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Title: Furness Estates of the Duke of Buccleuch

These records relate exclusively to the Furness Estate of the Dukes of Buccleuch and the Boughton Estates Co. Ltd. They were transferred from Tytup Hall, Dalton-in-Furness to the Estate Office, Boughton Estates Ltd., Weekly, Northants. in about 1968. Most of the material dates from the appointment of Edward Wadham as agent for Furness in 1854. The deposit includes other items, 1678-1969, under agents Thomas Atkinson (c.1743-c.1800), William Atkinson (c. 1800-1821), John Cranke (1821-1854), Walter FA Wadham (1913-1945) and HA Slater (1945-1968). Many items relate to the mining interests of the Duke of Buccleuch as Lord of Furness Manors, as well as to the management of the estate. The main series are summarised below:


Letter books (33) 1854-1934; Letters (in) general 1854-1943; Letters (out) general 1919-1945; Letters (in) from FI Nicholl, principal agent 1854-1889; Memoranda of interviews between Furness agent and principal agent 1854-1933.


Cash books (7) 1854-1953; Bank books (7) 1864-1903; Pay books (7) 1856-1920, 1946-1961; Account books (6) 1896-1951; Furness estate vouchers 1854-1881, 1955-1957; Accounts of agent with Duke 1850-1932; Ledgers of rents (4) 1876-1965; Rentals 1932-1969; Draft rentals and rent audits 1921-1969.


Liberty of Furness, manors of Dalton, Plain Furness with Egton-with-Newland, Hawkshead, Ulverston and Pennington: court books (21) 1740-1925; enrolment books (15) 1842-1938; verdicts books (6) 1865-1925; perambulation maps; Manor of Ulverston rentals 1855-1916.


Leases and agreements re mines and quarries 1746-1916; Mining applications 1829-1919; Shipments 1824-1854; Royalty returns and accounts of disposal of ore 1835-1900, 1941-1961; Mining reports of 1872-1873, 1881-1946; Reports on quarries, sandpits and brickworks 1903-1947; maps and plans.


Walney papers 1717-1940; papers re churches, schools and charities 1725-1931; agricultural leases and agreements 1781-1926; 6", 25" and geological O.S. maps copy tithe maps; enfranchised lands maps; plans; printed works; photocopies and microfilm (2) of records retained at Boughton Estates Office.

Date: 1824 - 1962

Box List.


BD BUC 1. Buccleuch letters, in, 1854-1869.


BD BUC 2. Buccleuch letters, in, 1870-1874.


BD BUC 3. Buccleuch letters, in, 1875-1878.


BD BUC 4. Buccleuch letters, in, 1879-1882.


BD BUC 5. Buccleuch letters, in, 1883-1885.


BD BUC 6. Buccleuch letters, in, 1886-1888.


BD BUC 7. Buccleuch letters, in, 1889-1892.


BD BUC 8. Buccleuch letters, in, 1893-1895.


BD BUC 9. Buccleuch letters, in, 1896-1899.


BD BUC 10. Buccleuch letters, in, 1900-1903.


BD BUC 11. Buccleuch letters, in, 1904-1906.


BD BUC 12. Buccleuch letters, in, 1907-1910.


BD BUC 13. Buccleuch letters, in, 1911-1913.


BD BUC 14. Buccleuch letters, in, 1914-1919.


BD BUC 15. Wadham/Nicholl correspondence, 1854-1879.


BD BUC 16. Wadham/Nicholl correspondence, 1880-1889;


Memoranda of interviews, 1854-1933.


BD BUC 17. Correspondence files 1 - 78.


BD BUC 18. Correspondence files 82 - 128.


BD BUC 19. Correspondence files 130 - 257.


BD BUC 20. Mining papers.


BD BUC 21. Mining papers.


BD BUC 22. Mining papers.


BD BUC 23. Furness Estate vouchers 1854-1857; 1873-1878.


BD BUC 24. Furness Estate vouchers 1878-1881; 1955-1957;


Bank books 1864-1903.


BD BUC 25. Royalty returns.


BD BUC 26. Royalty returns 1941-1961;


Accounts of ore shipped 1824-1825.


BD BUC 27. Shipments 1835-1854.


BD BUC 28. Shipments;


Leases and plans, South End, Walney.


BD BUC 29. Accounts, Cranke with Duke 1850-1854;


Accounts, Wadham with Duke 1854-1876.


BD BUC 30. Accounts, Wadham with Duke 1876-1889.


BD BUC 31. Accounts, Wadham with Duke 1889-1912.


BD BUC 32. Accounts, Wadham with Duke 1913-1923.


BD BUC 33. Accounts, Wadham with Duke 1823-1932.


BD BUC 34. Wadham letters, out, 1850-1854;


Wadham letter books 1854-1868.


BD BUC 35. Rentals and schedules.


BD BUC 36. Furness Estate rentals 1932-1960.


BD BUC 37. Rentals 1960-1969;


Furness Estate Cottages 1920-1962.


BD BUC 38. Draft rentals, rent audits etc.


BD BUC 39. Tracings.


BD BUC 40. Plans.


BD BUC 41. Mining applications.


BD BUC 42. Miscellaneous.


BD BUC 43. Miscellaneous.


BD BUC 44. Walney papers; wreck; fishery.


BD BUC 45. Walney papers.


BD BUC 46. Leases, agreements etc. on quarries, farms etc., 1855-1928.


BD BUC 47. Miscellaneous.


BD BUC 48. Wadham personal;




BD BUC 49. 17th and 18th Century papers;




BD BUC 50. Lindal Church.


BD BUC 51. Dalton Church, Dalton School, Askam National School.


BD BUC 52. Parliamentary papers;


Churches, schools etc.


BD BUC 53. Mining reports, 1893-1899.


BD BUC 54. Mining reports, 1900-1904; 1895-1912.


BD BUC 55. Mining reports, 1905-1911.


BD BUC 56. Mining reports, 1911-1916.


BD BUC 57. Mining reports, 1917-1925.


BD BUC 58. Mining reports, 1925-1933.


BD BUC 59. Mining reports, 1934-1936.


BD BUC 60. Reports on quarries, sandpits, brickworks etc., 1917-1947.


BD BUC 61. Leases: mining and agricultural;


Ulverston Mining Co. Ltd.


BD BUC 62. Miscellaneous.


BD BUC 63. Mining reports 1890-1893;


Reports on quarries, sandholes etc., 1903-1916.


BD BUC 64. Postage books;


Index books etc.


BD BUC 65. Photocopies;


Printed books.

Held by: Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Furness Estate, Lancashire

Boughton Estates Co Ltd

Physical description: 65 Boxes
Immediate source of acquisition:

Records deposited by Mr JK Royston on 3 November 1976

  • Montagu-Douglas-Scott family, Dukes of Buccleuch
  • Douglas-Scott, Montagu-, family, Dukes of Buccleuch
  • Scott, Montagu-Douglas-, family, Dukes of Buccleuch
Administrative / biographical background:

Chief Stewards and Principal Agents to Duke of Buccleuch:


Nicholl & Smyth


Oddie, Lumley, Nicholl & Smyth : Mr HH Oddie


Lumley, Nicholl & Smyth : Mr Lumley


Nicholl & Newman : Mr FI Nicholl


Nicholl, Newman, Manisty and Nicholl : Messrs FI and HF Nicholl


Nicholl, Manisty & Co. : Mr HF Nicholl


Agents for Furness Estate:


Edward Wadham.


Born 1828; son of Thomas Wadham of Frenchay House, Gloucestershire. Married Mary Elizabeth Ainslie of Grizedale Hall, Hawkshead at Hawkshead Church on 20 September 1860.


Children: Amy, born 1861, sickly; Arthur Edward Montagu, born 1863, married Marguerite Josephine Bridson formerly of Bryerswood, Windermere on 9 October 1900 at St Paul's, Knightsbridge, became County Councillor for Cockermouth 1914; Walter Francis Ainslie born 1865 [see below], succeeded father as agent in 1913, Lt. Colonel; Dora Louise, born 1869; Winifred Mary, born 1875, married Lt. George Ainslie Rooke RN in 17 February 1907; Gerald Douglas, born 1879, married Edna Elizabeth Bamford at Cheltenham, November 1910.


Civil Engineer: Wadham, Turner and Strongitharm, Duke Street.


Appointed agent of Duke of Buccleuch for Furness, June 1854.


One of first Aldermen of Barrow; Mayor twice; Chief Magistrate.


Director of Furness Railway Co. 1887 - retirement in 1911.


Agent of Barrow Haematite Steel Co. in Ireland 1877-1879 and director.


One of first to attempt to form Barrow Conservative party; joint president of Barrow Unionist Association.


Secretary to North Lonsdale Agricultural Society; Chairman of directors of North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Company.


Member of Board of Guardians.


Commission as J.P., January 1869.


Worked from Lindal Mount, then Millwood, Dalton-in-Furness.


Died June 1913 aged 85, buried at Satterthwaite.


Succeeded as agent by son, WFA Wadham.


Walter FA Wadham.


Born: 5 February 1865 at Millwood, second son of Edward Wadham.


Educated: Charterhouse, Pembroke College, Cambridge.


Civil Engineer: articled to chief engineer on Great Northern Railway and was involved in widening King's Cross to Barnet line and building Heanor to Ilkeston line, Derbyshire; joined father as Civil and Mining engineer in Barrow 1893. Ecclesiastical Surveyor for Diocese of Carlisle 1897 - resignation 1914. Director of Barrow Haematite Steel Co. from 1905; Chairman of Fishery Board, President of local associations; Vicar's warden at Dalton-in-Furness for 30 years; Member of Barrow Borough Council 1903-1919, Mayor 1919-1920. J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant of County of Lancaster. J.P. for County Borough of Barrow.


Agent of Duke of Buccleuch 1913-1945, worked from Millwood.


Member of Institute of Civil Engineers, Institute of Mining Engineers, Iron and Steel Institute.


Joined 1st volunteer battalion King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) as 2nd lieutenant, 26 February 1887.


Awarded volunteer officer's decoration May 1907.


Commanded battalion which became "4th King's Own" October 1912 on. 1914 officer in command, trained and sent to front: invalided home 1915 after Festubert etc. In command until 1918 when regular army took over command of territorial battalions.


Captain in regular army reserve; granted rank of Lieut.-Colonel on retirement.


Died 26 April 1945 aged 80. Buried at Satterthwaite, 5 May 1945.

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