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Reference: DCH/E/334

BARGAIN & SALE by the Rt. Hon. Thomas Earl Rivers and Dame Elizabeth Countess Rivers, to Sir Edward Turner of Little Perendon (Co. Essex) Kt., John Moore of Kerslington (Co. Notts.), esq., and Robert Pickering of Thelwall, esq. --- the Manor of ROCKSAVAGE alias CLIFTON, the Castle, Manor and Lordship of FRODSHAM, the Borough of FRADSHAM, the Manors and Lordships of HELSBY, BARROW, TARVIN and KINGSLEY, 1/3 of the Manor of RUNCKHORNE, 3 water corn mills and 1 windmill in FRADSHAM, with all other manors, messuages, lands etc: in ROCKSAVAGE, CLIFTON, FRADSHAM, NETHERTON, OVERTON , WOODHOUSES, BRADLEY, OVER RUNCKHORNE, NETHER RUNCKHORNE, HALTON, HALTON PARKE, HELSBY, GREAT BARROW, LITTLE BARROW, BROOMEHILL, TARVIN, MACCLESFEILD, MACCLESFEILD PARKE, KINGSLEY, NORLEY, NEWTON, ONSON and CUDDINGTON (Co. Chester), the capital messuage or manor house of CHICH ST. OSITH (Co. Essex), the Manors of CHICH ST. OSITH, GREATE CLACKTON, LITTLE CLACKTON, KIRBY, THORPE and WALTON, 2 water corn mills in CHICH ST. OSITH, with the manors, messuages etc: of the said Earl in CHICH ST. OSITH, GREAT CLACKTON, LITTLE CLACKTON, KERBY, THORPE and WALTON (Co. Essex), the Manors of BRIGNELL, SUTTON, HOWGREAVE and CAWDWELL, with the manors, messuages, lands etc: of the said Earl in BRIGNALL, (A)CINGTON, CAWDWELL, WINSTON, HEIGHLEY, HEGINGTON, WILLIAMSFEILD, BRAKES, BRAKIN in the Woulds, SUTTON, HOWGREAVE, DISHFORTH, DONCASTER, NORTON IN LUTO, SKEEBY and OVER WHITEWELL (Co. Yorks.), the Manors or Lordships of HAMBLTON and BIGGIN alias BERRY FARME (Co. Bucks.); and messuages, lands etc: in the parishes and towns of HAMBLEDEN, GRANDBOUROUGH, alias GRANDBOROWE and WYNSTON (Co. Bucks.); in trust for 5 years, to dispose of the rents and profits for the satisfaction of interest moneys, annuities and debts as per the annexed schedule, and concerning the premises in the county of Chester, to suffer the said Earl to receive the profits for the maintenance of himself and Thomas Lord Viscount Colchester and Richard Savage, his sons, and the premises in the County of Bucks., for the maintenance of the Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Countess Eivers and Lady Elizabeth, Lady Annabella and Lady Katherine Savage, her daughters, and after satisfaction of the said debts, to convey the said premises to the said Earl, to such uses as he shall require.


Seals: 2; 1, papered; 2, missing from tag.

Date: 1664/5, 20. Mar
Held by: Cheshire Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical condition: Note: affected by damp and the ink flaking. Parchment.

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