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Will of Phil. Hawkins, Trewithen, esq. (Copy.)


'Whereas I am convinced that smuggling is not only prejudicial to the Crown but likewise destructive of the Trade of this Kingdom, and as I have offended in that particular I therefore direct my Executor to pay to the Commissioners of the Customs or other proper officers for his Majesty's use the sum of Six hundred pounds within six months after my decease'.


To dear wife: 'her Paraphernalia'. Chariot and harnesses in London. Plate and China in Cornwall and London. Her jointure confirmed. Tithes of Probus, Merther and Cornelly. Annuity of £600 for life. £200. £1000 remaining unpaid to testator by brother-in-law, Lambert Ludlow, esq. due by Mother-in-law's will to go to wife.


To brother in law Mr. Lambert Ludlow and Mrs. Lambert. £50 to be equally divided.


To brother-in-law Josias Wordsworth, esq. and family: £50 to buy mournings.


To brother-in-law Joshua Smith, esq. and family: £50.


Wife to have liberty of remaining in Trewithen House. Three months after testator's decease with use of cellars and provisions.


To sister Carlyon and hrs: right of presentation to rectory of Bradwell iuxta Mare in Essex when Geo. Ansis, clerk, then incumbent resigned. But Eliz. Carlyon to present to the living Henry Ansis, bro. of Geo. Ansis. Hary Ansis to resign living as soon as her s. Jn. Carlyon or her s. Wm. Carlyon are qualified to accept the rectory. Afterwards this advowson to descend with main manors and lands.


To sister Carlyon and hrs: next presentation to rectory of St. Just in Roseland after death of incumbent. Then to descend with main manors and lands. £50 for mournings.


To each child of sister Carlyon £1000 each.


To sister Lady Ann Prideaux - £50 to buy mournings


To niece Ann Basset £1000 when 25


To bro.-in-law Chris. Hawkins, esq. and wife £50 to buy mournings


To nieces, dtrs. of sister Hawkins £1000 each when 21.


To bro-in-law Jas. Stone, esq: £50 to buy mournings. To his s. and dtr. £1000 each when 25 years of age.


To Mr. Gilis Hambly of St. Columb: £50.


To kinsman Phil. Hawkins, Falmouth, gent. and his son: annuity of £60 to be-equally divided between them. To every other child when of age £50.


To Mr. Wm. Borlase 'now living with me' annuity of £20.


Lands and manors charged with all annuities above.


To sister-in-law Mrs. Rachel Hawkins £50 for mourning.


To the Revd. Mr. Jn. Hughs of Creed and to Mr. Warwick Oben of Creed, 20 guineas.


Testator thought a residue was to be distributed of effects of late deceased uncle. The Revd. Mr. Jn. Hawkins - testator's father was excr. in trust of this.


To each residuary legatee or their legal representatives (except testator's sisters and their husbands and sister-in-law Rachel Hawkins and representatives of late Uncle Henry) £15 each.


To Mr. Giles Hambly £15 in respect of share of residue of uncle's effects that Mr. Hambly's decd. wife might have been entitled to.


To dear wife: coach harnesses and coach horses and any two saddle horses she chose with their furniture (£100 to be paid her for coach horses taken as 'best beasts', unless wife took remaining horses. If she took £200 compensation remaining Coach Horses not to belong to her. Watches and buttons.


To kinswoman Mrs. Moyle living with Mr. Tremayne: 15 guineas


To Mrs. Wolrige of Creed, widow of Mr. Jn. Wolrige: 5 guineas (also same amount each to Mrs. Alice Hext of same parish and Mrs. Dorothy Quarme of same parish).


To Mr. Arthur Gaved of St. Mewan: 5 guineas.


To Mrs. Juliana Wakeham, living then in the Strand, London, 'formerly my semptress ... now greatly reduced in circumstances': £50.


To Eliz. Cornish 'my washerwoman who hath been an old servant in our family') £50.


To kinswoman Mrs. Grace Parsons of St. Stephen in Brannell - £50.


To Uncle Francis Scobell esq. 'and his lady and their son' £25 each.


To kinswoman Mrs. Barbara Hoblyn £25 to buy mourning.


To Thos. Hext of Trenarran, esq. and his wife £50 to buy mournings.


To kinswoman Jn. Hawkins of Helston, gent. and his wife £50 for mourning.


£500 to trustees of any Hospital for foundlings established 'within this Kingdom within twenty years after my death.'


To poor of parish of Probus not receiving alms: 15 guineas.


15 guineas to poor of borough of Grampound to be distributed by the Minister of Probus and Mayor of Grampound.


£2-12-6 each to poor of parishes of Newlyn, Mawgan in Pydar and Crantock.


To Warwick Oben 50 guineas for mourning rings.


To kinsman Mr. Jas. Seccombe £100 and £40 to his bro. then living in Bodmin.


To Cousin Jos. Seccombe - annuity of £10.


To children of late Aunt Trethewey: £15.


To dear wife: books reckoned to be hers.


Executor to make neighbour Edwd. Powell reasonable satisfaction for management of testator's estates in Creed.


To servant Thos. Collins: £50.


To menial servants with testator at time of his decease: £10 each


To Jn. Rouse: 10 guineas' for his information against several persons for fishing on my Royalty in the Manor of Cargoll.


To Mayor of Grampound towards defraying charges of office for 1738: 10 guineas.


10 guineas to same Mayor from money received from executors of Mr. Hugh Opie.


Remainder of money - 20 guineas - to wife for a mourning ring.


To Henry Bennett of St. Neot: 10 guineas and Clarendon's History of the Rebellion.


2 guineas owed by servant Jn. Thomas to Math. Andrew if Jn. Thomas did not pay the same.


'And whereas I have contracted with Abel Coode mason for or concerning the Building of a new front to Trewithen I direct and impower my executor to carry the said Contract into execution'.


Residue of goods and chattels to Thos. Hawkins s. of aforesaid Chris. Hawkins, when Thos. is 21 Thos. then to be excr. In meantime goods bequeathed to Warwick Oben who was to be excr. in trust for Thos. Hawkins. If Thos. died residue etc. to nephew Jn. Carlyon when of age Warwick Oben empowered to take a lease in reversion of existing lease from Bp. of Exeter of manor of Cargoll Manors and lands charged with debts, legacies and annuities £100 to Warwick Oben as long as he executed his trust.


Duchy and copy hold lands would go to wife for life then Sister Carlyon. Testator asked them to surrender such lands to use of Thos. Hawkins or Jn. Carlyon. Sister to be deprived of legacies to her and children if she did not surrender estates of manor of Tybesta.


If wife had male child everything to go to him in lieu of Thos. Hawkins


If she had dtr. - copyhold lands to be enjoyed by child.


Lands of manor of Cargoll settled to same uses.


Witd. A. Lyne, Jane Trevethick, Jn. Thompson.


24 August 1738.

Date: nd
Held by: Archives and Cornish Studies Service (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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