Catalogue description Rental or Survey   [Lanhern], Treloye, Trembleyth, Lanhaddron alias Nansladdron,...

This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

Details of AR/2/1343
Reference: AR/2/1343

Rental or Survey


[Lanhern], Treloye, Trembleyth, Lanhaddron alias Nansladdron, Trurovian, Bodwaneke, Penles Treviscan, Medisholl alias Metchall, Enyskaven, Resperye, Bodbrane, Prespinneke, Pengwenna, Connerton, Winnyanton, Kenell, Tregarne, Carminow, villa Sancte Columbe et Trewinheleck, Rosworthye, Bossueyn, Tresitheneye, Demilyocke, Tregennowe, Tregorreck


(Marginal comment, same hand as main text, fol.2). (Pencil date of 'c.1577' seems to have no basis.)


Book; rental of Arundell manors.


First folio missing (with free tenants of Lanhern).


Details of free and conventionary tenants, names of tenements (sometimes with parishes), services, etc., rents.


[Lanhern]: conventionary tenements include Trevuddrys, Trewarvena, Lanvean, Penpons et pratum voc' Newham, Windesore, Trego... [= Tregoustek], Penvose, Trevorack Downe, Kenhewis, pratum de Carnanton, Halling Parke, demesne land of Lanherne, Lanherne Downe, Trevelgye; (new rents) Carlogas, Gilton.


Treloye: free tenements are Polgrun in St Newlyn; Gargus; Chyppit, Boveleck [sic], Res, Banaleck and Tolgragon; Kelesteck Ruall, Breaneck; Trencruke in St Colombe; Wiket; Treleigh in St Newlyn; Trelaste in Cutbert; Pentirvian in Crantock; Trefew in Crantock [twice]; Helwyn in Crantock; Tresavian in Cubert; Hendre Pawll in St Colomb Loer; Trewargh [in Gwennap]; Hendre Moistell in St Colomb Loer; Trencrek and Treninneck in St Colomb Loer; Caskeis Higher in St Columb Loer; Treworther Wast in Kenwyn; Mingam in St Columb Maior; Talgragan.


Conventionary tenements of Treloye and Newton are Treloye; Pentyre; Bodrogow; Kestell; Treveglos; Trethewell (tenant John Husband); Penpoll in Crantick [sic]; Stretnewham; Melynvran; Treribbiowe; Talcarnmerak in St Mawgan; Treleis in Key.


Trembleyth: free tenements include Restelleck (George Fursedon); conventionary tenements include Mellinowith, Dolga (Thomas Corfe; formerly part of the demesne land of Trembleath), Hengollan & Helwyn (Benedict Morcomb and Pascoe Trevithvan).


Resperye: free tenements include Resgarens in St Colomb Over, Pennans in St Stephens in Branell, Treliver, Tregonner "in borial' parte vill' de St Colomb ou'", Treliver in St Wen, Bodman Whitles, St Nicholas Parke, Bodman, Bodmyn Forstrete, Bodinniell in Bodmyn parish, Boskere "in borial' parte de St Lawrence infra parochiam de Bodmyn", Canaligye;


Conventionary tenements include Respery, Canaligy, Trenance Wolas in Withiell, Tredenam, Canaligye in St Issye, Borlane in Bodmyn Borowgh.


Prespinneke: free tenements include Penmarth in St Keveren, Relegh, Trevillian in St Erthe, Gurling, Nansdriseck;


Conventionary tenements include Nansdriseck, Trevernow, Nanskerris (Henry Rawe), Penpras & Chienhale, Trewheverack (50 acres), 2 tenements in Helston Burowgh, a blowing-mill (molend' sufflaticum).


Pengwenna: free tenements include Browfrowell [sic], Catabedran, Preske, Redolen, Kirthen in Crowen, Penhall;


Conventionary tenements include Pengwenna, Carryeoghall, Trevere, Trelligowe (Thomas Trevalscus), Reddower alias Ruthdower, Ruthdowre Downe.


Winnyanton: [tenements closely similar to those in AR/2/1341, with slight variations of spelling.]


Rosworthye: (parish of Earth) Strete Penpons and Roseangrowes (Alexander Penhelege, gentleman).


Bossueyn: free tenements include Talkerne in St Colombe Loer (Alexander Wollacombe esquire), Talkerne in Mawgan (John Arundell of Lanherne knight, John Norton now [blank]); tenants by indenture include Tolkerne Morreb (held by [blank]).


Tresitheneye: free tenements include Trebydadnan.


Tregorreck: tenements in Dregorreck (parish of St Austell), ..., Trevemether in parish of Uvall; payment of rent to queen's manor of Carnanton for customary land in Tresalstre, to Pomerye's manor of Tregney Pomerie for customary land in Tregorreck, and to queen's manor of Treverbyne Courtney for demesne land in St Austell.


[Cornwall estate]


Treloye: Mingam (in St Columb Major); Trethewell [= Trethowell in Kea]


Trembleyth: Trewenhels


Resperye: Tregonner [= Tregamere, in St Columb Major]


Lanhaddron: Nansgrenek, Pengrogla, Penburglith, Halendewa


Bodwaneke: Frogham in St Lavrence


Connerton: Ponfrelis, Upton (no tenants named), Esterloo, Fowyer iuxta Porthia


Roswothye: Rosevydnye Vian, Nansdryan, Nanseglosse, Ponseferrys


Tregorreck: Tresalstre [= Rosewastis, in St Columb Major]


Nanskerris [= Nankerres, in Sithney, near Trevarno]


Treleigh (Treloy manor) [= Traleath [sic], in Newlyn East]

Date: After 1586
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical condition: loose pieces on first page. See separate typed version.

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