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The following list of documents refers to the case of Brandon V. Brandon and subordinate suits in Chancery. However the case is set in a wider background which it may be useful to summarise here.


(See Survey of London, Southwark Vol., and various Acts of Parliament).


1774 14 Geo. III 'An Act for enabling the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, Henry Penton esq., and Thomas Brandon to grant Building Leases' in Manor of Walworth


1796 Thomas Brandon died, leaving his estate in trust (for his three daughters) of Richard, William and Samuel Brandon his brother.


1805 45 Geo. III cap. 115 'An Act for confirming certain Building Leases of lands in Walworth, in the parish of St. Mary, Newington, granted by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, jointly with their Lessees Henry Penton esq., and Samuel Brandon and Thomas Brandon esquires, contrary to the Provisions of an Act madein the 14th year.. of this reign..and for establishing Exchanges of three small pieces of freehold and leasehold lands between the said Dean and Chapter and the said Samuel Brandon and the trustees under the will of the said Thomas Brandon deceased...etc'


1818 Samuel Brandon died, leaving his estate, both that which he had held jointly for Thomas and his own which he had increased, to his trustees. Unfortunately he was intestate as to one-ninth of his property.


1819 Bill of Complaint filed by William BRANDON nephew, and Henry Sundrey (acting Trustees & Execs. Samuel Brandon) v. Richard BRANDON nephew and others praying that Samuel Brandon's will might be-established and the trusts thereof performed under the direction of the Court and that the rights of all parties might be ascertained and declared by the court.


(Various cross, supplement and of revivor Bills subsequently filed; Brandon v. Brandon consists of 12 causes with various decrees and orders made.)


1823 B.v.B. Decree of 16 June declared that Samuel Brandon's will was well proved and ought to be established.


1825 B.v.B. Order of 4 June declared costs of all parties to suit should be paid out of the yearly income arising from Samuel's Trust estate in question in the suit and ordered tht the Master should ascertain relative value of interests of parties and apportion costs.


1834 B.v.B. Order for Samuel Brandon's Trustees to provide minute books of their meetings.




1830 25 May Samuel's heir-at-law William Barnard John Brandon was appointed Receiver (of rents etc) in the suit.


1839 23 April Order discharging him as Receiver and referring matter to the Master for account.


1840 27 Nov. Order for W.B.J. Brandon's sureties to pay into court.


1856 3 Dec. Master's report states that ex-Receiver had not paid in all monies. Also that Richard Brandon had not paid his costs.


1857 W.B.J. Brandon's estate interest was declared liable to make good the deficiency. His share was sold and money paid to court 1858. Richard Brandon's share was ordered to be sold to pay his costs.


1860 Act of Partition (Act of Parliament)


By this time the trustees were: Samuel's Trust - William Pennington


Often referred to as The Brandon Trustees. Henry Eardley Aylmer Dalbiac


Charles Snell Paris


Thomas' Trust - Thomas Fleming


Stephen Hall, jnr.


1860 The trustees of Samuel filed a Bill of Complaint against the trustees of Thomas praying for the partition of the Brandon Estates. (Dalbiac v. Hall)


(That is the part which was held jointly between the two brothers' heirs. There were over 100 beneficiaries.)


A plan of the Walworth Manor Estate, prepared by Henry Hunt was drawn for the partition, and enrolled in Chancery.


1860 Vict. 23 & 24 Brandon Estate Act for Partition


The act recites various background suits and adds' a suit of Brandon v. Brandon is pending in the Court of Chancery for the administration of the estate of Samuel Brandon according to the trusts of his will'. (This of course includes his own separate estate).


Many orders arose from this partitioning; payments from the interest of Parsonage site (vested by this Act in Ecclesiastical Commissioners) were credited to the Brandon v Brandon account.


Payment of the costs from this act were to be met by the Trustees out of the estate by sales, mortgages etc.


After two exchanges of property in 1866 and 1876, all rights of the Commissioners in the Walworth Manor Estate held by the heirs of Samuel were extinguished.


1870 Pennington v. Dalbiac


This is the second major suit listed in the following list.


A Bill of Complaint was filed in 26 Feb. 1870 by Elizabeth Pennington, widow and others against Henry E.A. Dalbiac and others. praying for a partition to be made of the freehold and leasehold estates of Samuel Brandon's Trust between the entitled parties, to be held, or sold and the proceeds distributed.




Most of the property was sold in this suit, during the years 1870 to 1872. See section of sale catalogues.


1876-78 The last-mentioned sales of property took place in 1878.




Although property in other parts of the country is mentioned in the list (see sale catalogues) the following roads are those meant by the Walworth estate (especially Walworth Manor Estate):


Ann's Row


Apollo Buildings


Bedford Street


Brandon Street


Charles Street


Cottage Row


Cottage Square


Dean's Buildings


Dudfield Place, Locks Fields


East Street


Falcon Terrace, Locks Fields


Flint Street


George's Row


'The Jolly Butchers' Salisbury Place


Little Chatham Place


Lorrimore Street


Nelson Place


Neptune Place


North Street


Northampton Place


Nursery Row


Paragon Row


The Parsonage Site, Lorrimore Square


Salisbury Row


Salisbury Street


Sarah Ann Street


Short Street


South Street


Thomas Street


Trafalgar Place


Victory Place


Walworth Road


William Street


Woods Buildings, East St.


Samuel Brandon lived, in the 1790's, at 22 Surrey Square.


* An Act for the better Leasing of the Walworth Manor Estate.. to the respective Trustees of the Wills of Samuel Brandon and Thomas Brandon and for exchanges and a Partition and other Purposes.

Date: 1825 - 1878
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Brandon family of Walworth, Surrey

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