Catalogue description Archive of Blaker, Son and Young of Lewes, solicitors

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Reference: BLK
Title: Archive of Blaker, Son and Young of Lewes, solicitors

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Summary of contents


ACC2327 Clients' papers, 1561-1950; firm's papers, 1831-1937


Deposited 4 Dec 1978 and now incorporating other deposits ACC2229, 2284, 2285, 2951, 3153 (part), 3414 (part)


ACC5120 Clients' papers, 1654-1958


Deposited 15 Sep 1988 and now incorporating earlier deposits ACC3272, 3278, 3153 (part), 3414 (part)


ACC5177 Firm's papers, 1838-1954


Deposited 7 Dec 1988


ACC5702 Clients' papers, 18th c - 20th c


Deposited 6 Jun 1991


ACC5902 Clients' papers, [c1707]-1932


Deposited 22 Jun 1992


Index to clients


Abergavenny, Marquis of - A2327/4


Abergavenny, Marquis of and Sheffield, Earl of - A2327/4


Abergavenny, Marquis of and Sheffield, Earl of - A2327/5


? Abergavenny, Marquis of - A5120/45


Ade, John Thomas of Hellingly - A5120/117


Ade, Lydia of Alfriston - A5120/87


Albert House, Hastings - A2327/33


Andrews, Mary of Lewes - A5902/28


Arkoll, William of South Malling, tanner - A5902/14


Arundel, Society of Friends - A2327/38


Ashby, Herbert of Hailsham - A5902/10


Avery, Esther of Homewood Gate Farm, East Chiltington - A5902/13


Avery, John of Homewood Gate Farm, East Chiltington - A5902/25


Ays Ltd - A5120/82


Baker, Robert Whiteman of Lewes, posting master - A5902/23


Banister - A5120/145


Bannister, Arthur Frederick and George of the Post Office, Newick grocers and drapers - A5902/8


? Barlow - A5120/149


Barry, Colonel Arthur John of Catsfield - A5120/118


Bartlett - A5120/105


Beard, Natalie of Southover - A5120/134


Beeney Bros of Hailsham - A5120/75


Benton, Samuel Lander of Lewes - A5902/38


Benton/Dow - A2327/9


Birch, Susannah of Haywards Heath - A5902/6


Blackman, Edward of Southover - A5702/99


Blunt, Charles William of Heathfield - A5702/74


Borrer, Henry Hall of Portslade - A5120/83


Borrer, John of Portslade - A5120/10; A5702/78


Borrer Kate - A5120/114; A5702/13


Borrer, Sarah Anne - A5902/26


Bourlay - A2327/57


Bowen Farms of Laughton - A5120/115


Boys - A5120/64


Breeds, George of Hailsham - A5120/141


Bridger, Elizabeth - A5702/71


Brown - A5120/103


Browne, Edward of Hailsham - A5120/91


Bunyard - A5120/124


Burfield, Mrs I M of Hailsham - A5120/44; A5702/53


Burfield, Thomas of Hailsham - A5120/138


? Card and Sons of Lewes - A2327/72


Carey, Elizabeth of Ringmer - A5702/62


Catchpool - A2327/28


Catt and Son - A5120/106


? Chailey, parish of - A5120/171


Chandler, James of Lewes - A5120/97


Chaplin - A5120/119


Cheesman, George and William of Horsham - A5702/24


Chichester, Earl of - A2327/1; A5120/1-8, 19, 67


Clarke - A5120/148


Claver-Shoosmith - A5702/9


Colegate, Charlotte Muriel of Piddinghoe - A5702/95


Colegate, Thomas - A5702/96


? Coote - A5120/45


Cornford, I - A5120/100


Cornford, Nicholas Jesse of Herstmonceux - A5702/88


Cotts - A5120/101


Cronk - A2327/25


Crosskey, Albert Ward of Ringmer - A5120/149; A5702/60


Crossley, William Henry - A5902/9


Crossley - A5120/159


Curteis, Herbert Mascall of Wartling - A2327/6, 41


Curteis - A5120/163


Dawson of Lewes - A5120/135


Day - A5120/108


Dennett, John of Lewes - A5702/18


Devonshire, Duke of - A2327/2


? Dodson [Ld Monk Bretton] - A2327/63


Dow/Benton - A2327/63


Duke, James baronet ,- A5120/37-38


Eagles, Edward of the Cliffe - A5120/77


Edwards, Charles - A5902/46


Edwards, Lydia of Hurstpierpoint - A5702/73


Eggleton, John Edward of Fletching - A5120/128


Egles, Gabriel of Southover, gent - A5902/19


Elphick, William of Newhaven - A5120/86; A5902/45


Elphick and Son Ltd - A5120/127


Evans, May - A5120/157


Fairall, David of Hailsham - A5702/72


Feist, William of Southwick, shopkeeper - A5902/18


Fessey - A2327/56


Fisher, John of Uckfield - A5702/57


Flint, James of Kingston - A5702/28


Freeman, Mrs G M of Bexhill - A5120/99


Friend - A5702/8


Gadsby, John of Hove - A5120/89


Gander - A5120/156


Garnham, Bernard - A2327/8


Geering - A2327/69; A5120/102


Gest - A2327/12


Glandfield - A5120/125


Goad, John William of Hellingly - A5902/33


Godden, A G E - A2327/17; A5120/58


Godlee, Burwood of Lewes - A5702/10,98


Godlee, Mary Allbright of Lewes - A5702/11


Godwin - A2327/58


Goldfinch Trust of Rotherfield - A5120/116


Goldsmith, Henry of Lewes - A5702/116


Gorham, Beadle of Herstmonceux - A5702/38


Gorham, Sarah of Herstmonceux - A5702/39


Gosling, Stuart of Ditchling - A2327/30


Gravely/Hother - A2327/55


Grantham, Edward of Lewes - A5902/30


Grover, Gabriel of the Cliffe, tea dealer - A5902/24


Guy, Ruth of Chiddingly - A5120/51


Guy of Chiddingly - A5720/69


Hales, C - A5120/94-96


Hall, Henry of Portslade - A5702/26


Hall, William of Brighton - A2327/37; A5702/41


Hammond, A - A2327/27; A5120/164


Hammond, Charlotte of Lewes - A5902/43


Hammond, James of Lewes - A5702/16


Hannah - A5120/41


Harman, Sargent of Lewes - A5702/48


Harmer, Hiram of Hailsham, coal merchant - A5902/10


Harris - A5120/112


Hartwell - A2327/15


Harvey, John of Lewes - A5120/173


Harvey, Richard of Lewes - A5702/32


Harvey, William of Lewes - A5902/35


Hatchard - A2327/59


Hawes, Sidney of Hellingly - A5902/33


Haylor, Charles of Hailsham, farmer - A5902/12


Henty, Moses of Lewes - A5702/17


Herstmonceux, parish of - A2327/44; ? A5120/61


Hibden, A5120/62


Hill, Richard of Rotherfield - A5120/80-81


Hoadley, John of Lewes - A5702/35


Holdstock, Josia Rummen of Lewes - A5170/34


Hollibone, Charles of Hailsham, farmer - A59)2/41


Hollman, William of Lindfield - A5702/29


Holman, George of Henfield - A5702/42


Holmwood - A5120/147


Holt, Revd John of Lewes - A5902/5


Honess - A5120/110


Hother/Gravely - A2327/55


Howman - A2327/52


Huget, Harriet of Lewes - A2327/53


Huggett, Thomas of Lewes - A5702/40


Hunt, Ida Kathleen Paton of Hamsey - A5902/42


Hunter, William of Westmeston - A5702/47


Innes, A N of Lewes - A5120/76


Innes, Melvill Stodart of Russell Square, London - A5902/34


Jenner, Charles Underwood - A5120/57


Jenner of Hailsham - A5120/59


Johnson, Thomas of Lewes - A5702/31


Kemp, Caleb Rickman - A5702/22


Kensett, Jesse of Lindfield - A5702/45


? Kentish Uplands Ltd - A5120/123


Kenward - A2327/11


Kidder, James of Lewes - A5702/83


Kingsnorth - A2327/34


Knight, Mrs Priscilla of Heathfield - A5702/82


Lambe, Robert of Blatchington - A5120/140


Leafe - A5120/120


Lee, Edwin of Hackney in Middlesex - A5702/77


Lewes All Saints Church - A5702/5


Lewes British Workmens Trust - A2327/13; A5120/73


Lewes Cattlemarket/Redman - A2327/23


Lewes Housing Society Ltd - A5702/97


Lewes Old Providence Chapel - A2327/14


Lewes, Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells Railway - A5702/6


Lindfield Parish Council - A5702/76


Linton, William of Oakington in Cambridgeshire - A5120/132


Locker-Lampson - A2327/68


Lowdell - A2327/22


Madden, Charles Dodgson - A2327/36


Manger, John - A5702/37


Mannington, Elizabeth of Lewes - A5702/25


Mannington, Matthew of Hove - A5902/44


Marten, Harriet of Worth - A5702/46


Marten, Michael of Chalvington - A5702/43


Martin, J C H Ltd of the Cliffe - A5120/79


Marten, William of Ringmer - A5702/44


Maxfield, Anne of Lindfield - A5702/21


Monk, Edward and Sons of Lewes, brewers - A5902/16


? Montgommery - A5120/123


Moon, Frank Frankfort of Lewes - A5702/75


Moor - A2327/61


Moore, Charles of Alciston, farmer - A5902/31


Moorey, Phoebe of Lewes - A5120/109


Morgan - A2327/67


Morley, Martha of Barcombe - A5702/15


Murrell, William Henry of Lewes - A5702/14


Neale, Leila Alicia Corbett - A5120/68


Newman - A2327/54


Norman, Richard of Chailey - A5120/36


? Norman - A5120/92-93


Norwood - A5120/46-50


Nott, Revd Anthony of Lewes - A5702/3


Nott, Elizabeth of Lewes - A5702/4


Novis, Frederick John of Crowborough, mason - A5902/15


Okell - A5120/107


Oliver - A2327/18


Osborn, George William of Uplands in Heathfield - A2327/21; A5120/129


Osborn, William Stanley of Alciston - A5902/39


Payne - A2327/66


Pelham - A5120/52, 74


Pennington - A5120/43


Penny - A2327/51


Pettitt, Thomas of South Malling - A5702/51


Pitcher, John of Hellingly - A5702/36


Poole, Alfred of Lewes - A5120/131


Poole, George Calcutt of Lewes - A5902/32


Porter, Eliza of Lewes - A5702/2


Porter, John and William - A5902/37


Porter, John - A2327/62


Porter, William of Hove - A5120/172


Plumer, Robert of the Cliffe - A5120/154


Pratt, Guy Warwick of Framfield - A5902/40


Pratt, Thomas of St Nicholas Lane, Lewes carpenter and joiner - A5902/7


Prodgers - A2327/31


Punker, Thomas of Lewes - A5702/69


Putland - A5120/150


Redman, George Marshall and Charles William of Newhaven, builders - A5902/3


Redman, William Dawes of Newhaven - A5120/78


Redman/Lewes Cattle Market Company - A2327/23


Reed, William of Barcombe - A5702/34


Renshaw, John of London - A5902/27


Renshaw, Thomas Charles of London - A5702/80


Reynolds, William of Lewes, dairyman - A5902/1


Rickman, Ellen - A2327/7/5


Rickman, John - A2327/7/1


Rickman, John - A2327/7/4


Rickman, Josephenia Christiana - A2327/7/3


Rickman, Priscilla - A2327/7/5


Rickman, Rachel - A2327/7/5


Rickman, Richard Peters - A2327/7/2; A5702/12


Rigden, Mrs - A2327/19


Robinson, A E - A5120/60,130


Rodda - A2327/35


Roots, Margaret Bertha - A5902/36


Rose - A5120/70,158


Russell, Samuel of Brighton - A2327/24; A5120/71


Russell, William of Brighton - A2327/29


Sampson, George King of Ninfield - A5702/68


Sampson, William King of Eastbourne - A5702/50


Shaw, Mary - A5902/20


Sheffield, Earl of - A2327/32; A5120/153


Sheffield, Earl of/Abergavenny, Marquis of - A2327/5


Shelley, John Villiers of Maresfield Park - A5702/23


Shoosmith - A5120/39-40


Simmonds, William of Plumpton - A5702/54


Simmons, Joseph of Wartling - A5120/139


Sinnock of Hailsham - A2327/47


Skelton - A5120/55


Smallfield - A5120/142


Smart, Samuel Hide of Lewes - A5702/19


Smith, Celia and Alexander Edwin of Eastbourne, drapers and outfitters - A5902/22


Smith, Edwin of Eastbourne - A5702/70,79


Smith, John Maxwell of Lewes - A5902/35


Smith, John Oliver of Brighton - A5702/85


Smith, Nathan of Lewes - A5702/1


Snat, William of Lewes - A5702/20


Snoad, Charlotte of Brookland in Kent - A5702/49


Society of Friends, Arundel - A2327/38


Spincer - A5120/63


Stanford, George of Lewes - A5120/169; A5702/7


Starnes, Charles - A5702/94


Stephens, George - A5902/46


Stephens, Mrs of Wivelsfield - A2327/71


Stone, Eleanor June of Southwater - A5120/122


Strickland - A5120/121


Strode - A5120/136


Tanner, Henry William of Hailsham - A5702/61


Tayler, Edward of Herstmonceux - A5120/137


Taylor, Esau of Hailsham - A5902/11


Thompson - A5120/104


Tompsett, Sarah of Lewes - A5702/52


Tompsetts Charity, Chailey - A2327/16


Tugwell, John - A5120/152


Turner, George of Fletching - A5702/55


Turner, Henry of Ringmer, brickmaker - A5902/21


Turner, Sarah of Fletching - A5702/56


Turner, Thomas of Keymer - A5702/89


Turner, William of London - A5702/33


Turner - A2327/40


Underwood, Jenner of Guildford in Surrey - A5120/35


Unsted, Samuel of Wilmington - A5702/87


Uridge, Isaac of Fletching - A5702/59


Verrall, Edward of Western Road, Lewes, builder - A5902/2


Verrall, Frank of Southover - A2327/3


Verrall, John - A2327/39; A5702/81,92


Verrall, John of Southover - A5702/93


Verrall, Sarah of Southover - A5702/58


Verrall, William of Southover, brewer - A5902/29


Verrall - A5120/33, 72, 143


Vidler, John of Westminster - A5702/84


Vinnall, John of Kingston - A2327/48


Wadman, Albert of Westham - A5120/98


Waters, Stephen of Warbleton - A5120/155


Watson - A5120/146


Watts, William of Lewes - A5702/63


Weller - A5120/113


Weller, Christopher of Lewes - A5702/100


Weller, Henry Mockett of Glynde - A5702/91


Wells, Charles Aspull of Lewes Etna Iron Works - A5902/1


West Hoathly, parish of - A2327/45


Weston, Henry of Lewes - A5120/133


Williams, John of Isle of Wight - A5702/65


Willis - A5120/111


Winch, John Turner of Lewes - A5702/67


Windus, Arthur Edward Burtenshaw of Lewes - A5702/66


Winter - A2327/60


Wise, Thomas of Kingston - A5702/90


Wood, John - A2327/42


Wood, John of Hailsham - A5702/86


Wood - A2327/65


Wright, William of The Park, Chiddingly - A5902/17


Wycherley - A2327/10; A5120/126

Date: 1561-1954
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Blaker, Son and Young, Lewes, solicitors

Physical description: About 400 series
Access conditions:

All records less than 100 years old are closed for public inspection except manor court books and rolls

Immediate source of acquisition:

Deposited by Blaker, Son and Young of Lewes, solicitors, at the dates given in the summary of contents

  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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