doctor Trevor Inspector of Convicts whose directions we were to follow.

Folio 1: 24 July 1820: Received James Fitzpatrick, his wife, and two children for a passage to New South Wales.

Folio 1: 25 July 1820: Broke a hogshead of rum for passengers.

Folio 1: 12 August 1820: Moderate breezes and cloudy weather. At 8am anchored above Duneana fort and went on shore with the Master to report our arrival to Doctor Trevor who directed the ship to proceed up to passage and anchor close to the brigs Watson and Atlas, which vessels left Dublin for Cork on 23 August with 100 convicts in each, but the wind proving unfavourable they put in here, where they have been since detained. At 3pm tide beginning to flow we weighed and made sail and at 5 anchored above passage. Received during the evening from the Watson and Atlas the guard consisting of one ensign, one sergeant and 80 privates belonging to the 1st Regiment with five women and 3 children and 160 convicts, all of whom were washed and received the articles of clothing allotted for them on embarkation. Examined and berthed the prisoners as they came on board.

Folio 2: 13 August 1820: Moderate breezes and cloudy weather. Mr Draper, agent for convicts, sent on board oatmeal bread, beef and vegetables for the use of the prisoners and guard [scale of rations provided for each mess]. At 10.30 performed divine service at which half the prisoners attended.

Folio 2: 14 August 1820: Cloudy weather with rain. Appointed Thomas Lawless (who came on board strongly recommended and single ironed), captain of the decks, and Henry Smith (who came under similar circumstances as Lawless) as surgery man and to be in charge of the hospital, also a captain to each mess, two cooks, a swab wringer and two men to attend the water closet cisterns and two scavengers who are to be relieved weekly. Divided the prisoners into three divisions and appointed petty officers to each. Arranged the boys in the place appointed for them and placed men over them as school master, who was recommended by Doctor Trevor.

Folio 2: 15 August 1820: A great many of the convicts are afflicted with sores, which I dress daily at 9am and give a dose of salt water every second day to each.

Folio 2: 16 August 1820: On examining the guard found George [Climo?]; Daniel McAfee; Peter Meredith unfit to proceed on the voyage and reported them accordingly to Doctor Trevor.

Folio 2: 17 August 1820: Doctor Trevor came on board and mustered the prisoners per Lord Lieutenant's warrant. At 3[pm] unmoored and at 4 weighed and stood to sea.

Folios 2-3: 18 August 1820: Admitted John Johnson into hospital. All the ulcers are improving.

Folio 3: 19 August 1820: Ensign Bruce commanding the guard represented to me by letter that his detachment was deficient of necessaries for the voyage and that there was not a proper quantity of ammunition. Mr Winter, master, stated that the ship was deficient 18 tons of water in consequence of which representations I wrote to the master stating the necessity of putting into Cove. One man in hospital.

Folio 3: 20 August 1820: at 9am went on shore with the master to report ship's arrival. Behaviour of the convicts during divine service did them great credit. At 4pm received water per Lighter. One man in hospital.

Folio 3: 21 August 1820: the staff surgeon came on board and inspected the three men reported to Doctor Trevor. Received ammunition per garrison boat. PM discharged three men belonging to the Guard being invalided and received two from the Lord Sidmouth convict ship. One man in hospital.

Folio 3: 22 August 1820: Received necessaries for Guard. One private in lieu of one invalided and discharged yesterday. PM Lieutenant Lewis, agent for Transports came on board and mustered the crew. Received stationary for use of the schools and Jane Burn for a passage to New South Wales as per order. At 5 weighed and made sail. Thomas Lawless (captain of the decks) reported John [Muir's] having lost a shirt. Handcuffed John [Muir?] for carelessness and John McGolrick on suspicion of theft. Assembled the captain's of the messes and represented the necessity of putting an end to thieving among themselves and finding out the thief. One man in hospital improving.

Folio 3: 23 August 1820: Stolen shirt found in the possession of Michael Scandlin by William Hardy, captain of the 2nd mess, who it appears received it from McGolrick. Liberated [Muir?] and handcuffed Scandlin for receiving it. Single ironed the following for general good conduct and having discovered the thief, John Johnson (school master), 3 barbers and two swab wringers also two men who are tailors to keep the general clothing in good order. Unhandcuffed McGolrick and Scandlin leaving the handcuffs on one hand of each and appointing them constant scavengers. Admitted Thomas Grant into hospital with dysentery

Folio 3: 24 August 1820: Prisons wet from leakage of the ship's sides. Most of the prisoners extremely sea sick. Got the airing stove between decks and the prison sprinkled with vinegar. Many of the prisoners so much harassed by the vomiting that I ordered them mulled wine occasionally. Two men in hospital.

Folio 4: 25 August 1820: The starboard water closet has admitted a considerable quantity of water into the prison from the plug not being properly fitted. Got the airing stove between decks. Carpenter employed about the water closet. Most of the prisoners extremely sick and the stench in both prisons very offensive. Carpenter has rendered the water closet tight. Two men in hospital.

Folio 4: 26 August 1820: Employed all the prisoners who were not sick in cleaning under the bottom boards of the beds which I had lifted and in thoroughly cleaning the prison. At 9.30 Guard complained of thin beef on which a survey was immediately held by myself, Ensign Bruce and the chief mate. Complaint totally unfounded the beef being perfectly sweet and wholesome. Admitted Arthur McKiernan into hospital with dysentery.

Folio 4: 27 August 1820: At noon mustered all the prisoners and examined their irons. Handcuffed Thomas Carthy for insolence to the chief mate and disorderly conduct. Thermometer 68 Barometer 30 1/10. PM found Michael Rush and John Johnson had both lost their caps ordered them to be employed as sweepers for carelessness. Issued wine to prisoners.

Folio 4: 28 August 1820: Three men in hospital. Liberated Thomas Carthy. Thermometer 62, Barometer 27.

Folio 4: 29 August 1820: Three men in hospital. Ulcers nearly all well.

Folio 4: 30 August 1820: Three men in hospital. Ulcers improving very much.

Folio 4: 31 August 1820: Distributed stationary and school books, and established two schools in the men's prison. Boys improving very fast. PM admitted Neil McKendry into hospital with pneumonia. Lost overboard in consequence of the tow line giving way a shirt and trousers belonging to Arthur McKiernan and yesterday on account of not being properly stopped on to the clothes line a pair of trousers belonging to Thomas Smith.

Folio 4: 1 September 1820: Liberated John Brown and Michael McDonough who were yesterday handcuffed for fighting and disorderly conduct in the prison.

Date: 1820-1821
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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