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This record is held by East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO)

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This collection comprises records of those predecessors to Rother District Council, and of late-19th-century Highway Boards, Rural Sanitary Authorities and Parish Meetings which they had absorbed. There are also some 18th and 19th-century overseers' and churchwardens' records from the parishes of Battle and Bexhill. One class only is of records created since 1974 by Rother District Council, but more recent records will accrue to this collection

Date: 1737-1975

The catalogue is arranged by the (1974) departments of Rother District Council which have deposited records, with records deposited prior to 1974 being attributed to the department which would most likely have otherwise inherited them. The departments are:


DR/A Planning Department (19 series)


DR/B Secretary's Department (120 series)


DR/C Environmental Health Department (10 series)


DR/D Treasurer's Department (130 series)

Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Rother District Council, 1974-

Battle Rural District Council, 1894-1974

Bexhill Urban District Council, 1894-1902

Bexhill Borough Council, 1902-1974

Rye Borough Council, 1894-1974

Battle Urban District Council, 1894-1934

Hastings Rural District Council, 1894-1934

Rye Rural District Council, 1894-1934

Ticehurst Rural District Council, 1894-1934

Bexhill Local Board of Health, 1884-1894

Physical description: 279 series
Access conditions:

Closed until 30 years after the last date of the document

Custodial history:

The records which were deposited, in or before 1974, by the predecessor authorities were initially organised in the Record Office in collections for each of those authorities and each of the authorities is abolished in 1934. In 2003 they were assimilated into the collection of records deposited from 1974 onwards by Rother District Council. The former references are given at file level.


Concordance of old and new references for records relisted in 2003 and, in a few cases, at earlier dates


Old reference New reference


DR/B/37 DR/B/19/2-6


DR/D/1 (and earlier UBA/T1) DR/D/8/4


DR/D/4/1 DR/C/10/1


DR/D/22/1 (and earlier RBA/T1/7) DR/D/22/7


DR/D/22/2 DR/D/22/8


DR/D/22/3 DR/D/22/9


DR/D/22/4 DR/D/22/10


DR/D/22/5 DR/D/22/11


DR/D/22/6 DR/D/22/12


DR/D/22/7 DR/D/22/13


DR/D/22/8 DR/D/22/14


DR/D/22/9 DR/D/22/15


DR/D/22/10 DR/D/22/16


DR/D/22/11 DR/D/22/17


DR/D/22/12 DR/D/22/18


DR/D/22/13 DR/D/22/19


DR/D/22/14 DR/D/22/20


DR/D/22/15 DR/D/22/21


DR/D/22/16 DR/D/22/22


DR/D/22/17 DR/D/22/23


DR/D/22/18 DR/D/22/24


DR/D/22/19 DR/D/22/25


DR/D/22/20 DR/D/22/26


DR/D/22/21 DR/D/22/27


DR/D/22/22 DR/D/22/28


DR/D/70 NGO/4/1/1


RBA/I1/1 DR/C/6/1


RBA/I1/2 DR/C/6/2


RBA/I1/3 DR/C/6/3


RBA/I2/1 DR/C/7/1


RBA/I3/1 DR/C/8/1


RBA/I4/1 DR/C/9/1


RBA/R1/1 DR/D/102/1


RBA/R1/2 DR/D/102/2


RBA/R1/3 DR/D/102/3


RBA/R1/4 DR/D/102/4


RBA/R1/5 DR/D/102/5


RBA/R1/6 DR/D/102/6


RBA/R1/7 DR/D/102/7


RBA/R1/8 DR/D/102/8


RBA/R1/9 DR/D/102/9


RBA/R1/10 DR/D/102/10


RBA/R1/11 DR/D/102/11


RBA/R1/12 DR/D/102/12


RBA/R1/13 DR/D/102/13


RBA/R1/14 DR/D/102/14


RBA/R1/15 DR/D/102/15


RBA/R1/16 DR/D/102/16


RBA/R1/17 DR/D/102/17


RBA/R1/18 DR/D/102/18


RBA/R1/19 DR/D/102/19


RBA/R1/20 DR/D/102/20


RBA/R1/21 DR/D/102/21


RBA/R1/22 DR/D/102/22


RBA/R1/23 DR/D/102/23


RBA/R2/1 DR/D/103/1


RBA/R2/2 DR/D/103/2


RBA/R2/3 DR/D/103/3


RBA/R2/4 DR/D/103/4


RBA/R2/5 DR/D/103/5


RBA/R2/6 DR/D/103/6


RBA/R2/7 DR/D/103/7


RBA/R2/8 DR/D/103/8


RBA/R2/9 DR/D/103/9


RBA/R2/10 DR/D/103/10


RBA/R2/11 DR/D/103/11


RBA/R2/12 DR/D/103/12


RBA/R2/13 DR/D/103/13


RBA/R2/14 DR/D/103/14


RBA/R2/15 DR/D/103/15


RBA/R2/16 DR/D/103/16


RBA/R2/17 DR/D/103/17


RBA/R2/18 DR/D/103/18


RBA/R2/19 DR/D/103/19


RBA/R2/20 DR/D/103/20


RBA/R2/21 DR/D/103/21


RBA/R2/22 DR/D/103/22


RBA/R2/23 DR/D/103/23


RBA/R2/24 DR/D/103/24


RBA/R2/25 DR/D/103/25


RBA/R2/26 DR/D/103/26


RBA/R3/1 DR/D/104/1


RBA/R3/2 DR/D/104/2


RBA/R3/3 DR/D/104/3


RBA/R3/4 DR/D/104/4


RBA/R3/5 DR/D/104/5


RBA/T1/1 DR/D/22/1


RBA/T1/2 DR/D/22/2


RBA/T1/3 DR/D/22/3


RBA/T1/4 DR/D/22/4


RBA/T1/5 DR/D/22/5


RBA/T1/6 DR/D/22/6


RBA/T1/7 and subsequently DR/D/22/1 DR/D/22/7


RBA/TR/1/2 DR/C/5/1


RBA/TR3/1 DR/D/105/1


RBA/TR3/2 DR/D/105/2


RBA/TR3/3 DR/D/105/3


RBA/TR3/4 DR/D/105/4


RBA/TR3/5 DR/D/105/5


RBA/TR3/6 DR/D/105/6


RBA/TR3/7 DR/D/105/7


RBA/TR3/8 DR/D/106/1


RBA/TR3/9 DR/D/106/2


RBA/TR3/10 DR/D/106/3


RBA/TR3/11 DR/D/106/4


RBA/TR3/12 DR/D/106/5


RBA/TR3/13 DR/D/106/6


RBA/TR3/14 DR/D/106/7


RBA/TR3/15 DR/D/106/8


RBA/TR3/16 DR/D/106/9


RBA/TR3/17 DR/D/106/10


RBA/TR3/18 DR/D/106/11


RBA/TR3/19 DR/D/106/12


RBA/TR3/20 DR/D/106/13


RBA/TR3/21 DR/D/106/14


RBA/TR3/22 DR/D/106/15


RBA/TR3/23 DR/D/106/16


RBA/TR3/24 DR/D/106/17


RBA/TR3/25 DR/D/106/18


RBA/TR3/26 DR/D/106/19


RBA/TR3/27 DR/D/106/20


RBA/TR3/28 DR/D/106/21


RHS/R1/1 DR/D/122/1


RHS/R1/2 DR/D/122/2


RHS/R1/3 DR/D/122/3


RHS/R2/1 DR/B/123/1


RHS/R2/2 DR/B/123/2


RHS/R2/3 DR/B/123/3


RHS/R2/4 DR/B/123/4


RHS/R2/5 DR/B/123/5


RHS/S1/4 DR/A/4/5


RHS/TR2/1 DR/D/121/1


RHS/TR2/2 DR/D/121/2


RHS/TR3/1 DR/D/124/1


RRY/R1/1 DR/D/126/1


RRY/R1/10 DR/D/126/10


RRY/R1/2 DR/D/126/2


RRY/R1/3 DR/D/126/3


RRY/R1/4 DR/D/126/4


RRY/R1/5 DR/D/126/5


RRY/R1/6 DR/D/126/6


RRY/R1/7 DR/D/126/7


RRY/R1/8 DR/D/126/8


RRY/R1/9 DR/D/126/9


RRY/R2 DR/D/127


RRY/R2/1 DR/D/127/1


RRY/R2/2 DR/D/127/2


RRY/R2/3 DR/D/127/3


RRY/R2/4 DR/D/127/4


RRY/R2/5 DR/D/127/5


RRY/R2/6 DR/D/127/6


RRY/R2/7 DR/D/127/7


RRY/R2/8 DR/D/127/8


RRY/R2/9 DR/D/127/9


RRY/R2/10 DR/D/127/10


RRY/R2/11 DR/D/127/11


RRY/T1 DR/D/8/1


RRY/T2 DR/D/8/2


RRY/T3 DR/D/8/3


RRY/T4 DR/D/8/5


RRY/TR3/1 DR/D/125/1


RRY/TR3/2 DR/D/125/2


RTI/R1/1 DR/D/129/1


RTI/R1/2 DR/D/129/2


RTI/R1/3 DR/D/129/3


RTI/R1/4 DR/D/129/4


RTI/R1/5 DR/D/129/5


RTI/R1/6 DR/D/129/6


RTI/R1/7 DR/D/129/7


RTI/R1/8 DR/D/129/8


RTI/R1/9 DR/D/129/9


RTI/R1/10 DR/D/129/10


RTI/R1/11 DR/D/129/11


RTI/R1/12 DR/D/129/12


RTI/R1/13 DR/D/129/13


RTI/R1/14 DR/D/129/14


RTI/R1/15 DR/D/129/15


RTI/R1/16 DR/D/129/16


RTI/R1/17 DR/D/129/17


RTI/R1/18 DR/D/129/18


RTI/R1/19 DR/D/129/19


RTI/R1/20 DR/D/129/20


RTI/R1/21 DR/D/129/21


RTI/R1/22 DR/D/129/22


RTI/R1/23 DR/D/129/23


RTI/R1/24 DR/D/129/24


RTI/R1/25 DR/D/129/25


RTI/R1/26 DR/D/129/26


RTI/R1/27 DR/D/129/27


RTI/R1/28 DR/D/129/28


RTI/R1/29 DR/D/129/29


RTI/R1/30 DR/D/129/30


RTI/R1/31 DR/D/129/31


RTI/R1/32 DR/D/129/32


RTI/R1/33 DR/D/129/33


RTI/R1/34 DR/D/129/34


RTI/R1/35 DR/D/129/35


RTI/R2/1 DR/D/130/1


RTI/R2/2 DR/D/130/2


RTI/R2/3 DR/D/130/3


RTI/R2/4 DR/D/130/4


RTI/R2/5 DR/D/130/5


RTI/R2/6 DR/D/130/6


RTI/R2/7 DR/D/130/7


RTI/R2/8 DR/D/130/8


RTI/R2/9 DR/D/130/9


RTI/R2/10 DR/D/130/10


RTI/R2/11 DR/D/130/11


RTI/R2/12 DR/D/130/12


RTI/R2/13 DR/D/130/13


RTI/T/1 DR/D/131/1


RTI/T/2 DR/D/131/2


RTI/T/3 DR/D/131/3


RTI/T/4 DR/D/131/4


RTI/T/5 DR/D/131/5


RTI/T/6 DR/D/131/6


RTI/TR1/6 DR/D/128/1


UBA/R1/1 DR/D/10/5


UBA/R1/2 DR/D/10/6


UBA/R1/3 DR/D/120/1


UBA/R1/4 DR/D/120/2


UBA/R1/5 DR/D/120/3




UBA/T1 and subsequently DR/D/8/4




UBA/TR1/1 DR/D/107/1


UBA/TR1/2 DR/D/107/2


UBA/TR1/3 DR/D/107/3


UBA/TR1/4 DR/D/107/4


UBA/TR1/5 DR/D/107/5


UBA/TR1/6 DR/D/107/6


UBA/TR1/7 DR/D/107/7


UBA/TR1/8 DR/D/107/8


UBA/TR1/9 DR/D/107/9


UBA/TR1/10 DR/D/107/10


UBA/TR1/11 DR/D/107/11


UBA/TR1/12 DR/D/107/12


UBA/TR1/13 DR/D/107/13


UBA/TR1/14 DR/D/107/14


UBA/TR1/15 DR/D/107/15


UBA/TR1/16 DR/D/107/16


UBA/TR1/17 DR/D/107/17


UBA/TR1/18 DR/D/107/18


UBA/TR1/19 DR/D/107/19


UBA/TR1/20 DR/D/107/20


UBA/TR1/21 DR/D/108/1


UBA/TR1/22 DR/D/108/2


UBA/TR1/23 DR/D/108/3


UBA/TR1/24-29 DR/D/109/


UBA/TR1/30 DR/D/110/


UBA/TR1/31-35 DR/D/111/


UBA/TR1/36-37 DR/D/112/


UBA/TR1/38 DR/D/113/


UBA/TR1/39/1-2 DR/D/114/


UBA/TR1/40/1-10 DR/D/115/


UBA/TR1/42/1-26 DR/D/116/


UBA/TR1/43-47 DR/D/117/


UBA/TR2/1 DR/D/118/1


UBA/TR2/2 DR/D/118/2


UBA/TR2/3 DR/D/118/3


UBA/TR2/4 DR/D/118/4


UBA/TR2/5 DR/D/118/5


UBA/TR2/6 DR/D/118/6


UBA/TR2/7 DR/D/118/7


UBA/TR2/8 DR/D/118/8


UBA/TR2/9 DR/D/118/9


UBA/TR2/10 DR/D/118/10


UBA/TR2/11 DR/D/118/11


UBA/TR3/1 DR/D/119/1


UBA/TR3/2 DR/D/119/2


UBA/TR3/3 DR/D/119/3


UBA/TR3/4 DR/D/119/4


UBA/TR3/5 DR/D/119/5

Administrative / biographical background:

Rother District Council was established in 1974, upon the abolition of Battle Rural District Council and Bexhill and Rye Borough Councils. Battle RDC had been enlarged in 1934 by absorbing other authorities which had been created in 1894, namely Battle Urban District Council and Hastings, Rye and Ticehurst RDC, except for some parts which were transferred to Hastings County Borough and to Uckfield RDC.

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