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SPSt/1 Antiquarian Notes etc


SpST/2 Apprenticeship Indentures


SpST/3 Correspondence (Misc)


SpST/4 Deeds


SpST/4/1 Cambridgeshire


SpST/4/2 Cheshire


SpST/4/3 Derbyshire


SpST/4/4 Ireland


SpST/4/5 Lancashire


SpST/4/6 Leicestershire


SpST/4/7 Lincolnshire


SpST/4/8 London


SpST/4/9 West Indies - St. Kitts


SpST/4/10 Wiltshire


SpST/4/11 Yorkshire


SpST/4/11/1 Aberford


SpST/4/11/2 Addingham


SpST/4/11/3 Adel


SpST/4/11/4 Almondbury


SpST/4/11/5 Alverthorpe


SpST/4/11/6 Ardsley and East Ardsley


SpST/4/11/7 Arnold (Swine Parish)


SpST/4/11/8 Arthington


SpST/4/11/9 Barnby


SpST/4/11/10 Barugh


SpST/4/11/11 Beeford in Holderness


SpST/4/11/12 Beverley


SpST/4/11/13 Bewerley


SpST/4/11/14 Bolton


SpST/4/11/15 Bowes


SpST/4/11/16 Bradford


SpST/4/11/17 Bramham


SpST/4/11/18 Bramhope


SpST/4/11/19 Bramley


SpST/4/11/20 Brooke House (Penistone Parish)


SpST/4/11/21 Burghwallis


SpST/4/11/22 Burley in Wharfedale


SpST/4/11/23 Calverley


SpST/4/11/24 Carlecoates (Penistone Parish)


SpST/4/11/25 Carlesmoor (Kirkby Malzeard Parish)


SpST/4/11/26 Carlton (near Guiseley)


SpST/4/11/27 Cawthorne


SpST/4/11/28 Chidsell (Dewsbury Parish)


SpST/4/11/29 Clayton West


SpST/4/11/30 Clifford


SpST/4/11/31 Clifton


SpST/4/11/32 Cookridge


SpST/4/11/33 Cowling


SpST/4/11/34 Crofton


SpST/4/11/35 Dallaghgill


SpST/4/11/36 Darton


SpST/4/11/37 Deepdale (Arncliffe Parish)


SpST/4/11/38 Doncaster


SpST/4/11/39 Dringhoe (Skipsea Parish)


SpST/4/11/40 Earlsheaton


SpST/4/11/41 Eccleshill


SpST/4/11/42 Elland


SpST/4/11/43 Emley


SpST/4/11/44 Erringden


SpST/4/11/45 Esholt


SpST/4/11/46 Farnley Tyas


SpST/4/11/47 Parsley


SpST/4/11/48 Garton in Holderness


SpST/4/11/49 Gomersal


SpST/4/11/50 Greengates


SpST/4/11/51 Grindall


SpST/4/11/52 Guiseley


SpST/4/11/53 Hallam


SpST/4/11/54 Hartshead


SpST/4/11/55 Headingley


SpST/4/11/56 Heaton


SpST/4/11/57 Hedon


SpST/4/11/58 Hemsworth


SpST/4/11/59 High Burton


SpST/4/11/60 High Hoyland


SpST/4/11/61 Higham (Darton Parish)


SpST/4/11/62 Holderness


SpST/4/11/63 Holmfirth


SpST/4/11/64 Honley


SpST/4/11/65 Horbury


SpST/4/11/66 Horsforth


SpST/4/11/67 Horton


SpST/4/11/68 Howe


SpST/4/11/69 Hoyland Swaine


SpST/4/11/70 Huddersfield


SpST/4/11/71 Hunsworth


SpST/4/11/72 Idle


SpST/4/11/73 Keighley


SpST/4/11/74 Kexbrough


SpST/4/11/75 Killingbeck


SpST/4/11/76 Kirkburn


SpST/4/11/77 Kirkstall


SpST/4/11/78 Ladyhill


SpST/4/11/79 Langsett


SpST/4/11/80 Leeds


SpST/4/11/81 Liversedge


SpST/4/11/82 Long Riston


SpST/4/11/83 Manningham


SpST/4/11/84 Marsden


SpST/4/11/85 Menston


SpST/4/11/86 Midhope (Nether, Over etc.)


SpST/4/11/87 Mirfield


SpST/4/11/88 Morley


SpST/4/11/89 Morton


SpST/4/11/90 Nappa (Gisburn Parish)


SpST/4/11/91 Norland


SpST/4/11/92 Nuthill


SpST/4/11/93 Ossett


SpST/4/11/94 Otley


SpST/4/11/95 Penisall (Penistone Parish)


SpST/4/11/96 Pockthorpe


SpST/4/11/97 Pontefract


SpST/4/11/98 Preston in Holderness


SpST/4/11/99 Pudsey


SpST/4/11/100 Raistrick


SpST/4/11/101 Rawdon


SpST/4/11/102 Rigton


SpST/4/11/103 Ripon


SpST/4/11/104 Sharow


SpST/4/11/105 Sheffield


SpST/4/11/106 Shepley


SpST/4/11/107 Silkstone


SpST/4/11/108 Skelmanthorpe


SpST/4/11/109 Skipton


SpST/4/11/110 Skircoat


SpST/4/11/111 Southowram and Hipperholme


SpST/4/11/112 Sproatley


SpST/4/11/113 Stanley


SpST/4/11/114 Stansfield (Todmorden Parish)


SpST/4/11/115 Stirton (Skipton Parish)


SpST/4/11/116 Stockholme (near Hedon)


SpST/4/11/117 Stoneferry (near Hull)


SpST/4/11/118 Sutton (near Doncaster)


SpST/4/11/119 Sutton on Hull


SpST/4/11/120 Swetton (Kirkby Malzeard Parish)


SpST/4/11/121 Thornhill


SpST/4/11/122 Thornton


SpST/4/11/123 Thornton le Street


SpST/4/11/124 Thurgoland


SpST/4/11/125 Thurlestone (Penistone Parish)


SpST/4/11/126 Tickhill


SpST/4/11/127 Wakefield


SpST/4/11/128 Waldershelf


SpST/4/11/129 Wawne


SpST/4/11/130 Wentworth


SpST/4/11/131 Westcroft upon Hull


SpST/4/11/132 Wombwell


SpST/4/11/133 Yeadon


SpST/4/11/134 York


SpST/4/11/135 Miscellaneous Yorkshire


SpST/4/12 Miscellaneous Deeds


SpST/5 Estate Papers


SpST/5/1 Bonds


SpST/5/2 Correspondence


SpST/5/3 Enclosure Papers


SpST/5/4 Financial Papers


SpST/5/4/1 Account Books


SpST/5/4/2 Acknowledgment of Debts


SpST/5/4/3 Bills, Receipts & Accounts


SpST/5/4/4 Miscellaneous


SpST/5/5 Iron Forge Papers


SpST/5/5/1 Correspondence


SpST/5/5/2 Deeds


SpST/5/5/3 Finance


SpST/5/5/4 Legal


SpST/5/5/5 Miscellaneous


SpST/5/6 Manorial Records


SpST/5/6/1 Arthington, Adel and Eccup


SpST/5/6/2 Baildon


SpST/5/6/3 Bramhope


SpST/5/6/4 Brimham


SpST/5/6/5 Burley


SpST/5/6/6 Burton


SpST/5/6/7 Calverley


SpST/5/6/8 Colne


SpST/5/6/9 Crigglestone


SpST/5/6/10 Crossley (Hall ?)


SpST/5/6/11 Eccleshill


SpST/5/6/12 Eraley


SpST/5/6/13 Grewelthorpe


SpST/5/6/14 Hawksworth


SpST/5/6/15 Rolling Hall (near Ilkley)


SpST/5/6/16 Horsforth


SpST/5/6/17 Kirkby Malzeard


SpST/5/6/18 Leeds, Kirkgate cum Holbeck


SpST/5/6/19 Menston


SpST/5/6/20 Otley


SpST/5/6/21 Temple Newsam


SpST/5/6/22 Thornton


SpST/5/6/23 Tong


SpST/5/6/24 Wakefield


SpST/5/6/25 Miscellaneous


SpST/5/7 Maps and Plans


SpST/5/8 Releases of Actions & Quitclaims


SpST/5/9 Rentals


SpST/5/10 Surveys and Valuations


SpST/5/11 Miscellaneous


SpST/6 Family Papers


SpST/6/1 Correspondence


SpST/6/2 Financial


SpST/6/2/1 Account Books


SpST/6/2/2 Bills, Receipts and Accounts


SpST/6/2/3 Miscellaneous


SpST/6/3 Genealogical Papers


SpST/6/4 Inventories


SpST/6/5 Marriage Settlements


SpST/6/6 Wills


SpST/6/6/1 Legacies


SpST/6/6/2 Letters of Administration


SpST/6/6/3 Wills


SpST/6/6/4 Miscellaneous


SpST/6/7 Miscellaneous


SpST/7 Financial Records (Misc.)


SpST/8 Legal Papers


SpST/9 Literary MSS, Books & Newspapers


SpST/10 Military & War Papers


SpST/10/1 American War of Independence


SpST/10/2 Henry Beale Papers


SpST/10/3 British Civil War


SpST/10/4 Crimean War


SpST/10/5 Irish Rebellion


SpST/10/6 Jacobite Rebellion


SpST/10/7 Milita Papers


SpST/10/8 Miscellaneous


SpST/11 Official Papers


SpST/11/1 Appointments & Commissions


SpST/11/2 Civil Parish Papers


SpST/11/2/1 Apprenticeship Indentures


SpST/11/2/2 Bastardy Papers


SpST/11/2/3 Churchwardens Papers


SpST/11/2/4 Constables Papers


SpST/11/2/5 Poor Relief


SpST/11/2/6 Removal Orders


SpST/11/2/7 Settlement Certificates


SpST/11/2/8 Miscellaneous


SpST/11/3 Correspondence


SpST/11/4 Ecclesiastical Papers


SpST/11/4/1 Gee Cross Church


SpST/11/4/2 Horsforth Chapel


SpST/11/4/3 Leeds Church


SpST/11/4/4 Churches Miscellaneous


SpST/11/4/5 Tithes


SpST/11/4/6 Miscellaneous


SpSt/11/5 Elections, Political & Parliamentary Papers


SpSt/11/5/1. Acts & Bills


SpSt/11/5/2. Oaths and Covenants


SpSt/11/5/3. Parliamentary Elections


SpSt/11/5/4. Speeches


SpSt/11/5/5. West Riding Registrar Elections


SpSt/11/5/6. Miscellaneous


SpSt/11/6 Financial


SpSt/11/7 Monastic Papers


SpSt/11/8 Taxation Papers


SpSt/11/8/1. Assessments


SpSt/11/8/2. Miscellaneous


SpSt/11/9 Miscellaneous


SpSt/12 Sport


SpSt/12/1. Cock Fighting


SpSt/12/2. Horse Racing


SpSt/12/3. Hounds


SpSt/13 Transport & Communication


SpSt/13/1. Bridges


SpSt/13/2. Canals


SpSt/13/3. Railways


SpSt/13/4. Roads


SpSt/13/5. Miscellaneous


SpSt/14 Woollen & Cloth Trades


SpSt/15 Miscellaneous

Date: 12th century - 20th century
Related material:

An account of the Spencer Stanhope Mss now at Sheffield is given in, "Guide to the Manuscript Collection in the Sheffield Public Libraries", by R. Meredith, Sheffield, 1956. The papers at Sheffield are complimentary to those at Bradford; for instance, both Sheffield and Bradford have letters from Capt. Shuttleworth in America (late 18th century), and correspondence relating to the West Riding Militia and Staincross Volunteers.

Held by: West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Spencer-Stanhope family of Horsforth, West Riding of Yorkshire

Stanhope, Spencer-, family of Horsforth, West Riding of Yorkshire

Physical description: 15 subfonds
Access conditions:


Custodial history:

The Spencer Stanhope Mss were deposited over a number of years at Bradford City Library (now at the Bradford Archives Dept.), Sheffield City Library, and the Brotherton Library, Leeds. In 1955 the papers were divided, so that Stanhope and Spencer Stanhope (Hors - forth) would remain at Bradford, and Spencer and Spencer Stanhope (Cawthorne) remain at Sheffield. It may be seen from the calendar, however,, that many South Yorkshire papers are still at Bradford, including nearly all the medieval deeds.

Publication note:

Books & Articles written about the Spencer Stanhope family


Annals of a Yorkshire House, 2 vols., 1911, by Mrs A.M.W. Stirling


The Letter Bag of Lady Elizabeth Spencer Stanhope, 2 vols., 1913, by Mrs. A.M.W. Stirling.


Economic History Review, May 1939, by Dr. Raistrick


Newcomen Society Transactions, 1938-39, by Dr. Raistrick. (Iron Forge Accounts)


Notes on the History of the Manor of Eccleshill, by W.E. Preston. (appeared in The Bradford Antiquary, Vol. VII, New Series)


Stanhope, Atkinson, Haddon & Shaw, Four North Country Families, by Hugh Owen, 1985.

  • Horsforth, Guiseley, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Cawthorne, West Riding of Yorkshire
Administrative / biographical background:

The Stanhope family came into Yorkshire in the 16th century and lived at Horsforth until the late 18th century, when Walter Stanhope heir to both his uncles John Stanhope and John Spencer, took the name of Spencer Stanhope and made Cannon Hall, Cawthorne, his chief residence. During this period the Stanhopes acquired many other estates, by purchase, marriage and trusteeship.

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