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Description of [the bounds of] Allesley, Warws. manor and parish as John Eagle, commissioner under the 56 George III local Act, has determined:- from Gupwell Ford the boundary runs along a field called "the Headlands" (owned by Henry Greswold Lewis, esq.), then "Park Lands" (held by Revd. Edward Neale) and "Further Alders" (Revd. E. Neale's); turning by a small bridge it follows the watercourse by Lower Eastern Green to a piece of land (belonging to Samuel Burton of Coventry, hatter and hosier) in Stoneleigh pa.[, Warws.], runs more or less parallel to the watercourse to a plantation in Berkswell pa.[, Warws.] (owned by John Eardley Eardley Wilmot, esq.), and follows another watercourse via Hockley Lane, along a [bridlepath] (called Holly Lane)'s left ditch and crosses Pike Lane to the corner of Beech Tree Lane; it takes in that lane, goes to Shirley Green (keeping the green within Allesley) and at the end of Beech Tree Lane crosses to the corner of a field held by Thomas Oldham (of Packington[, Warws.,] miller), thence along a ditch between Oldham's field and that belonging to Francis Blyth Harries, esq. to the corner of Oldham's wood, leaves the wood on the left and proceeds to one of F.B. Harries' fields; it turns left by that wood and one belonging to the Earl of Aylesford, up a watercourse to Noman's Meadow at Meriden pa.[, Warws.] and Aylesford's Millicent Wood, keeps that wood on its left until the Meriden-Coventry turnpike, crosses to a meadow owned by H.G. Lewis, follows the ditch between the Earl's and Lewis' lands to Maria Overton's property, goes between her land and Aylesford's and turns abruptly up Harvest Hill Lane; the boundary leaves the lane to follow a watercourse to the corner of Mrs. Althorp's field farmed by Weyman Lant, thence to the corner of Mr. John Lant's field, abruptly to the right along hedges between that field and Hatton Smith's in Fillongley pa.[, Warws.], and so to Corley Moor[, Warws.]; the boundary turns left to reach a cart-hovel at [Birchley] Hall, then goes to a stone near the hall's barn, Barn Croft Field (which belongs to Hatton Smith), the corner of a garden owned by Charles Glover (cultivated by William Glover) in Fillongley pa., then to a stone which marks the junction of Fillongley, Corley and Allesley pas.; it turns right, goes 70yd. to the corner of a pleck owned by Revd. E. Neale, and proceeds via the same's hedge and ditch to the north-eastern corner, along Corley Moor to the north-western corner of another of Neale's plecks, thence to the corner of a house leased by Neale to Widow Falconbridge and so to the corner of a pleck in Corley pa. which belongs to Thomas Glover; the boundary takes in a marlpit, -- Ballard's field and the field's stile, and goes down the ditch between that land and James Burton's; it continues with the fence between the property of James, Viscount Lifford and J. Burton's, then between Lifford's land and that owned by James Henry Leigh, esq. to the corner of Dadley's Wood; the boundary skirts that wood, takes the ditch between it and the adjoining one, runs between Lady Wood and "the Muzzards" (held by John Bohun Smyth, esq.) and between the Muzzards and Lifford's land; it turns left from the Muzzards to the corner of Open Wries Wood (Revd. William Bree's property), goes between that wood and Revd. Thomas Bree's land to the corner of Thieves Take Wood (leased to Revd. W. Bree), between Thieves Take Wood and Oughton's Wood, and between Oughton's Wood and Thieves Take Close (owned by Samuel Moggs); the boundary again turns left for a stone in the road near that close's gate, takes the line of a fence of an encroachment occupied by Widow Oldham, goes along the side of Oughton's Wood to "Hollifax" [Hollyfast] Lane, thence to the corner of Abell's or Folly Wood owned by Edward Fry, along the turnpike road's right-hand fence to the south-east corner of Allesley Church land, and turns right between that land and John Deeming's in Coundon, and so to Brownshill Green; the boundary takes the left-hand fence along Brown's Lane to the corner of "Withybeds Meadow" (owned by Richard Hopkins, esq.) near a stone marked with a T, continuing between that meadow and Job West's land, that and H.G. Lewis', other of R. Hopkins' property and Basil Goode's, through his land to the boundary between his and J.H. Leigh's, and between Coventry corporation's land which services Crow's Charity and that owned by Lord Ormond and Ossory; the boundary runs down a watercourse to Allesley Lane by a [Holy Trinity] stone, up the lane to a similar stone in William Bree's field, between that field and Mrs. Elizabeth Eagle's, down an old watercourse as far as a place in H.G. Lewis' meadow where the course has been diverted, along the course's old line through Lewis' lands ("Little Lants Close", "Rough Meadow", "Bog Meadow" and "Far Meadow"), the fence between Lewis' "Further Close" and Trinity land back to the watercourse, which it follows across the Allesley-Coventry turnpike and so back to Gupwell Ford and the bridge across the turnpike.

Date: 18th. Apr., 1817
Held by: Coventry Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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