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This collection consists principally of the papers of George Osborn senior (d. 1827) and his son George Osborn junior (d. 1869) but does also include other family members' papers, such as those of Francis Osborn (d. 1823). The collection has been arranged chronologically by family member with sub-divisions (where necessary) by function (e.g. official).


The correspondence within this collection mostly relates to business and financial matters as well as some family correspondence, notably with the Jeyes family regarding their financial and personal problems in the 1840s. Unfortunately, there is little correspondence regarding the Osborn family's involvement in local politics. The other family centred documents within the collection are a few wills including those of George Osborn, 1774 (O(N) 1); Francis Osborn, 1823 (O(N) 7); George Osborn senior, 1823 (O(N) 48); and a schedule of the will of George Osborn junior, c1869 (O(N) 484).


The papers of George Osborn senior principally reflect his personal finances and his civic responsibilities. There are a number of receipts, bills and a few personal accounts including an account book for 1813 to 1827 (O(N) 29) detailing his investments, holdings and expenditure. George Osborn senior served as an alderman of the Corporation of Northampton for a number of years where he held the offices of Bailiff (1794 & 1795), Chamberlain (1798) and Mayor (1799). However, it is in his capacity as Treasurer where records mainly exist including receipts and bills for repairs to a number of Corporation properties in the 1820s and an account book of 1823-1825 (O(N) 70/4). There is also an account book of the Committee for the Relief of the Poor, 1800-1803 (O(N) 64) and a few receipts of grants made by the Clifford's Charity, 1797-1833(O(N) 63). The papers of his executorship are contained within his son's papers (O(N) 394-407) and include inventories of his goods and effects in 1827 (O(N) 399-401) and two account books of his estate, 1826-1831 (O(N) 395 & 407).


Like his father George Osborn junior was a grocer and a luminary within the Corporation of Northampton. His papers are similar to those of his father with the exception that they include a few business records. There are a number of personal and business bills and receipts as well as a few account books. Notable amongst these are an account book with his father for their grocer partnership, 1813-1825 (O(N) 97) and an account book for the partnership of Osborn and Stockburn, 1825-1838 (O(N) 118). George Osborn junior also held office within the Corporation of Northampton as Bailiff (1821), Mayor (1822), and Treasurer in the late 1820s as well as being active in other public affairs. As a result of these public commitments there survives an account book for the Treasurer of Northampton Corporation, 1827 (O(N) 319); a volume of Towcester Road accounts, 1825-1830 (O(N) 321); a book of receipts of grants made by the Clifford's Charity, 1834-1859 (O(N) 324); and some documents, including account books, for the Allen's Charity, 1842-1849 (O(N) 327-329).


Other family members' papers within this collection are lesser in size and significance. Amongst the papers (O(N) 3-19) of Francis Osborn (brother of George Osborn senior), inn keeper, who was Bailiff (1796), Chamberlain (1797) and Mayor (1798) of Northampton are a few papers relating to the Corporation's finances including an account book, 1816-1818 (O(N) 8), for part of his tenure as Treasurer. Additionally there are a few papers relating to his executorship (O(N) 334-341). The papers of Frances Osborn (O(N) 492-508), daughter of George Osborn senior, mainly relate to her income after her brother George's death with the odd document regarding her role as a trustee of the Clifford's Charity.


Finally, there are a few papers produced by members of the family acting as executors. These include papers regarding the estate of Philip Constable (former Mayor of Northampton), 1820s-1850s (O(N) 342-393); the estate of Francis Gillings, victualler, 1780s-1800s (O(N) 74-86) and the estate of his wife Mary, 1820s-1860s (O(N) 412-280).




I. George Osborn


O(N) 1


II. Thomas Osborn


O(N) 2


III. Papers of Francis Osborn


(a) Personal and business O(N) 3 - 7


(b) Official O(N) 8 - 19


IV. Papers of George Osborn, senior


(a) Personal and business O(N) 20 - 52


(b) Official O(N) 53 - 73


(c) Executorship of F. Gillings O(N) 74 - 86


(d) Miscellaneous O(N) 87 - 93


V. Papers of George Osborn, junior


(a) Personal and business O(N) 94 - 316


(b) Official O(N) 317 - 333


(c) Executorship of Francis Osborn O(N) 334 - 341


(d) Executorship of P. Constable O(N) 342 - 393


(e) Executorship of G. Osborn, senior O(N) 394 - 407


(f) Executorship of John Veasey O(N) 408 - 411


(g) Executorship of Mary Gillins O(N) 412 - 480


VI. Executorship of George Osborn, junior O(N) 481 - 489


VII. Papers of Thomas Osborn O(N) 490 - 491


VIII. Papers of Frances Osborn O(N) 492 - 508


IX. Miscellaneous O(N) 509 - 521.

Date: 1774-1897
Held by: Northamptonshire Archives Service, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Osborn family of Northampton

Physical description: This collection comprises of 8 boxes of material (c3 cubic feet)
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Accession: 1967/40

  • Northampton Borough
  • Northampton Corporation
  • Constable, Philip, d 1824, Mayor of Northampton
  • Northampton, Northamptonshire
  • Municipal government
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