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Records of the Staveley Coal and Iron Company Ltd. [1863-1878]; its predecessor companies and its subsidiaries. The records of the Staveley Coal and Iron Company Ltd. contain: Corporate, management, and legal records 1863-1955; accounts and financial records 1841-1966; production records c. 1857-1961; and miscellaneous records c. 1900-1982.


The records of its predecessor companies are as follows:


Stanton Ironworks Ltd.: Corporate and management records 1962-1984; financial records 1947-1975; and miscellaneous records 1906-1981.


Stanton and Staveley Ltd.: Corporate and management records 1962-1984; financial records 1947-1975; and miscellaneous records 1906-1981


Staveley Iron and Chemical Company: Corporate and management records 1948-1970; financial records 1954-1957; and miscellaneous records 1948-1959.


Its subsidiary companies and related organisations are as follows:


Stanton & Staveley (Exports) Ltd 1975-1981; Stanton Iron & Chemical Co. (Canada) Ltd. 1959; Stanton and Staveley Group - Victaulic works (Hitchin) 1970-1973; Stanton Housing Co. Ltd. 1923-1970; Staveley Chemicals Ltd. 1900- 1986; Staveley Continental Ltd. 1967-1969; Stanton Pipes (Canada) Ltd. 1955- 1968; Staveley Estates Ltd. 1948-1969; The Holwell Iron Co. Ltd. 1876-1961; Sheepbridge Co. Ltd. 1863-1970; Sheepbridge Engineering Ltd 1949-1960; Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. 1918-1970; Stewarts and Lloyds of India Ltd. 1962-1969; Cochrane's (Middlesborough) Foundry Ltd. 1930-1971; James Pain Ltd. 1891-1959; Bowne and Shaw 1921-1948; Wellingborough Iron Co. Ltd. 1884-1955; National Benzole Association 1924-1968; National Benzole Holdings Ltd. 1952-1957; Brodsworth [Yorkshire] Main Colliery Co. Ltd. 1931-1937; Benzole Producers Ltd. 1953-1968;Newstead Colliery Company 1875-1952; The Yorkshire Main Colliery (1923) Ltd. 1923-1936; Yorkshire Amalgamated Collieries Ltd. 1927-1952; British Steel Corporation General Steels Division Teeside and Workington Group, Workington [Cumbria] Works 1969-1972; Markham Main Colliery 1919-1934; Markham & Co. Ltd. 1925-1936; Doncaster Collieries Association Ltd. 1936-1937; Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries Ltd 1962-1970; Firbeck Main Collieries Ltd. c. 1913-1934; Midland Counties Electric Supply Co. Ltd. 1921-1924; Staveley Waterworks Company 1874-1885; Industrial Housing Association Ltd. 1923; Dunston Iron Co. Ltd. 1948; Dunston and Burlow Collieries 1856-1865; the St. Lawrence Timber Pulp and Steamship Co. Ltd. 1935-1942; Eastwell [Leicestershire] Iron Ore Co. 1918-1928; Bradleys (Darlaston [Staffordshire]) Ltd. 1924-1951; Oakwell [Yorkshire] Red and Blue Brick Co. Ltd. 1913-1930; Nutbrook Canal Company 1793-1996; Victualic Co. Ltd. 1983; Eurovalue Ltd. 1907-1974; John Summers & Sons Ltd. 1898-1954; Kettering [Northamptonshire] Iron and Coal Co. Ltd. 1950-1959; Stonedale Investments Ltd. 1937; Phthalic Anhydride Chemicals Ltd. 1967-1969; Central/Foundry Pig-iron Producers Association 1929-1957; British Cast Iron Pipe Export Association 1956-1973; British Soda Association 1923-1953; National Coal Board 1947-1965; National Benzole Co. Ltd. 1924-1929; Boston Coal Co. Ltd. 1932-1933; and SSW Coal Sales Association 1936-1945.

Date: 1841-late 20th cent

D3808/1 Staveley Coal and Iron Co Ltd


D3808/1/1-12 Corporate, management and legal


D3808/1/13-47 Accounts and financial


D3808/1/48-58 Employees' financial


D3808/1/59-75 Superannuation funds


D3808/1/76-92 Production records and other accounts


D3808/1/93-95 Miscellaneous


D3808/2 Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd


D3808/2/1-55 Corporate, management and shares


D3808/2/56-68 Legal


D3808/2/69-90 Accounts and financial


D3808/2/91-95 Employment


D3808/2/96-99 Male Staff Superannuation Fund


D3808/2/100-102 Female Staff Superannuation Fund


D3808/2/103-104 Property


D3808/2/105-113 Miscellaneous


D3808/3 Stanton and Staveley Ltd


D3808/3/1-5 Corporate and management


D3808/3/6-10 Accounts and financial


D3808/3/11-14 Production


D3808/3/15-20 Miscellaneous


D3808/4 Staveley Iron and Chemical Co


D3808/4/1-14 Corporate and management


D3808/4/15-23 Accounts and financial


D3808/4/24-27 Miscellaneous


D3808/5 Stanton and Staveley (Exports) Ltd (formerly British Steel Leasing Ltd)


D3808/6 Stanton Iron and Chemical Co (Canada) Ltd


D3808/7 Stanton and Staveley Group - Victaulic Works (Hitchin)


D3808/8 Stanton Housing Co Ltd


D3808/9 Staveley Chemicals Ltd (formerly Stanton and Staveley Sales Ltd)


D3808/10 Staveley Continental Ltd


Stanton Pipes (Canada) Ltd


D3808/11 Staveley Estates Ltd


D3808/12 The Holwell Iron Co Ltd


D3808/13-19 Sheepbridge Co Ltd


D3808/13/1-34 Corporate, management and shares


D3808/14 Legal


D3808/15/1-8 Accounts and financial


D3808/16 Employment


D3808/17 Production and sales


D3808/18-19 Miscellaneous


D3808/20 Sheepbridge Engineering Ltd


D3808/21 Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd


D3808/22 Stewarts and Lloyds Plastics


D3808/23 Stewarts and Lloyds of India Ltd


D3808/24 Cochrane's (Middlesbro') Foundry Ltd


D3808/24/1-4 Corporate and management


D3808/24/5 Legal


D3808/24/6-13 Accounts and financial


D3808/24/14-17 Miscellaneous


D3808/25 James Pain Ltd


D3808/26 Bowne and Shaw


D3808/27 Wellingboro' Iron Co Ltd


D3808/27/1-6 Corporate and management


D3808/27/7 Legal


D3808/27/8-10 Accounts and financial


D3808/27/11-12 Miscellaneous


D3808/28 National Benzole Association (Nba Ltd)


D3808/28/1-14 Corporate and management


D3808/28/15-17 Accounts and financial


D3808/28/18 Miscellaneous


D3808/29 National Benzole Holdings Ltd


D3808/30 Brodsworth Main Colliery Ltd


D3808/31 Benzole Producers Ltd


D3808/32 Newstead Colliery Co


D3808/33 The Yorkshire Main Colliery (1923) Ltd


D3808/34 Yorkshire Amalgamated Collieries Ltd


D3808/35 British Steel - Teeside and Workington Group


D3808/36 Markham Main Colliery


D3808/37 Markham and Co Ltd


D3808/38 Doncaster Collieries Association Ltd


D3808/39 Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries Ltd


D3808/40 Firbeck Main Collieries Ltd


D3808/41 Midland Counties Electric Supply Co Ltd


D3808/42 Staveley Waterworks Co


D3808/43 Industrial Housing Association Ltd


D3808/44 Dunston Iron Co Ltd


D3808/45 Dunston and Barlow Collieries


D3808/46 The St Lawrence Timber Pulp & Steamship Co Ltd


D3808/47 Eastwell Iron Ore Co


D3808/48 Bradleys (Darlaston) Ltd


D3808/49 Oakwell Red and Blue Brick Co Ltd


D3808/50 Nutbrook Canal Company


D3808/50/1-8 Minutes and related documents


D3808/50/9-13 No.1 Company


D3808/50/14-19 No.2 Company


D3808/50/20-25 Nutbrook Canal Navigation


D3808/51 Victualic Co Ltd (formerly The New Victualic Co plc)


D3808/52 Eurovalve Ltd (formerly Whitehead Iron and Steel Co)


D3808/53 John Summers & Sons Ltd


D3808/54 Kettering Iron and Coal Co Ltd


D3808/55 Stonedale Investments Ltd


D3808/56 Phthalic Anhydride Chemicals Ltd


D3808/57 Central/Foundry Pig-iron Producers Association


D3808/58 British Cast Iron Pipe Export Association


D3808/59 British Iron and Steel Federation


D3808/60 British Soda Association


D3808/61 National Coal Board


D3808/62 National Benzole Co Ltd


D3808/63 Boston Coal Co Ltd


D3808/64 SSW Coal Sales Association

Held by: Derbyshire Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Staveley Coal and Iron Company, 1863-1878, Derbyshire

Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd, 1878-1962, Derbyshire

Stanton and Staveley Ltd, 1962-1967, Derbyshire

Physical description: 60 Sub-Fonds
Immediate source of acquisition:

These records were deposited in Derbyshire Record Office in various consignments, beginning in 1993.

Publication note:

For a history of the firm see Stanton and Staveley - a business history, SD Chapman (Wood-Faulkner Ltd 1981).

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Administrative / biographical background:

A forge and furnace is known to have existed at Staveley in 1652 when George Sitwell of Renishaw Hall leased it from Lord Frechville of the Manor of Staveley. In 1681 the first Duke of Devonshire became the owner after purchasing the Manor from Frechville. A new coke fired furnace was built in the 1780s by W Matler who leased the site later known as the 'Old Works'. Richard Barrow purchased the furnace and forge in 1840. He also took a lease on the site later known as the 'New Works' and built two new furnaces.


Barrow formed the Staveley Coal and Iron Company in Dec 1863. In 1878 it was incorporated as Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd. In 1939 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. During the ownership by Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd, the company became known as Stanton and Staveley Ltd (1962). It was comprised of six companies, namely :-


Cochranes (Middlesbro') Foundry Ltd


The Stanton Housing Company Ltd


Stanton and Staveley Sales Ltd


The Staveley Iron and Chemical Co Ltd


The Sheepbridge Co Ltd


Staveley Estates Ltd


In 1967 Stewarts and Lloyds and all its subsidiaries (including Stanton and Staveley Ltd) was nationalised and became part of the British Steel Corporation but it passed back into the private sector in 1985 when it was acquired by Pont-á-Mousson SA. The new name was Stanton plc.


The Managing Directors of Stanton have included:-


1877-1892 George Crompton MD


1892-1917 J A Longden


1917-1942 E J Fox


1942-1957 Sir Frederick Scopes


1957- N C Macdiarmid


The main area of business of the company concerned the production of spun cast iron and concrete pipes, iron castings, pig iron and chemical products. Raw materials were supplied as follows - coal from Shipley Colliery along the Nutbrook Canal and limestone from the Cromford Canal. Pig iron was sent out via the Erewash Canal.


In 1856 there were 3 blast furnaces in operation producing 18-20 tonnes a day, together with a small general foundry and ironstone field at Stanton and Babbington (Nottinghamshire). By 1878 there were 8 blast furnaces, a general foundry, 3 collieries (Tevesal, Pleasley and Dale [Bilsthorpe came in 1925]) and ironstone properties in Desborough, Wellingborough and Finedon (Northamptonshire).


In the early 1900s it adopted a revolutionary pipe spinning process for iron pipe manufacture for which it acquired a European Licence in 1919. By the 1960s, the use of industrial steel scrap had largely replaced the need to smelt iron ore. By 1970 pipe production was converted to ductile iron (spheroidal graphite). The last blast furnace was closed in 1974. In the later 20th century Stanton was one of Britain's largest manufacturers in its field and was internationally acknowledged as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of pipes and pipeline systems, building, drainage and highway products.


The interests of the company and its owners, Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd, included at various stages the following; (the list below is not exhaustive)




Amalgamated Denaby Collieries Ltd


Boston Coal Co Ltd


Brodsworth Main Colliery Co


Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries Ltd


Dinnington Coking Co


Dinnington Main Coal Co


Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries Ltd


Doncaster Collieries Association Ltd


Firbeck Main Collieries Ltd


Hollingwood Colliery


Maltby Main Colliery Co


Markham Main Colliery Ltd


Midland Colliery Owners Association


Newstead Colliery Co Ltd


Rossington Main Colliery Co


SSW Coal Sales Association


Yorkshire Amalgamated Collieries Ltd


Yorkshire Main Colliery (1923) Ltd


NB. In 1947 the National Coal Board took over Stanton's collieries.


Ironstone and Iron Ore Companies


Burton Ironstone Co


Byfield Ironstone Co


Cranfield Ironstone Co


Dunston Iron Ore Co


Eastwell Iron Ore Co


Loddington Ironstone Co


Midland Ironstone Co


Pitsford Ironstone Co


Associated and other companies


Thomas and Isaac Bradley Ltd


Bradley's (Darlaston) Ltd


British Soda Co


Industrial Housing Association Ltd


Markham and Co Ltd


Midland Counties Electric Supply Co Ltd


National Benzole Co


Phthalic Anhydride Chemicals Ltd


Stewarts and Lloyds Plastics Ltd


St Lawrence Timber Pulp and Steamship Co


Staveley and District Public House Trust


Staveley Estates Ltd


Staveley Continental Ltd


Staveley Waterworks Co


Wellingboro' Iron Co Ltd


Victualic Co Ltd

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