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Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue 6

Records of West Sussex additional manuscripts




This, the sixth volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss), has in general been compiled on the lines indicated in the Introduction to the first, apart from the modification in the detail given for maps, mentioned in the Introduction to the fourth


Once again, deeds of title do not predominate as in some of the earlier volumes, the most important types of records included being correspondence and diaries of a personal nature, and records of local societies and institutions; the former includes letters of William Hayley, the poet, and his family (Add Mss 2757-2759, 2816, 2817), letters of Richard Cobden (Add Mss 2760-2768, 2815), and letters written by Walter Farquhar Hook, Dean of Chichester, to Mark Antony Lower (Add Mss 2547): the latter includes the Steyning Society for the Protection of Property and Prosecuting Thieves (Add Mss 2961), the Chichester Association of Parochial Choirs (Add Mss 2847), the Chichester Literary Society and Mechanics') Institute (Add Mss 2849-2852), and the Sussex County Committee of the National Register of Archives (Add Mss 2747-2751). Also included are the records of Chichester Congregational Church and its predecessors (Add Mss 2425-2541), papers relating to parliamentary elections in Chichester (Add Mss 2620-2715), some seventeenth-century muster rolls (Add Mss 2741), some early records of Edward Fuller, the Chichester surveyor (Add Mss 2789, 2790), the original MS. of James Spershott's 'Memoirs of the City of Chichester and its Environs' (Add Mss 2791), deeds and maps of the Stansted estate and the Dixon family (Add Mss 2854-2868), a medieval breviary of the use of York (Add Mss 2946), the case book of John Bayly, an eighteenth-century Chichester physician (Add Mss 2959), an order book of the Loxwood Turnpike Trustees (Add Mss 2965), ledgers of some local gas companies (Add Mss 2979-2991), and a medieval customary of the manor of Bury (Add Mss 3000). The documents range in date from a deed of Chichester, c. 1200 (Add Mss 2593), to the records of the Sussex County Committee of the National Register of Archives which was wound up in 1961 (Add Mss 2747-2751)


Students are again asked to exercise care in quoting references and to use the form given in the Introduction to the first volume




County Archivist




June 1963


Add Mss 2425-2541 Records of the Ebenezer Chapel, Chichester, 1833-1857, the Independent Chapel, Chichester 1783-1892, and the Chichester Congregational Church, 1892-1942


Add Mss 2542-2545 Records of Sir John Forbes, physician, 1841-1860


Add Mss 2546 Photograph of map of the manors of East Dean, Woolavington and Graffham, 1597


Add Mss 2547 Letters written by Walter Farquhar Hook, Dean of Chichester, to Mark Antony Lower, 1860-1865


Add Mss 2548-2556 Abstracts of title to properties owned by William Mitford, c. 1812


Add Mss 2557 Articles of clerkship, 1887


Add Mss 2558, 2559 Ships' log book, 1851-1853, and letter and precedent book, 1867-1871


Add Mss 2560-2577 Miscellaneous documents, 1584-1806


Add Mss 2578 Deed of Rusper and Ifield, 1360


Add Mss 2579-2605 Miscellaneous deeds, c. 1200-1617


Add Mss 2606, 2607 Miscellaneous documents, 1810, 1816


Add Mss 2608 Final Concord of land in North Mundham, 1566


Add Mss 2609-2618 Customs officers' appointments for the ports of Arundel and Chichester, and a report on smuggling, 1803-1825


Add Mss 2619 Photograph of a map of the manor of Wick in Lyminster, 1759


Add Mss 2620-2715 Papers relating principally to parliamentary elections in Chichester, 18th and 19th centuries


Add Mss 2716-2724 Miscellaneous deeds, 1842-1860


Add Mss 2725 Letters to John Walter Huddleston, 1833-1879


Add Mss 2726-2728 Journals of Rev. G.H. Woods and Rev. H.G. Woods, 1834-1865


Add Mss 2729-2731 Memoranda and account books of C.T. Halsted, c. 1857-1873, and treasurer's account for the West Sussex Asylum, 1893-1898


Add Mss 2732, 2733 Account books of Rev. G.H. Woods and Edmund Woods, 1804-1865


Add Mss 2734-2738 Window and land tax assessments for Petworth and a congratulatory address to the Guardians of Petworth Union: civil defence and livestock returns for the rape of Arundel, and schedule of men raised for the reserve, 1753 - post 1836


Add Mss 2739 Letter written by the 4th Duke of Richmond, 1817


Add Mss 2740 Certificate presented to E.H. Hooper, 1921


Add Mss 2741 Muster rolls, 1620-1621, and miscellaneous papers, 17th century


Add Mss 2742 Photostat of deed of Rudgwick, Slinfold and parishes in Surrey, 1818


Add Mss 2743 Advertisement of a veterinary surgeon, 1849


Add Mss 2744 Copy of letters patent granting the dissolved hospital of the Holy Trinity, Arundel, and its possessions, 1546


Add Mss 2745 Letter written by George Shepard, 1913


Add Mss 2746 Certificate of membership of the Sussex County Association of Change Ringers, 1885


Add Mss 2747-2751 Records of the Sussex County Committee of the National Register of Archives, 1948-1961


Add Mss 2752, 2753 Miscellaneous documents, 1772, 1784


Add Mss 2754, 2755 Records of East Preston Union, 1818-1869


Add Mss 2756 Photostat of the deed of trust of the Lancastrian School, Chichester, 1811


Add Mss 2757-2759 Letters and epitaphs written by William Hayley, c. 1800


Add Mss 2760-2766 Correspondence and other papers relating to Richard Cobden, 1823-1865


Add Mss 2767, 2768 Letters etc. relating to Richard Cobden, 1826-1865


Add Mss 2768a-2773 Deeds of Crawley, 1831-1861


Add Mss 2774-2779 Deeds of 94-97 Victoria Road, Chichester, 1877-1885


Add Mss 2780-2787 Records of a grocer's business, 1873-1942


Add Mss 2788 Court book of the manor of Thakeham, 1606-1626


Add Mss 2789, 2790 Records of Edward Fuller of Chichester, 1812, 1813


Add Mss 2791 'An Epitome of Epitomes of History of England', and 'Memoirs of the City of Chichester and its Environs' by James Spershott, 1784


Add Mss 2792-2808 Deeds of 12 St. Martin's Street, Chichester, 1781-1905


Add Mss 2809-2814 Agreements for loans to build the poorhouse at Ashington, and later assignments the sums involved, 1789-1928


Add Mss 2815 Letter from Richard Cobden, 1850


Add Mss 2816, 2817 Letters of the Hayley family, 1776-1797


Add Mss 2818-2845 Deeds of 70 North Street, Chichester, 1730-1893


Add Mss 2846 Deed of East Street, Chichester, 1737


Add Mss 2847 Minute book of the Chichester Association of Parochial Choirs, 1862-1903


Add Mss 2848 Copy of a resolution of Pulborough vestry, 1831


Add Mss 2849-2852 Minute books of the Chichester Literary Society and (Mechanics') Institute, 1872-1948


Add Mss 2853 Photostat of a report on Collyer's School, Horsham, 1673


Add Mss 2854-2868 Deeds and maps of the Stansted estate and the Dixon family, 1640-1859


Add Mss 2869-2918 Miscellaneous deeds and documents relating to Sussex and to the Fuller family, 1560-1940


Add Mss 2919 Photostat of a surveyor's account, 1756


Add Mss 2920-2939 Deeds of 7 St. John's Street, Chichester, 1811-1868, with abstract of title reciting from 1646


Add Mss 2940-2943 Miscellaneous plans, 1877-1957


Add Mss 2944, 2945 Case upon a claim to the office of Lord Great Chamberlain of England, 1780


Add Mss 2946 Breviary according to the use of York, c. 1320


Add Mss 2947, 2948 Account of rents due to Sir Cecil Bishopp, 1787-1788, and receipts for payments by John Hooper, 1787


Add Mss 2949 Fragments of a draper's book, 1800


Add Mss 2950-2953 Miscellaneous documents, 1765-1787


Add Mss 2954 Order of the Justices in Quarter Sessions, 1813


Add Mss 2955-2958 Documents relating to Bromers and Wheatlands Farm in Pulborough, 1689-1825, and will of Thomas Gravely, 1774


Add Mss 2959 Xerocopy of case book of Dr. John Bayly, 1762-1764


Add Mss 2960 Photograph of West Wittering Tithe Map, 1846


Add Mss 2961 Minute book of the Steyning Society for the Protection of Property and Prosecuting Thieves, 1818 1847


Add Mss 2962 Admission to property in the manor of Emsworth (co. Hants), 1761


Add Mss 2963, 2964 Maps of Burwash, 1772, and Waldron, late 18th century


Add Mss 2965 Order book of the Loxwood Turnpike Trustees, 1805-1860


Add Mss 2966 Deed of property in Crane Street, Chichester, 1903


Add Mss 2967 Photostat of an ecclesiastical formulary, c. 1565


Add Mss 2968 Deed of charge, 1844


Add Mss 2969 Accounts for goods supplied to a grocer, 1909-1911


Add Mss 2970-2975 Records relating to the Chichester Corporation Bill and the 'rights' of the 'Men of Bosham', 1937-1941


Add Mss 2976-2978 Report to the Chichester City Council upon the revision of local government 1888, and notices of assessment upon 103 St. Pancras, Chichester, 1890


Add Mss 2979-2991 Ledgers of the Chichester, Bognor and Midhurst Gas Companies, 1868-1952


Add Mss 2992 Photograph of a map of Albourne and Woodmancote, 1768


Add Mss 2993 Photostat of a pedigree of the Peckham family, c. 1750


Add Mss 2994 Terrier of the Good wood estate, 1810


Add Mss 2995 Account book of a Chichester brewer, 1798-1812


Add Mss 2996 Deed of Lancing, 1810


Add Mss 2997, 2998 Deeds of an unnamed parish, 1295, and Wisborough Green and Kirdford, 1463


Add Mss 2999 Letters of the Naunton family, 1886-1902


Add Mss 3000 Customary of the manor of Bury, 1386

Date: 1200 - 1961
Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

West Sussex Record Office, Chichester

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  • West Sussex
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