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Title: The Incorporated Company of Smiths of Newcastle upon Tyne

Ordinary and Charters


GU.SM/2 Copy of the Smiths Ordinary of 17 August 1667, n.d. [c.1700] (1 parchment)


GU.SM/3 Charter of Incorporation of the Smiths Company [3 copies], 1677 (3 parchments)


Company minutes


GU.SM/1-3 Stewards meeting minutes, 1774 - 1959 (3 volumes)


GU.SM/4 Note re stewards meeting to discuss Newcastle upon Tyne water supply, 1787 (1 paper)


GU.SM/5 Resolution taken at a Committee meeting re boundaries of a property for sale, 1838 (1 paper)


GU.SM/6 Minutes of a Committee meeting to examine the rent roll, 1842 (1 paper)


GU.SM/7 Rules and orders of the stewards of the Incorporated Companies of Freemen, 1944 (1 booklet)


GU.SM/8/1-10 Orders and memoranda of the Common Council of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1675 - 1919 (10 papers)


GU.SM/9 Deed of appointment of Samuel Butter as tidesman, 1675 (1 parchment)


GU.SM/10 Petition of the Smiths Company to the Common Council against Samuel Softly for trading as a smith, 1683 (1 paper)


GU.SM/11 Abstract of proposals to create reservoirs on Town Moor Land, 1783 (1 paper)


GU.SM/12 Opinion of the Tailors Company re proposed work in Low Friar Street, 1825 (2 papers)


GU.SM/13 Letter from Porter & Latimer solicitors to the colliery re the construction of a railway for Spital Tongues Colliery on the Town Moor, 1837 (1 paper)


GU.SM/14 Copy articles of agreement to create a sewer under premises in Green Friars, 1861 (1 parchment)


GU.SM/15 Printed notice re the construction of tramways on the Town Moor and the compulsory purchase of property, c1899 (1 paper)




GU.SM/16/1-13 Accounts, 1867 - 1880 (13 papers)


GU.SM/17/1-3 Abstracts of stewards accounts, 1917 - 1924 (3 printed booklets)


GU.SM/59 Capital Account, 1956 - 1976 (1 volume)


GU.SM/60 Reserve Fund Account, 1930 - 1976 (1 volume)


GU.SM/18/1-5 Rental accounts for property in Monk Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 1828 - 1902 (2 papers and 3 files)


GU.SM/61 Friars Green Property Owners Association renovation and maintainance account, 1900 - 1976 (1 volume)


GU.SM/19/1-4 Receipts, 1774 - 1932 (4 files)


GU.SM/20/1-23 Bills for legal costs, 1712 - 1916 (22 papers and 1 file)


GU.SM/21/1-3 Account with R & T Hindmarsh & Hepple for supervising the rental of Smiths property, 1912 - 1948 (3 files)


GU.SM/22/1-7 Bills and receipts for building work, 1804 - 1809; 1830 (7 papers)


GU.SM/62 Copies of Corporation Duty returns, 1929 - 1975 (1 volume)


GU.SM/23/1-2 Promissory notes, 1708; 1740 (2 papers)


GU.SM/24/1-2 Lists of pensioners and widows in receipt of money from the Town Moor income, 1796 - 1945 (41 papers)


GU.SM/25 Notice that the poor and widows of the Smiths Company are to claim a share of rents from the intakes on the Town Moor by giving their names to the company stewards, 3 June 1920 (1 paper)


GU.SM/26/1-27 Receipts for salaries paid to employees of the Smiths Company, 1774 - 1877 (27 papers)


GU.SM/27 Payment made by Robert Ferguson and others to fines brought forward from the minute book, 1828 - 1829 (1 paper)


GU.SM/28 Receipt for payment of money for a piece of land belonging to the Tailors Company on Monk Street bought by the Smiths Company. With plan, 1829 (2 papers)


GU.SM/29 Number not used


GU.SM/30/1-25 Bonds for the performance of covenants not to practice the trade of a Smith or to buy or sell iron goods within the boundaries of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1629 - 1750 (25 papers)


GU.SM/31 Bond for the performance of covenants to keep the Smiths Company meeting house roof watertight for 3 years, 1679 (1 paper)


GU.SM/32 Number not used




GU.SM/33 List of masters who have taken apprentices, 1616 - 1646 (1 volume)


GU.SM/34/1-7 Apprenticeship indentures, 1816 - 1826 (7 parchments)


GU.SM/35/1-180 Admission of apprentices to the Smiths Company, 1695 - 1741 (180 papers)


GU.SM/36/1-5 Admission to the Smiths Company, 1742 - 1973 (4 files, 1 volume)


GU.SM/37/1-51 List of members with quarterly subscriptions and fees paid, c1827 - 1882 (51 papers)


GU.SM/38-39 Numbers not used


Legal Papers


GU.SM/40/1-2 Legal opinions, 1827 - 1828 (2 papers)


GU.SM/41 Proceedings in the matter of the Coopers Company and William Coats, 1796 (1 paper)


GU.SM/42-44 Numbers not used


GU.SM/45 Resolutions made by 20 companies of Newcastle upon Tyne regarding the reconstruction of St. Mary Magdalene Hospital, 1857 (1 printed paper)


GU.SM/46 Copy letter giving and opinion on the alteration of the Corn Law.


Smiths Company to Sir Matthew White Ridley M.P., Mr Ellison and Mr P. McLaren, n.d. [c1820] (2 papers)




GU.SM/47/1-6 Deeds to property owned by the Smiths Company, 1831 - 1852 (4 papers, 1 parchment, 1 file)


GU.SM/48 Number not used


GU.SM/49/1-81 Memoranda of agreement and specifications of building work commissioned by the Smiths Company, 1826 - 1897 (81 papers)


GU.SM/50 Acknowledgement of the receipt of a legacy of £20 from Margaret Stephenson, n.d. [c1725] (1 paper)


GU.SM/51 Report of Edward Spoor, architect on Smiths Company property in The Friars, 1867 (1 file)


GU.SM/52 List of tenants to property in Monk Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1870 (1 paper)




GU.SM/53/1-11 Plans of Smiths property, mostly on Low Friar Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, c1750 - c1870 (11 plans)




GU.SM/54 Fragment of a letter to the Smiths Company stewards regarding the infringement of ancient privileges, 1745 (1 paper)


GU.SM/55 Number not used


GU.SM/56 Letter from the children of St. John's Charity School thanking the Smiths for their generosity, n.d. [c1820] (1 paper)


GU.SM/57/1-13 In letters to the Smiths Company stewards or committee, 1831 - 1948 (13 files)


GU.SM/58 The arms of several companies in the Corporation of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1776 (1 printed paper)

Date: 1616 - 1975
Held by: Tyne and Wear Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

The Incorporated Company of Smiths of Newcastle upon Tyne

Physical description: 58 SERIES
Immediate source of acquisition:

Accessions 22, 1262, 500, 2825

Administrative / biographical background:

The Smiths Company of Newcastle was embodied by an Ordinary dated 14 January 1436 which has since been lost. The company represented the 3 branches of the trade in Newcastle, namely; blacksmiths and farriers; blacksmiths or anchor smiths and locksmiths or white smiths.


Members of the company met yearly on St Loy day at their premises in Blackfriars, adjacent to the main building, which used to form the ground floor of the monastery chapel. The company also owned an area of land running from their meeting house to Low Friar Street upon which they built a row of dwelling houses in the mid nineteenth century.

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