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Reference: HL/PO/JO/10/1/489/1114
Title: Creditors' Relief (Privileged Places, &c.) Act

Petition of several poor distressed Prisoners in the Prison of the Fleet. Petitioners, who are highly concerned in the Bill, pray to be heard by Counsel against it. 108 signatures.




a) 10 Feb 1696-7 -- Petition of Edmond Boulter.


b) 10 Feb -- Petition of several poor Prisoners within the Prison of the King's Bench and the Rules thereof, on behalf of themselves and all other prisoners within the said prison and Rules.


c) 15 Feb -- Petition of Edmond Boulter, for further time to be heard against the Bill. Lords Journals, XVI. 96.


d) 15 Feb -- Petition of Anthony Smith, of Rotherhithe in the County of Surrey, Mariner.


e) 15 Feb 1696-7 -- Petition of Anthony Church, Warden of the Fleet.


f) 15 Feb -- Petition of Francis Creswicke.


g) 22 Feb -- Petition of Thomas Langton, John Knight, Gent., and John Bale, late High Sheriff, Under Sheriff, and Gaoler of the County of Somerset.


h) 1 March 1696-7 -- Petition of Richard Luxford, Gent.


i) 6 March 1696-7 -- Copy of Order (in Latin), made 21 James I., for enlarging the King's Bench Prison.


j) 6 March 1696-7 -- Copy of Similar Order (also in Latin) for enlarging the King's Bench Prison, made 22 Charles II. Signed J. Keling.


k) 6 March 1696-7 -- Copy of Similar Order (in English) relating to the Fleet Prison, dated 28 Oct 2 James II. Signed Hen. Beddingfeld, T. Street, Ed. Lutwych, John Powell.


l) 6 March 1696-7 -- Copy of Similar Order of same date. Signed Edw. Atkyns, Rich. Heath, Chr. Milton.


m) 10 March 1696-7 -- Clause as follows: "Saving unto Anthony Smith, Mariner, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, all such right, title, estate, equity, interest and demand as he or they now have or shall or may have, challenge, or claim of, in, or unto the office of Warden of the Fleet or the Prison of the Fleet, or all or any the houses and shops belonging to the office of Warden of the Fleet, or to the Prison of the Fleet, or herein-before contained (by virtue of two decrees in Chancery, the one of them made the 22nd day of June 1683, and the other of them the 26th day of January 1686, whereby £425 and the interest thereof was and is decreed to be paid to the said Anthony Smith out of the said office, houses, shops and appurtenances, after a mortgage made thereof by Thos. Bromall [Bromhall] unto Henry Norwood, was satisfied), as fully and effectually to all intents and purposes as he or they had before the making of this Act, and as if this Act had never been had or made."


n) 12 March 1696-7 -- Petitions of the Master and four Wardens of the fraternity of the Art or Mystery of Haberdashers, London (now in HL/PO/JO/10/3/187/47).


o) 16 March -- Petition of Joseph Robinson, carver.


p) 16 March 1696-7 -- Transfer of the Prisoners in the Fleet.


q) 16 March 1696-7 -- List of prisoners turned over by Indenture by William Briggs, to George Taylor, the present Marshal, the 2nd May 1696. (Here follow 61 names.) Endorsed as read this day.


r) 19 March 1696-7 -- Petition of Richard Luxford, Gent.


s) 20 March 1696-7 -- Petition of Elizabeth Leave, daughter of Charles Leave, deceased.


t) 24 March -- Amended Clause, marked x, to come in at Sk. 11, 1. 28.


u) 27 March 1697 -- Clause.


u1) 27 March 1697 -- Paper containing the words to fill up the blanks in preceding clause.


v) 27 March 1697 -- Proviso as follows:--Be it enacted by the authority aforesaid That this Act or anything herein contained shall not extend to a close confinement of any person whose original debt does not exceed the sum of ten pounds. Endorsed Proviso, read 27 March 1697.


w) 27 March 1697 -- Clause securing Mr. Lenthall's debt to Mr. Boulter. It forms xix of the Act. Endorsed Proviso for the Marshal of the King's Bench mortgagee.


x) 27 March 1697 -- Saving Clause, marked o), then (B), for securing a debt to Mr. Smith on the Fleet. It forms xx of the Act. Endorsed Proviso for Anth. Smith. Noted Received 16 March '96. Not opposed by the Warden's Counsel.


y) 27 March 1697 -- Proviso, marked z), then (C), relating to the Warden and Mr. Clements and Mr. Norwood. It forms xxi. of the Act.


z) 8 April 1697 -- Clause marked first (R), then (D), vacating deputations made by Mr. Lenthall without Mr. Boulter's consent. It forms the last section of the Act.


aa) 8 April 1697 -- Petition of John De Berdt.


ab) 8 April 1697 -- Petition of Theodor Eccleston and John Vaughton to the Select Committee, on behalf of themselves and other the people called Quakers.


ab1) 8 April 1697 -- Clause.


ab2) 8 April 1697 -- Draft Clause.


ac) 10 April 1697 -- Petition of Thomas Stone.


ac1) Affidavit of Daniel Rape, of Bishopsgate, and Charles Jennyngs, of Stocksmarket, London, weavers.


ad) 13 April -- Petition of William Briggs and John Greene, Gent.


ae) 13 April 1697 -- Petition of John Tilley, to the Committee to whom Richard Luxford's Petition is committed.


ae1) Affidavit of John Curtis, of St. Margaret's, Westminster.


af) 13 April 1697 -- Petition of John Wich.


ag) 13 April -- Petition of George Taylor, Marshal of the Court of King's Bench.


ah) 14 April 1697 -- Petition of Richard Luxford, gentleman.

Date: 8 Feb 1697
Held by: Parliamentary Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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