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Title: 1584

1. CHESTER (St John Baptist) Grace Turner daughter of Henry Turner c Richard Bavand of St Oswalds in a matrimonial dispute - libel, depositions.


2. CHESTER (St Oswald) Arthur Benit and Elizabeth his wife c Alice Smyther calling him a cuckold knave and his wife a whore - libel.


3. STANDISH Margret Crompton alias Stancliffe alias Cowdall wife of Alexander Crompton c Margaret Atherton alias Stancliffe alias Maghall wife of George Atherton in a matrimonial cause - sentence.


4. STANDISH David Eccles c Gilbert Langtree for non payment of dues - sentence.


5. STANDISH Churchwardens c Gilbert Langtree concerning non payment of 6s.2d towards improvements in the church - responsions.


6. MOTTRAM Reginald Tatlow c Katherine Tatlow for adultery with John Jackson - libel, sentence, costs.


7. WYBUNBURY Thomas Smythe impropriator c Ralph Woonet for tithe - libel.


8. ALDFORD Eleanor Barrow wife of Richard c Thomas and Alice Wright calling Eleanor whore and arrant whore - libel.


9. MIDDLEWICH Margery Mainwaring c Anna Redisshe for calling her whore - sentence.


10. TARPORLEY Robert Commander rector c John Witter for non payment of tithes since 1573 - libel.


11. HANMER Jane Salisbury c Richard Salisbury for divorce - sentence.


12. BOWDEN Margaret Wigge c John Basnet saying he would cut the nose off her face - libel.


13. SWETTENHAM Elizabeth Bollington c Robert Scraggs for adultery - libel.


14. THORNTON Desiderata Bennet of Bidston c Elizabeth Ley and Margaret Lether for defamation - sentence.


15. GREAT BUDWORTH Margaret Clare c Cecily Burley saying she was an arrant whore - libel.


16. GREAT BUDWORTH Elizabeth Venables c William Raydale for defamation - sentence.


17. WEAVERHAM Ellen Shalcrosse c Katherine Dulby for defamation - sentence.


18. WYBUNBURY Matthew Wood c Anthony Iveson clerk citation for the parties to appear at York on appear - decree.


19. MANCHESTER Isabella Bryshawe c John and Katherine Wadoc - sentence, fragment.


20. ORMSKIRK Anne Gerard c Elizabeth Lathwayt saying she was a drunkard, scold and too bad to be kept - libel.


21. ORMSKIRK Margaret Blundell c Elizabeth Laythwayt for calling her a whore - libel.


22. ORMSKIRK George Hesketh rector of Halsall c William and Margaret Wainwright saying he had carnal knowledge of Margaret Shruparte in the house of Thomas Laythwayt - libel.


23. MACCLESFIELD Elizabeth Lathom alias Harding c Roger Harding for an annulment of their marriage she being aminor - libel.


24. CHIPPING John Swinglehurst impropriator c Richard Houghton for tithe hay and barley from improved ground - libel.


25. CHIPPING John Swinglehurst c Richard Marsden for tithe hay and barley from newly enclosed land - libel.


26. CHIPPING John Swinglehurst c Ralph Bland for tithe hay and barley - libel.


27. CHIPPING John Swinglehurst c George Cromheiling for tithe barley and hay from newly enclosed ground - libel.


28. CHIPPING Jon Swinglehurst c Thomas Dilworth for tithe hay and barley - libel.


29. CHIPPING John Swinglehurst c John Walker for tithe hay and barley - libel.


30. HALSALL George Hesketh clark c Richard Wolsall saying Hesketh corrupts all the women in the county - libel.


31. CAPENHURST David Dimcocke c John Cottingham for tithe oats - libel, depositions, costs.


32. CAPENHURST David Dimcocke c Richard Catley for tithes - libel.


33. LAWTON Margery Stoner c Richard Fenton saying she was an arrant whore and strumpet and he had laid with her forty nights - libel.


34. WRENBURY James Twishop c Margaret Wheatley saying Turner was an incontinent person who had got a putative child on Margaret Wheatley in adultery - libel.


35. PRESCOT Hammet Ditchfield c William Robertson for tithes of Ditton - libel.


36. WYBUNBURY Joan Lathom c John and Thomas Collie saying that she has been often suspected of bawdrie and incontinence with sundry persons before and since her marriage - libel.


37. BOWDEN Joan Nawton c Beatrice Goodier widow and Roger Goodier saying she was a priests whore - libel.


38. HALSALL Decree concerning the guardians of William and Alexander Smyth by Marie Rowe alias Smyth.


39. BIDSTON Alice Bammet c Elizabeth Ley and Margaret Leather for defamation - sentence.


40. WYBUNBURY Matthew Wood vicar c Charles Fletcher for tithe lambs - libel.


41. AUGHTON George Hesketh c Giles Rossington saying he was taken with a whore whom he occupied and she occupied him - libel.


42. AUGHTON William Malbon c Jane Eccleston in a matrimonial dispute - fragment.


43. AUGHTON Margaret Hodgson c John Hodgson in a divorce cause interogations - costs.


44. CHESTER (St Mary) Richard Brewer c Anthony Bennet for tithes - libel.


45. CHESTER (St Mary) George Barker for tithes - bill of costs.


46. TARPORLEY Margaret Marsh c Thomas Huxleys for maintenance of a bastard child - depositions.


47. Elizabeth Bollington c Robert Scargges in a disputed matrimonial contract.


48. Jane Wildewod c Alice Orton for deffamation - libel.


49. Unidentifiable fragments of bills of costs.

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Language: English

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