Catalogue description Rental or Survey   Arundell manors: Lanhern, Treloy, Trembleyth, Lanhaddroun, Truruvian,...

This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

Details of AR/2/1341
Reference: AR/2/1341

Rental or Survey


Arundell manors: Lanhern, Treloy, Trembleyth, Lanhaddroun, Truruvian, Bodwenek, Penles, Medischoll, Enyscaven, Repery, Bodbrane, Prespinnek, Pengwenna, Conerton, Wynnyanton, Kenell, Tregarn, Carminow, town of Sancta Columba, Hundred of Penwith [blank, not filled in].


(Renewal of extent bearing date 12th May 1460, 38 Hen VI)


Extent; 27 fols. Names of tenements, tenants, payments, tenure, etc., with later additions.


Lanhern: free tenements include Ruthfoos and Gauergan, Nanstornan, Polgren; conventionary tenements include Tregoustak.


Treloy: free tenements include Hendremoistell in St Colombe Loer; conventionary tenements include 'Treloy et Neweton' (Thomas Lukye, Humphrey Polgrun and Henry Gilbard).


Trembleyth: free tenements include Lamayll, Arlyn, Trevayhov, Trethias, Treyarnan, Trevur, Tewyn, Restelleck (heir of John Hopken, now Richard ... by his wife's right); conventionary tenants include Melinowith; Tredrisack 'in St Mynver'.


Prespinnek: conventionary tenements include Nanskerris (William John).


Pengwenna: conventionary tenements include Pengwenna, Carrioghall, Trevere, Telligowe (John Huthnance), Reddower.


Wynnyanton: free tenements include Tregowres, Hengeyther and Cornhowgh; Treris, Trenansvian and Tresays; Boschym and Pentir; Trevinwon; Hendre; Trespreson; Erisy; Tregadreth mere, Tregadreth vian and Terrisnanspleth; Sensolwena; conventionary tenements include Wynnyanton, Courte, Hyngye [and no tenement called 'Nensy'], Tolle, Trenowithe, Gonynsycoke and Gonynsypye, Roos, Chycastell, Quarye, [Sensolwena deleted].


[Cornwall estate]


Telligowe [= Treliggo, in Breage]


Nanskerris [= Nankerres, in Sithney]


Needs repair.

Date: 1571, 26th Sep
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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