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This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

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Rental or Survey




Conartoun: Thursday 14th Jul 1463 (Thursday before St Margaret, 3 Edw IV).


(Free tenants)


William Lord Botreaux, 1 acre Cornish in Trencrome and Nansavallen, the water of Lananta, and 1 acre Cornish in Boswithgy and Boscudyn with the tithing of Conertoun.


Heir of Michael Petit, 1/2 acre Cornish in Talscoys.


Heir of William Manyer, 5 acres English in Bosuerghes.


Heir of Nigel de Loryng, 2 acres Cornish in Amalibri, Nanscludry and Chienglasen, 1/2 acre Cornish in Polkenhorn, and 1 ferling in Trenauwyn Wartha.


Heir of William Tregos, 1/2 acre Cornish in Egloshel [Eglosheill, margin] and 1 acre Cornish in Trethengy.


Odo Resgerens, 1/2 acre Cornish in Conerwartha by right of Alice his wife, 1/2 acre Cornish in Ponsreles, and 1 ferling in Grasten.


John Penros, 2 acres Cornish in Treuasek and Fentenlegh.


John Hell Porthia, 1/3 acre Cornish in Arde.


Heir of William Fitz Waultere, 1 acre Cornish in Hendre.


Heir of Robert Cras, 1 acre Cornish in Trenawyn.


Heir of Richard Eyr, 1 croft in Hellenwoen.


Thomas Godolghan, 1 acre Cornish in Carewyn.


Heir of John Treburgheor [?], 1/2 acre Cornish in Boskeureswoles.


Heir of Richard Eyr, 2 acres Cornish in Tregenyn.


Heir of Nigel de Loryng, 1 acre Cornish in Carneny, Carbons, 1 ferling in Chiengwael [sic], 1/2 acre Cornish in Eglosheyll and 1/2 acre Cornish in Trewelisyk Heyll.


William Gourlyn, 1 acre Cornish in Trethegember.


Heir of Philip Trembras, 1 acre Cornish in Gournogov and Westua (1 pair of gloves, value 1d).


Heir of John Colyn of Lananta, 1/3 acre Cornish in Arde and 1/3 acre Cornish in Trevalscoys.


Heir of Reginald Renward, 2 acres Cornish in Trewronnon [Trewronnan, margin].


Heir of William Manyer, 2 parts of 1 acre Cornish in Trenewith iuxta Trevalscoys.


Heir of John Corloys, 1 ferling in vill of Trewoen and Legha.


Heir of Walter Resker, 1 ferling in Egglosheyll.


Heir of Olimpus Boys, 1 ferling in Trewoen and Legha and 1 ferling in Egglosheyll.


Heir of Thomas Burwik, 2 acres Cornish in Nansderov.


Heir of Alan Manyer, 1/2 ferling in Pennans (1/4 1b pepper), another 1/2 ferling there (1/4 lb pepper).


Heir of Joan Pennans, 1/2 ferling there (1/4 lb pepper; no rent because in escheat); heir of John Goef, 1/2 ferling there (1/4 lb pepper).


John Pennans, 1/2 ferling in Pennans (1/4 lb pepper; no rent because in escheat).


Heir of John Aly Carnarthur, 1 acre Cornish in Trefrynk and 1/3 acre in Ard'.


Heir of William Trefrynk, 1/2 acre Cornish in Trefrynke.


Heir of John Hell Porthia, 1/6th acre Cornish in Ard' and 1/2 ferling in Hellesbyghan [Hellesbyan, margin].


Heir of Nicholas Trerys, [blank] in Carenuer and Wotfold.


Heir of John Oen, 1/2 acre Cornish in Treleghan [Treuleghan, margin].


Heir of Nicholas Tremayn, 1/2 acre Cornish in Boskeures Wartha.


Heir of John Wilkyn Veel, 1 ferling in Treulyghion; heir of John Hire, 1 ferling in Treulyghion.


Heir of Henry Willy, 1 ferling in Tregene; heir of Richard Riche, 1/2 acre Cornish in Tregene; heir of Alan Tregene, 1 ferling there.


John Lanyeyn namely John Hicka, 2 acres Cornish in Coswyn.


Heir of Nicholas Polulsek, for 1 way leading from Polulsek to the sand [via sabul', margin].


Heir of John Hamely, 1 ferling in Trevalscus.


Heir of Robert Corun, manor of Welcomb iuxta Hertelond, because he showed a charter of John Cork, formerly steward of lord John Arundell, knight, at Launceston, but it is not here certified how he holds it, in knight's service or socage; to be distrained to show; [rent] 1 clove gillyflower.


Conartoun demesne: various tenants there hold the whole demesne (11 tenants named, including Simon Jakenhell).


Engarrek; Nansgracyes; Talseghan (including parcel of a moor called Hallas); Pennans Vueer, Hall Envelyn, Gargasen [added later]; Pennans Vian; Engewe; Uppetoun; Est'loo; Penpoll iuxta Lananta; Trevalscoys; Dryme; Treffrynke; Nans; Vynwyn; Gorfos; Boskerrys; Treloighion; Fowyer; Polleowe (John Polkynhorn); Enwythen [added later].


Attached schedule gives details of tenants and rents in Wythen, Porthrepter, Pennansvur and other tenements of Conerton, 1463-64 (3 Edw IV).




Trenewith iuxta Trevalscoys [= Trenoweth in Gwinear]

Date: 1463
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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