Catalogue description Enrolment book containing the names and estates of papists registered under the Act of 1 George I, St. 2, c. 55 (1715), Easter 1717- Michaelmas 1746:

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Title: Enrolment book containing the names and estates of papists registered under the Act of 1 George I, St. 2, c. 55 (1715), Easter 1717- Michaelmas 1746:

Easter 1717, 30 April ; p.1. Dorothy Hunt of Winchester, widow:- ; Leashold house in Winchester in possession of Thomas Widmore. ; Rebecca Edwards of Longham, Co. Southon, widow:- ; a). Freehold house and curtilage in Longham in occupation of Thos. Lockyer. ; b). Freehold cottage and garden in Longham in occupation of Thos. Durdall.


p.2. John Mackrell of Senfield, Coskum (? Corscombe), Dorset:- ; a). "Newmans" tenement in Milton, co. Southton in occupation of White Tarver, yeom. of Milton. ; b). Dwelling house, garden, Court, plot of ground, fishpond and 3 coppices in Milton, in hand. Both part of Arnwood Farm. ; c). Tenement called Dyalls in Milton, in occupation of Jos. Tarver. Part of Milton Farm. ; d). The rents of a freehold tenement in Milton in occupation of Wm. Reekes. ; Martin Biddlecombe of Merrytown, Christchurch Twyneham, yeoman. ; a). Merrytown Farme - freehold possession. ; b). Freehold estate called Mackrell's. ; c). Freehold estate called Sebotts. ; d). The tithes of a freehold tenement in Longham.


p.3. John Lacy of Harmsworth, Old Arlesford:- ; Copyhold House, barn, stable, backside, garden, orchard, and 34 acres occupied by himself. ; Winifred Hammond of Brooke, Bramshaw, widow:- ; Freehold house and I acre pasture in Burton Hill, Christchurch in tenure of Mary Deane, widow.


p.4. Richard Veale of Cheriton:-; 2 tenements and 3 acres of land in Beauworth, one let to Ralph Jackson.


p.5. Thos. Gifford of Chillington, Brewood, Staffs, Esq.:-; The Lordship or Manor of Neatham, with George Inwood, Robert Newman, Anthony Hobbs as tenant at will.


p.6. Francis Cottington of Fonthill Gifford, Wilts, Esq.:-; Messuage, lodge and park called Freemantle Park and appurts. With the Warren, near Kingsclere, in tenure of Robert Heath.


pp.7,8. Henry Cufaude of Cufaude, Nr. Basing, Esq.:-; The Manor of Cufaude with all rents, royalties etc. and appurts. in p. of Basing. ; (Capital messuage, Mathews Farm etc. in Basing and Bramley.)


p.9. Charles Fairfax of York, Esq., Annuity of £120. out of ; a). Manor of Stratfield Mortimer, with the Great Park and the Little Park in Berks and Southton.; Manor of Candover incl. hamlets of Brown Candover, Pamber, Micheldever, Chilton Candover, Northington and Woodmancott.; b). Madden Farm, Dorset.


p.10. Thos. Lovatt of Draycott in the Moors, Staffs, husbandman. ; a). Pitthouse Farm, with house garden, orchard and lands in Christchurch. ; b). One parcel of land in occupation of Hen. Reekes, in Christchurch. ; c). One parcel of meadow in Christchurch in occupation of Mr. Keepering.


p.11. Richard Martin of Goodworth Clatford, yeom:-; Copyhold messuage, garden, farm and lands in Goodworth Clatford.


p.12. Thos. Harris of St. Bartholomew, Hyde nr. Winchester:-; Leashold tenement, cottage and garden plot in Hyde Street, parish of St. Bartholomews. Part in possession of Thos. Harris, part of Sam Hooper.


p.13. Rt. Hon. Robert Lord Dormer of Peterley, Berks, gent:- ; a). Messuage, farm and lands in Milbrook called Bannesters, in possession of John Burgesse. ; b). Messuage called Hooke Heath in Wymering. ; c). Farmhouse and lands in Cosham, Wymering, in possession of Thos. Hunt. ; d). Farm in Cosham in possession of widow Hooker. ; e). 3 cottages in Cosham. ; f). Small piece of land in Wymering.


p.14. Mary Hyde of Hyde End, Brimpton, Berks, widow:- ; a). Inhurst Farm, with appurts in Inhurst, Baughurst and Kingsclere. ; b). Apshanger Farm, Kingsclere, in possession of Francis Hawkins. ; c). Tucker's Hill Farm, Kingsclere in possession of Francis Hyde, son of Mary Hyde. ; d). Messuage called Ashford Hill in Kingsclere in possession of Richard Beare. ; e). Copyhold tenement called Howells in Baughurst in possession of Rebecca Howell.


p.15. John Hyde of Hyde End, Brimpton, Berks, gent:- ; a). 54 acres of coppice land in Inhurst. ; b). Tenement in Baughurst, occupied by John Taplys. ; c). Tenement called Hulcops Piddle in Inhurst, occupied by Peter Cork. ; d). Tenement called Heath House in Inhurst, occupied by John Golding. ; e). Land called Holt Heath in Kingsclere. ; f). Land called Pitt Heath in Kingsclere. ; g). 3 acres of coppice in Kingsclere. ; h). Messuage called Martins, in Tadley.


p.16. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Dormer of Wing, Bucks. Manor of Idsworth with rights, royalties etc. and, appurts. in Chalton, messuage called Wood House in Chalton and lands described.


p.17. Hon. John Dormer Esq., (son of above):-; An annuity of £10 of the manor of Hook Heath in Cosham and Wymering.


p.18. John Ring of Warblington, yeom:- ; Moiety of messuage and appurts. in Langstone, Havant, occupied by Wm. Ring.


p.19. Francis Stanley of Havant, Glover:-; a). Messuage and appurts. at Deane, Chalton. ; b). 2 acres at Deane, occupied by Wm. Palmer.


p.20. Wm. Blunden of Bedhampton, yeoman. ; Copyhold messuage and appurts. in Havant.


p.21. John Blunden of Wymering, yeoman. ; Freehold messuage and appurts in Warblington, occupied by Thos. Aylmer.


p.22. Mary Collins of Catherington, Widow:-; 11 acres in Catherington, occupied by John Collins. (in manor of Fiveheads).


p.23. John Collins of Catherington, yeoman:-; a). Copyhold messuage and appurts at Horndean, Catherington, occupied by Edw. Stallard. (Manor of Chalton). ; b). 3 acres of copyhold land in Horndean.


p.24. John Barnes of Havant, carpenter. ; Copyhold moiety of messuage and appurts in Longstone, Havant, occupied by Richard Eyles.


p.25. Richard Hunt of Aldsworth, Westbourne, Sussex, yeoman:-; Copyhold messuage, malthouse, garden and appurts in Havant, occupied by Wm. Allum.


p.26. Wm. Todd of Warblington, yeoman:-; 4 acres of freehold marshland in Farlington, occupied by John Butler.


p.27. Francis Higgins of Leigh, Havant, yeoman:-; Copyhold messuage, appurts and 28 acres at Leigh, Havant.


p.28. Thomas Atkinson of Rackham, Sussex, carryer: ; a). Messuage and garden in Havant occupied by Thos. Browne. (Leasehold). ; b). Messuage, garden and backside in Bedhampton, occupied by Wm. Miller. (Leasehold).


p.29. James Ayles of Warblington; saltmaker. ; Leasehold house for boiling salt and house for the officer of the Salt Duty and 12 acres of the Salt-works ground, on Hayling Island.


p.30. The Hon. Eliz. Cotton of Warblington, widow:-; a). 3 leasehold premises in Warblington and Bedhampton, occupied by Humphrey Brettat, Wm. Blunden, Henry Allen.


p.31. The Hon. Eliz. Cotton of Warblington, widow:-; b). 6 leasehold premises in Emsworth and Warblington occupied by Wm. Todd, John Palmer, Wm. O'Ben, Jacob Bethell, John Cooper, Jacob Hutchens and Wm. Lane.


p.32. Elizabeth Wingham of Leigh Havant, widow:-; 1 Copyhold messuage at Leigh and 1 freehold messuage and 2 acres at Warblington.


p.33. Catherine Weedon of St. Gyles, Middx. widow:- a). Messuage and appurts. in Bedhampton, occupied by Sam. Jolly. ; b). 50 acres of copyhold land at Lyth, Neatham, Holybourne, occupied by Anthony Hobbs. ; c). Annuity of £6. from land called Medsells in West Burhant.


p.34. Philip Caryll of North, Catherington, gent:-; a) Capital messuage called North House and appurts. and 40 acres. ; b). Farm in occupation of Hen. Buggust. jun. ; c). Parcel of land occupied by Hen. Konnate all in the manor of Hinton Marchant, Catherington.


p.35. John Friend of Ashton, Bishops Waltham, yeom:-; Copyhold messuage and 8 purrocks of land in Ashton, Bishops Waltham. ; John Sims of Pillhill, Bishop's Stoke:- ; Copyhold messuage with appurts. at Pillhill.


p.36. John Rattey of Pillhill, Bishop's Stoke, tailor:- ; Copyhold messuage and appurts. 20 acres and 1 moor in North Stoneham.


p.37. Mary Glaspole of Horton, Bishopstoke, widow:- ; Copyhold messuage and appurts. in Bishopstoke. ; Thos. Tuffton of Fair Oak, Bishopstoke, yeoman:-; Copyhold messuage and appurts at Fair Oak.


p.38. Catherine Glaspole of Twyford, widow:- ; a). Copyhold messuage and 8 acres in Twyford (Manor of Otterbourne) called Draper's. ; b). 6 acres called Frosty Crofts. (manor of Twyford). ; John Lincolns of Otterbourne, yeoman:- ; Freehold messuage and appurts. in the manor of Boyatt, Otterbourne.


p.39. Francis Fisher of Durley, gent:- ; a). 2 copyhold messuages and appurts. in Durley. ; b). The Reversion of a copyhold messuage in manor of Bishop's Stoke after the death of Mary Glaspole. ; Mary Stubbington of Pilehill, Bishop's Stoke. ; a). Freehold messuage at Otterbourne occupied by Jas. Cox. ; b). Copyhold messuage in Bishop's Stoke.


p.40. Wm. Primer of Hursley, labourer:-; 1 Copyhold messuage and 1 acre in Hursley. ; Philip Cox of Otterbourne, labourer:- ; Copyhold messuage, appurts. and 16 luggs in Otterbourne.


p.41. George Streete of Little Somborne, tailor:- ; Messuage and 5 acres in Little Somborne. ; Chas. Aldridge of Winchester, Cordwainer:- ; Copyhold messuage and 2 acres in Hinton Ampner, occupied by Mary Dee, Widow.


p.42. Ann Spencer of Barton Stacy, widow:- ; a). 2 annuities from farm lands at Barton Stacy. ; b). Meadow ground called Boddicoats, and a piece of land called West Moore in Barton Stacy.


p.43. Richard Pepper of Gray's Inn, Middx. gent:- ; Copyhold messuage and appurts, called Southend or Kerby's Farm, at Southend, Soberton. ; Joan Abinett of Hambledon, widow:- ; Freehold messuage with appurts in Hambledon.


p.44. Joseph Silvester of Soberton tailor:- ; Messuage, appurts and 50 acres in Kings Worthy, occupied by Thos. Edwards.


p.45. Thos. Pound of West Boarhunt, gent:- ; Hale Farm, West Boarhunt, and 43 acres, occupied by John Pette. ; Mary Fleet of West Boarhunt, widow:- ; Copyhold messuage, appurts and 18 acres in West Boarhunt.


p.46. Edward Molden of Soberton, House carpenter:-; 3 messuages and appurts. and 60 acres in Soberton, Longparish and Bramdean.


p.47. Mary Glaspole of Soberton, widow:- Copyhold messuage with appurts. in Soberton, partly let to Martin Reekes.


pp.48,49. Richard Bruning of Winchester gent:- ; a). Messuage called Blackfords and Besses and 40 acres in Denmead, Hambledon. ; b). Messuage called May's Well and 20 acres in Hambledon. ; c). 9 acres of land called Smythes in Den Mead. ; Cottage and appurts. in Hambledon occupied by John Forster, yeoman. ; Messuage and land called Vanne in Langrish, Eastmeon occupied by Wm. Hill. ; 2 Copyhold tenements in East Meon. ; The Manor of Den Mead, Hambledon. ; Messuage and appurts. and 20 acres of land called Carpenters in Den Mead.


p.50. John Fineham of Chalverston, Roxton, Bedfordshire, gent:- ; Annuity of £150 out of estate of Hen. Cufand in Basing. ; John Morrice of Fawley, mariner:- ; Copyhold Salthouse in Fawley occupied by Thos. Bounde.


p.51. Richard Ayling, of St. Martin in the Fields, Middx., victualler:- ; Messuage called "The Rose and Crown" in Winchester occupied by Jas. Lincoln.


p.52. Alexander King of Hurn, Christchurch, carpenter:- ; Freehold lands parcel of, Welmore, Sandhills and Hurn Heath, and right of fishery.


p.53. Eliz. Bruning of Sheet, Petersfield, widow:- ; Parcel of coppice called Antelhuck Coppice in the tithing of Denmead, Hambledon. (Copyhold).


p.54. Frances Wingham of Hursley, widow:- Copyhold tenement, brick kiln and 4 acres in Hursley. ; Robert Berry of Gosport, Alverstoke, gent:- ; a). Messuage called the Ship on Wheels, at Forton, Alverstoke. ; b). Messuage at Forton occupied by John Doling. ; c). Messuage at Forton occupied by Eliz. Browne. ; d). Messuage at Forton occupied by Sarah Stafford. ; e). Backyard and water pump, let to Jas. Harris. ; f). Brewhouse, Storehouse and tenement at Forton.


8 October, 1717. ; pp.55, 56. Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, Marshal of England.; a). Manor of Hayling with rights, royalties and appurts.; b). Hayling farm, with the N. and S. Rectories of Hayling let to John Moulas.; c). All rents called the Sheriffs Turn Rents from the said manor.


pp.57, 58. Wm. Tichbourne of Sherfield English, gent:-; a) Capital messuage called Sherfield with appurts. and perpetual advowson of the church of Sherfield English. ; b). Birchwood Close in Sherfield English, let to Wm. Grey.


pp.59, 80. Rt. Hon. Lord Arundell, Baron of Wardour The Manors of Ringwood, South Baddesly, Sharpricks, & Pennington Narvett with appurts. in Ringwood, Harbridge, Boldre, Milford, Christchurch, Brading and Mottestone. (in detail).


18 October, 1717. (corrected). ; p.81. Wm. Short of London, gent:- ; Annual rent of £60 out of Manor of Wallop and Wallop Farm and lands.


8 October, 1717 ; p.82. Amey Blomer (Bloomer) of Ringwood, widow:- ; a). Copyhold tenement and 16 acres at Kingston, Ringwood. ; b). 10 acres of leasehold land and 2 acres of meadow, in Christchurch Twyneham.


p.83. Martin Honnshill of Ringwood, brasier:-; a). Copyhold messuage and c. 24 acres in Ringwood Manor. ; b). 2 Copyhold tenements in Ringwood Manor.


p.84. Mary Lewen of Crow, Ringwood, widow:-; a). Copyhold tenement called Howe and c. 16 acres in the manor of Bisterne and Crow. ; b). Tenement and c. 21 acres in the same manor. ; c). c. 21 acres, part of Meade Dudmore, in Manor of Hurn.


p.85. Mary Cole of Idsworth, widow:- ; Cottage and appurts in Twyford occupied by Wm. Vokes, Wm. Newman, and Wm. Batteridge.


18 October, 1717 ; pp.86, 87. Rt. Hon. Chas. Lord Dormer, Baron of Wing Bucks:- ; a). 2 houses and c. 48 acres in Chalton. and common pasture for 280 sheep. ; b). Messuage in Chalton occupied by Mark Button. ; c). Messuage in Chalton occupied by John Morry. ; d). Messuage and 12 acres leased out by Sir. Edw. Bannister.; e). House and 3 acres occupied by Wm. Palmer.; f). House and orchard occupied by Goody Andrews. ; g). House and 12 acres occupied by George Lane. ; h). 2 cottages on the waste occupied by Widow Leg, Thos. Flud.


pp.88-90. Philip Saltmarsh of York, Esq., ; 21 moieties and fourth parts of lands and rents in Sherfield upon Loddon and Ellisfield ; (Note that copies of all the registers have been sent to the office of the Commissioner of Inquiry in Essex Street.)


14 January, 1717/8 ; p.91. Anthony, Viscount Montague. ; a). Gosden's Heath Farm with appurts. in Ambersham, parish of Steep. ; b). Barn and lands called Bredawes in Bramshott occupied by Richard Rewt, gent.


15 July 1718 ; p.92. Anthony Viscount Montague.; a). The tithe of that part of the impropriate rectory of Fernhurst that is in Hants. Leased to Hy. Boxall. ; b). Part of the great and small tithes of the impropriate rectory of Easebourne in the tithing of Ambersham. ; c). 2 parcels of land in Ambersham being glebe land of the impropriate rectory of Easebourne.


7 April, 1719 ; p.93. Thos. Hawkins of Nash, Boughton under Blean, Kent, Esq., Manor or Lordship of Neatham, with Geo. Inwood, Anthony Hobbs and Rbt. Newman as tenants.


7 April, 1719 ; p.94. Henry Wells of Brambridge, Esq., Copyhold messuage in Twyford and lands.


26 April, 1720 ; pp.95, 96. Letitia Wybarne of Tonbridge, Kent, widow:- ; a). The Manor of Barton Peverell, South Stoneham and Otterbourne. ; b). Capital Messuage called Barton Peverell Farm. ; c). Tenement, millhouse and watermill called Barton Mills. ; d). 3 tenements and appurts, in South Stoneham. ; e). Messuage at Otterbourne Hill occupied by Edw. Houghton. ; f). Messuage and lands in Boyatt, Otterbourne to Wm. Speering. ; g). Messuage and lands in Durley and Upham called Yatton's Farm. ; h). Barn and lands in Otterbourne called Millhouse Farm.


p.97. Wm. Fisher of Durley, gent:-; 50 acres of wooded land called Brenting Coppies with house and appurts. in Bishop's Stoke.


July, 1722 ; p.98. Anne Street of Little Sombourne, widow:-; 2 Freehold tenements in Little Sombourne in occupation of herself and Chas. Card.


16 July, 1723 ; p.99. Francis Hunt of St. Pauls, Covent Garden, Laceman:-; Messuage and appurts in Winchester, under the Guildhall (leasehold).


p.100. Jas. Gardyner, citizen and stationer of the city of London:-; Messuage and mill and 30 acres of land in Cheriton occupied by Mark Hobbs.


14 January 1723/4 ; p.101. Wm. Earley of Rainford, Glos., Sadler:- ; An annuity of £5 from one messuage and 5 acres of land in Milton.


p.102. Thos. Roades of Langstone, Havant, victualler:- ; a) 1 copyhold house and 23 acres in Bedhampton, occupied by Stephen Hart. ; b) 1 copyhold house in Langstone. ; Smart Box of Basingstoke, brewer:- ; 1) Messuage in Basingstoke divided into 3 and occupied by Ricd. Chappell, Thos. Munday, Eliz. Head. ; 2) Messuage in Sherbourn St. John and appurts.


p.103. Thos. Green of Hambledon, Sadler:-; 2 messuages and 3 acres in Hambledon. ; Wm. Millett of Bedhampton, victualler:- ; Dwelling house and appurts. in Bedhampton. ; [Entry relating to Anne Foyle of Chute, Wilts., widow, cancelled. Refers to Manor of Kimpton. Memo by Thos. Imber 29th February 1723/24]


p.104. Hen. Hodson of St. Thomas, Winchester, Esq:- ; Messuage and appurts. in Fleshmonger St. Winchester.


p.105. Edw. Tompkins of New Arlesford, Joiner:- ; Messuage, curtilage and brewhouse in New Arlesford in Sheepcoop Street. ; John Binsted of Waltham, turner:- ; Freehold messuage and 9 acres in Hambledon occupied by Wm. Collins. ; Martha Binsted, wife of George, of Hambledon, mercer:- ; 1. acre of copyhold land in Hambledon.


p.106. John Abbinett of Hambledon, periwiggmaker:- ; Copyhold tenement and appurts. in Hambledon. ; George Binsted of Hambledon, mercer:- ; a). Copyhold messuage and 20 acres at Sheepewash, Southwick. ; b). 6 acres of freehold land in Hambledon occupied by Peter Wigg. ; John Stubington of Medhurst, Sussex, malster:- ; a). Capital messuage with appurts. in Winchester, occupied by Mary Toms, widow:- ; b). Copyhold barn and land in Manor of Bishop's Stoke.


12 January 1724/5 ; Mary Dean of Marislow, Devon, widow:- ; 10 hereditaments in Mattingley, incl. Blewhouse Farme and a Charity Schoole. ; Peter Burnand of Bishop's Waltham, sadler:-; Copyhold messuage in Bishop's Waltham part occupied by Hen. Martin.


12 January 1724/5 ; p.108. Jas. Cooke of St. John's parish, Winchester Tanner:- ; a). Freehold tenement with tan yard in St. John's parish. ; b). Freehold tenement in occupation of Thos. Wild, in tithing of St. Johns. ; c). Small messuage in occupation of Widow Earle.


6 April 1725 ; p.108. Eliz. Millet of St. Michael's, Winchester, widow:-; a). Moiety of capital messuage, 4 little tenements, Well Close, Crabtree Close, & 2 messuages and malthouse in parish of St. John, Winchester. ; b). Moiety of liberty of keeping a fair at St. Gile's Hill, and of hurdle house or warehouse on the site. ; c). Moiety of messuages called The Castle and the Mermaid in the High Street.


4 October, 1726 ; pp.110-120. Henry, Lord Arundell of Wardour. ; Manors of Ringwood, S. Baddesley, Sharpricks, and Pennington Nawert in parishes of Ringwood, Harbridge, Boldre, Milford. (in detail).


pp.110-7. Ringwood.


pp.117-8. S. Baddesley.


pp.119-120. Pennington Nawert.


13 January 1729/30 ; p.120. Wm Sheldon, Esq., and Eliz. and Frances Smith, sps. of Winchester. ; Each entitled to 1/3 part of farm and lands called Wellhouse in Eversley.


3 April, 1733 ; p.121. Edw. D. of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England. ; a). Manor of Hayling with appurts. in parishes of Northwood and Southwood. ; b). Hundred of Redbridge. ; c). Farm called Hayling farm and the North and South Parsonage. ; d). Water Corn Mill and appurts. in Hayling.


7 October, 1746 ; p.122-131. Sir Thomas Webb of Great Canford, Dorset, Bt.; Manor of Avon Tirrell and lands in Sopley and Christchurch. (in detail).


pp.132-142. Henry Lord Arundell of Wardour. ; Manors of Ringwood, S. Baddesley and Sharpricks. Pennington Narvett and Woodhouse in parishes of Harbridge, Boldre, Milford, Andover, Tangley and Faccombe. (in detail).


pp.132-140. Ringwood.


pp.140-1. S. Baddesley.


pp.141-2. Sharpricks.

Date: 1717-1746
Held by: Hampshire Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical description: Large (approximately 14 x 23 inches) vellum covered book, 142 pages

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