Catalogue description Abstract of title of Nathaniel Hall.

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Details of ADD MSS/47,110
Reference: ADD MSS/47,110
Title: Abstract of title of Nathaniel Hall.

Properties I, II, III and IV.




(i) 25 May 1721 will of Richard Masters of Brighton, mariner (proved 13 September 1722) devised land in Southwick to son Richard Masters.


(ii) 18 April 1750 mortgage for a term of 500 years to secure the sum of £500:


(a) Richard Masters of Brighton, merchant


(b) Richard Barnard of Lewes, esq.


(iii) 10 May 1750 will of Richard Masters (proved 22 July 1755) devised to nephew Richard Tidy of the Cliffe, near Lewes, merchant.


(iv) 17 June 1762 will of Richard Barnard (proved 1764) bequeathed mortgage to his sisters, Elizabeth and Frances Barnard.


(v) 8 April 1765 will of Frances Barnard, as survivor (proved 1770), bequeathed same to nephew John Waterman of Ashford, Co. Kent, gent.


(vi) 4 March 1771 assignment of mortgage:


(a) John Waterman.


(b) Richard Tidy.


(c) Thomas and Benjamin Comber of Ashford, Co. Kent, tanners.


(vii) 11 January 1779 assignment of mortgage:


(a) Benjamin Comber, executor of Thomas Comber, deceased


(b) Richard Tidy


(c) Richard Comber of Lewes, gent.


(viii) 15 September 1780 assignment of mortgage:


(a) Richard Comber


(b) Richard Tidy


(c) Henry Manning of Lewes, surgeon and apothecary.


(ix) 26 December 1788 will of Richard Tidy (proved 14 March 1789), devised lands to cousin Thomas Scutt.


(x) 29/30 April 1793 lease and release


(a) Thomas Scutt of Brighton, banker.


(b) Samuel Shergold of Brighton, Stephen and John Rice of Southwick and John Lanham of Horsham, bankers and former partners of Thomas Scutt in the bankrupt firm of Harben, Shergold, Scutt, Rice & Rice.


(c) George Courthope of Whiligh, Sussex, esq., and Nathaniel Kemp of Preston, esq., as trustees of Thomas Scutt.


(xi) 26 October 1794 will of Thomas Scutt (proved 9 March 1795) devised lands to daughter Mary Scutt.


(xii) 24 June 1796 additional mortgage for a term of 1000 years to secure repayment of £1000, subject to existing mortgage:


(a) George Courthope and Nathaniel Kemp


(b) John Martin


(xiii) 1 September 1797 assignment of mortgage (1000 years)


(a) John Martin


(b) George Courthope and Nathaniel Kemp


(c) Martha Foster, widow


(xiv) 24 December 1798 assignment of mortgage (500 years):


(a) Henry Manning


(b) John Rice of Southwick, banker


(xv) 18 December 1799 assignment of mortgage (500 years):


(a) John Rice


(b) Henry Brooker of Brighton, gent., on trust for John Rice to attend the inheritance


Recites also marriage of Mary Scutt to Ralph Caldwell of Brasenose Cottage, Oxford, esq.


(xvi) 19/20 December 1799 lease and release, and assignment of mortgage (1000 years):


(a) Ralph and Mary Caldwell


(b) George Courthope and Nathaniel Kemp


(c) Richard Lashman of Brighton, linen draper, former trustee of Martha Foster before her marriage to John Bennett.


(d) Martha Bennett, wife of John Bennett, late of Ashington, now of Brighton, yeoman, and daughter and executrix of Martha Foster.


(e) John Rice


(f) James Vallance of Brighton, brewer


For John Rice to attend the inheritance.


Consideration: £3,500.


(xvii) Michaelmas term, 1799 [40 George III] Final concord - plaintiff John Rice, defendants Richard [sic] and Mary Caldwell


(xviii) 30/31 January 1815 lease and release recited in Add.MSS. 47,101 - 47,102.


(xvix) 31 January 1815 assignment of two mortgages)


(a) John Yeates, gent.


(b) Henry Brooker (500 years)


(c) James Vallance (1000 years)


(d) John Rice


(e) John Mills


(f) Joseph Barber of London, broker


(g) *Ebenezer Barber of London, broker (500 years)


(h) *George Hundleby of Freemans Court, Cornhill, London, gent. (1000 years) *In trust for J.M. to attend the inheritance)


(xx) 10/11 October 1820 lease and release


(a) John Mills


(b) John Alliston


(c) John Vallance


(d) Nathaniel Hall


(e) William Borrer the elder of Hurstpierpoint, esq.,


Covenant to reconvey to Nathaniel Hall on payment of £18,000 and interest loaned by indentures of 14 & 15 February, 1818.


(xxi) 11 October 1820 assignment of mortgage (2 terms)


(a) Joseph Barber of the Bank


(b) Ebenezer Barber (500 years)


(c) George Hundleby (1000 years)


(d) John Mills


(e) Nathaniel Hall


(f) William Borrer the elder


(g) William Borrer the younger


(h) John Hamlin Borrer (500 years)


(i) John Borrer, esq., (1000 years)


(xxii) 25/26 November 1824 lease and release


(a) William Borrer


(b) Nathaniel Hall


(c) Jane Piggott, widow


Consideration £8,000 paid by (b) £10,000 paid by (c)


(xxiii) 26 November 1824 assignment of mortgage (2 terms).


(a) William Marshall


(b) William Turner


(c) William Borrer the younger


(d) John Hamlin Borrer


(e) John Borrer


(f) William Borrer the elder


(g) Nathaniel Hall


(h) Jane Piggott


(i) Anthony Capron of Midhurst, esq.


(j) Richard Hasler Shielder of Bognor, esq.


(k) Richard Hasler the younger of Bognor, esq. (500 years)


(l) J Hasler Capron of Midhurst, esq. (1000 years)


In trust for Jane Piggott until the repayment of £10,000, and then for Nathaniel Hall


(xxiv) 27/28 March 1828 lease and release:


(a) Jane Piggott


(b) Nathaniel Hall


(c) Robert Upperton of Steyning, gent. (trustee)

Date: 1829
Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
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