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Details of Q/SO/E1/f.132
Reference: Q/SO/E1/f.132
Title: East Kent Order Book, Midsummer 1670

Treasurers Accounts to be examined


Ordered that Sir Anthony Aucher, bart., Sir William Man, Sir Edward Masters, Thomas Hardres, serjeant at law, William Rook, esq., or any two or more of them, shall take the accounts of Mr. John Whitfeild, the present treasurer for maimed soldiers and mariners and Kings Bench and Marshalsea [prisons] and that from such money as shall be due on his account he shall pay £150 to Mr. Ginder, surveyor of the gaol work, that is £100 within eight days and £50 more before 20 September next. Mr. Ginder with what money is now in hand to pay workmen's bills amounting to £70 and if more be owing it shall be paid out of the £100 shortly to be paid by Mr. Whitfield and the remainder of £150 to be laid out to cover the roof of the gaol. Ordered that Mr. John Whitfield and Mr. Richard Ginder shall continue their places as treasurers for the next year.


A poor woman to be referred


On the petition of Margaret Axhim showing that she being very old and infirm and having had 18d. a week allowed by the parish of Westgate towards her relief out of which she left in the collector's hands 6d. per week for the payment of her rent and at Michaelmas next there will be half a year's rent due which the collectors refuse to pay. She prays her allowance may be continued and that out of it her rent may be paid by the collector or else her allowance of 18d. per week be paid to her and out of it she may provide a house herself and pay the rent. Ordered that it be referred to Sir Anthony Aucher, Sir William Man, Mr. Serjeant Hardres and William Rooke, esq., or any two or more of them to examine and make such order as they see fit.


Bray to pay Chislet 50s. for keeping his child


On complaint made by the inhabitants of Chislet that Richard Bray late of Chislet, labourer, having about six months since moved to Stodmarsh left his child, John Bray, in Chislet, the inhabitants having ever since been at the charge of keeping him, to the amount of 50s. and they ask for Richard Bray to re-imburse that sum and be free from further charge. Ordered that Richard Bray shall within one month next pay the overseers of the poor of Chislet 50s. and remove his child from Chislet and provide for him in future.


Faversham and Boughton


On the petition of the inhabitants of Faversham, showing that Thomas Preble, a poor distracted youth and an inhabitant of Boughton under Blean, having been several times taken wandering in Faversham and sent by warrant of the mayor back to Boughton, the inhabitants thereof neglecting him, allowed him again to escape to Faversham where in his distractions he has done much mischief and been troublesome and chargeable to the inhabitants and the inhabitants of Boughton refuse to provide for him. Ordered that Thomas Preble be sent to Boughton where the inhabitants are to take care of him, provide for him for the future and he be not hereafter troublesome to the inhabitants of Faversham.


Order to build a cottage for poor


On the petition of the parishioners of Swingfield showing that whereas there are several aged and poor people in Swingfield for whom the parishioners usually provide dwellings and there has been for about fifty years a cottage standing on the Lords Waste in Swingfield wherein some poor people have usually lived and now the said cottage has fallen down and thereupon pray an order of this court and licence for rebuilding the cottage in the same place, ordered and licenced that the parishioners of Swingfield may build a cottage in the same place where the cottage was late standing for the use of the poor of Swingfield and for an almshouse for the poor.


Reculver and All Saints


On the petition of the parishioners of Reculver showing that Ursula Taylor about six years since was apprenticed by the parishioners with John Lath of All Saints, Canterbury, baker, for eleven years and John Lath has removed his habitation from All Saints and left Ursula Taylor to be kept by the parishioners of All Saints who have lately sent her to Reculver to be provided for by the inhabitants as a parish charge and thereupon prayed an order for sending her to All Saints. Ordered that Ursula be sent to All Saints.

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