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Title: Papers of the Durning and Holt Families

Correspondence and Papers of the Holt Family.


920 DUR 1. Family Diaries, 11 vols., 1830 - 1927


920 DUR 2. Correspondence and Papers of George Holt (1790 - 1861)


920 DUR 3. Correspondence and Papers of Emma Holt.


920 DUR 4. Correspondence and Papers of Anne Holt (1821 - 1885)


920 DUR 5. Correspondence and Papers of George Holt (1825 - 1896)


920 DUR 6. Correspondence of Elizabeth Holt.


920 DUR 7. Correspondence of William Holt and his wife, Fanny.


920 DUR 8. Correspondence and Papers of Alfred Holt.


920 DUR 9. Correspondence and Papers of Philip Henry Holt and his wife, Hannah.


920 DUR 10. Correspondence and Papers of Robert Durning Holt (1832 - 1908)


920 DUR 11. Correspondence of Lawrencina Holt.


920 DUR 12. Papers of Emma Jane Holt.


920 DUR 13. Correspondence and Papers of Emma Georgina Holt.


920 DUR 14. Correspondence and Papers of Richard Durning Holt.


920 DUR 15. Correspondence and Papers of Eliza Lawrence Holt.


920 DUR 16. Correspondence of Catherine Durning Holt.


920 DUR 17. Correspondence of Robert Durning Holt (b. 1872)


920 DUR 18. Correspondence of Elizabeth Durning Holt (b. 1875)


920 DUR 19. Correspondence of Philip Durning Holt (b. 1876)


920 DUR 20. Correspondence of Mary Durning Holt (b. 1880)


920 DUR 21. Correspondence of Lawrence Durning Holt (1882 - 1961)


920 DUR 22. Letter to Alice Norah Holt.


920 DUR 23. Travel Diaries, 4 vols., 1888 - 1892, n.d.


920 DUR 24. Papers relating to the Holt family history.


920 DUR 25. Newscuttings, 1 vol., 1868 - 1907


920 DUR 26. Other items relating to the Holt family, 2 vols., 19 docs., 1854 - 1926


920 DUR 27. Papers relating to Benn's Garden Chapel, Renshaw Street Chapel and Ullet Road Church.


Papers of the Durning Family.


920 DUR 28. Papers of Richard Durning (1713 - 1802)


920 DUR 29. Papers of William Durning (1751 - 1830)


920 DUR 30. Papers of Jane Lang (1760 - 1830)


920 DUR 31. Papers of Richard Durning (1760 - 1792)


920 DUR 32. Papers of Jno. Durning (1752 - 1803)


920 DUR 33. Papers of Anne [Nancy] Durning (1754 - 1831)


920 DUR 34. Papers of Robert Nuttall, later Durning.


920 DUR 35. Papers of Jemina Durning (1804 - 1875)


920 DUR 36. Papers of other members of the Durning family.


920 DUR 37. Miscellaneous items.


Papers of the Potter Family.


920 DUR 38. Correspondence of Richard Potter (1817 - 1892)


920 DUR 39. Correspondence of Lawrencina Potter.


920 DUR 40. Letters to other members of the Potter family.


Papers of the Smith Family.


920 DUR 41. Letters to members of the Smith family.


Other Items.


920 DUR 42. Miscellaneous items, 43 docs., 1792, 1842 - 1916, n.d.


920 DUR 43. Carnatic Recreation Ground Ledger, 1 vol., 1903 - 1913


920 DUR 44. Sketches, 2 items, n.d.


920 DUR 45. Newscuttings, 1 vol., 8 items, 1789, 1856 - 1928, n.d.


920 DUR 46. Newspapers and Periodicals, 24 items, 1836 - 1933


920 DUR 47. Printed Items, 52 items, 1775 - 1924, n.d.


920 DUR 48. Keys.

Date: 1765-1935
Related material:

Papers of members of the Holt family are known to exist in a number of other locations: Some papers of George Holt (1825 - 1896) are in the possession of George P. Holt, M.B.E., Abercelyn, Llanellyn, near Bala; papers of George Holt, mainly relating to his art collection, are now in the Walker Art Gallery; papers of Alfred Holt and Lawrence D. Holt are in the possession of Julian Holt, "Burleigh", Peel Road, Douglas, Isle of Man; and a number of items relating to George Holt & Co., are preserved amongst the papers of John Alton Todd now deposted in this library (ref. MD 230).


For convenience a number of printed items included in this collection, but which had no connection with the papers, have been dispersed. The main items are:


Bowles's reduced new pocket plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting the new buildings to the year 1782


The Life and Prophecies of Robert Nixson, of the Bridge House near the Forest of Dellemare, in Cheshire, n.d. [c. 1800].


Mayer, J. The History of the Art of Pottery in Liverpool, 1873


Miss Holt requested that a number of letters be returned to her, these letters have been included in the list below, but square brackets have been placed around the entries. The following letters have been returned:


920 DUR 14/14 Letters to Richard D. Holt from his daughter Anne.


920 DUR 14/26/11 Letter to Richard D. Holt from Richard Meinertzhagen.

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Language: English

Holt family of Liverpool

Durning family of Liverpool

Potter family

Smith family

Physical description: 5 Sub fonds
Immediate source of acquisition:

These papers were deposited in this library in April 1969 by Miss Anne D. Holt, Fasga-Na-Coille, Nethy Bridge, Invernesshire. In a letter to the former City Librarian, Dr. G. Chandler, of 15th May 1969, Miss Holt requested that the collection be known as the Durning and Holt Papers, although only a small quantity of letters addressed to members of the Durning family are included in this collection.

Custodial history:

Acc. 2106

  • Liverpool, Merseyside
Administrative / biographical background:

The Holt Family.


The main members of the Holt family represented in this collection are: George Holt (1790 - 1861) and his wife, Emma (1802 - 1871); their children Anne (1821 - 1885) and Robert (1832 - 1908); and Robert's eldest son Richard (1868 - 1941). Brief biographies of these members of the family, with the exception of Anne, are given below preceding the list of the papers of each. There is no one source of biographical information on the Holt family, although principal sources are cited in the biographies below, A Brief Memoir of George Holt, Esquire, of Liverpool [1862], however, contains some useful information. The main source of biographical information of other members of the Holt family are obituary notices found in the local press and a brief list of these is given below:


George Holt (1825 - 1896 Liverpool Daily Post, 4 April 1896


Bessie Holt Post & Mercury, 6 January 1920


Alfred Holt Journal of Commerce, 29 November 1911


William Holt Liverpool Daily Post, 23 December 1887


Philip Henry Holt The Liverpool Courier, 28 November 1914


Mrs. Philip Holt Liverpool Daily Post, 3 March 1899


Lawrencina Holt Daily Post & Mercury, 25 May 1906


Other members of the Holt family represented in this collection are: George Holt's youngest daughter, Emma Jane, who died in 1842; Emma Georgina Holt (1862 - 1944); and the children of Richard Durning Holt: Catherine, Robert, Elizabeth, Philip, Mark and Lawrence.


The Durning Family.


The Durning family had been long established in Liverpool and biographical details of members of the family can be found in Anne Holt's Some Account of our Mother, 1871 - 1881 (Ms). In 1817 George Holt rented the Cottage in Rake Lane from Robert Durning, and later he became acquainted with William Durning. In 1820 George married William's eldest daughter, Emma, thus linking the two families. For a number of years after their marriage Emma's sister, Jemina, lived with George and Emma.


The Potter Family.


The Potter family became linked with the Holt family in 1867 when Robert Durning Holt married Lawrencina Potter, the daughter of Richard and Lawrencina Potter of Standish House, Gloucestershire. Lawrencina was one of the nine daughters and sister to Beatrice, who later married Sydney Webb. Muggeridge, K. and R. Adam's Beatrice Webb: A Life, 1858 - 1943, 1967 contains biographical details of the Potter family, as well as a very full bibliography.


The Smith Family.


The Holt and Smith families became indirectly linked when Jemina Durning married John Benjamin Smith, the son of a Manchester merchant. The Smiths had two daughters, Jemina and Edith Jane, but the four members of the family are represented in this collection by only a few letters.

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