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Reference: Add Mss 29726 - 31560
Title: Additional Manuscripts, catalogue 32

This is the thirty second volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss) to have been catalogued in the West Sussex Record Office, and it has been compiled, in general, along the lines indicated in the first volume in November 1956


The class of Additional Manuscripts embraces all the smaller gifts and deposits of documents received by the Record Office, as distinct from the large family and estate collections, such as the Goodwood Mss., or accumulations from solicitors' offices, such as the Oglethorpe and Anderson Mss., each of which is referred to and quoted by name. The majority of such documents have been deeds of title, though increasingly a health balance of a vast range of other original material has been catalogued in these volumes. However, the pressure of the weight of material to be catalogued has meant that since volume twenty nine, the catalogues of title deeds, instead of being the detailed calendars that had been the practice until then, have appeared in summary lists, with the emphasis being placed on the property concerned, rather than on the parties involved, and the technicalities of the type of legal conveyance being used


This catalogue lists a number of small deposits, mostly concerning deeds of title, including many manorial records once in the custody of the Sussex Archaeological Society, or records of local businesses. But it also includes records of the Royal Sussex Masonic Lodge, Worthing (Add Mss 26869) and the Selsey Masonic Lodge (Add Mss 30313-30320); Scorebooks of the Sussex Martlets (Add Mss 31135-31138) and Henfield Cricket Club (Add Mss 31507-31548); records of Chichester Civic Society (Add Mss 31364-31440); the Solent Sunbeams (Add Mss 29894-29900); and of Southdowns CND (Add Mss 30075-30085). The documents range in date from a title deed of Rullings in Woodmancote of 1345 (Add Mss 30974), to a Bognor Labour Party Election Address of 1983 (Add Mss 30084)


No index has been provided for this volume, as all the relevant details of this and all previous volumes have been included in the card indexes of persons, places, manors and subjects, which are to be found in the Search Room of the West Sussex Record Office


Searchers are again asked to exercise care in quoting references, and to use the form Add Mss followed by the relevant number or numbers. In printed works the reference should be preceded by West Sussex Record Office (or W.S.R.O. in subsequent references). Those wishing to photocopy items catalogued in these pages should seek permission from the Archivist in the Search Room, and those wishing to quote from documents in published work, should seek permission in writing from the County Archivist




County Archivist


December 1984




Add Mss 29726-29785 Letters and Papers of the Spencer Family of Arundel, then of Shalford near Guildford, Surrey, 1639-1924


Add Mss 29786-29829 Family Papers of the Hon. and Rev. Edward John Tumour of Chichester, and Title Deeds of property in Letcombe Regis, Berks., Hoddesdon, Herts., and Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1653-1830


Add Mss 29830-29838 Miscellaneous Papers relating to the Mason family, 1836-1874


Add Mss 29839 Album of illustrated limericks drawn and compiled by William Henry Mason, c. 1853


Add Mss 29840-29846 Accounts of a Smallholding on the Land Settlement Estate at Sidlesham, 1977-1979


Add Mss 29847 Copy of a Map of land at Ardingly, West Hoathly, Worth and Balcombe, 1727


Add Mss 29848-29864 Papers of Frank Standing of East Preston, 1915-1918


Add Mss 29865 Map of West Stoke House, c. 1878


Add Mss 29866-29868 Miscellaneous printed items, 1720-1957


Add Mss 29869 Minute Book of the Royal Sussex Masonic Lodge, Worthing, 1820-1832


Add Mss 29870-29893 Miscellaneous documents concerning Horsham, Warnham and Nuthurst, 1555-1818


Add Mss 29894-29900 Records of the Solent Sunbeams (the Solent Division of the Sunbeam Class of racing yacht), 1978-1981


Add Mss 29901-29902 Court Rolls, 1815-1836, and Accounts, 1895-1904, of the Manor of Tarring with Marlpost


Add Mss 29903-29923 Deeds of land in St. Thomas's Road, West Tarring, 1677-1914


Add Mss 29924-29925 Photocopies of Court Rolls of the Manor of Bassets Fee in Billingshurst, 1433 and 1468


Add Mss 29926-29928 Letters to P.W. Walder from the 7th and 8th Dukes of Richmond, 1926


Add Mss 29929-30074 Title Deeds, Business Records, and Letter Books of the Tudor family, 1744-1960


Add Mss 30075-30085 Southdowns Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament membership lists, 1981-1983; and Labour Party Leaflets, 1982-1983


Add Mss 30086 Survey of the Manor of Bosham, 1617-1618


Add Mss 30087 Court Book of the Manor of Saddlescombe, 1584-1936


Add Mss 30088-30090 Court Books of the Manor of Woodmancote in Westbourne, 1466-1934


Add Mss 30091 Precedent Book of Marmaduke John Daintry of Petworth, solicitor, c. 1768-1787


Add Mss 30092 Bramber Poll Book, 1721-1768


Add Mss 30093 Rules of a Friendly Society meeting at the Half Moon Inn, Kirdford, 1803


Add Mss 30094 Views of Frankpledge of the Manor of Bassetts Fee in Billingshurst, 1521-1525


Add Mss 30095 Court Rolls, 1642 and 1793, and Rental, 1642, of the Manor of Hollands in Warnham


Add Mss 30096-30115 Browne family papers, 1793-1957


Add Mss 30116-30250 Records of Hoadleys Limited of Burgess Hill, Seaford and Ditchling, 1899-1979


Add Mss 30251-30253 Records of H.W. Selby, chemist, Haywards Heath, 1902-1904


Add Mss 30254 Account Book of James Suter of Walberton, 1851-1855


Add Mss 30255 Map of Binstead, 1715


Add Mss 30256-30,259 Map, Valuation and Agreement relating to properties in Funtington, 1840-1891


Add Mss 30260-30264 Court Rolls of the Manors of Cocking, Easebourne, Lodsworth, Lynchmere and Verdley, 1645


Add Mss 30265-30266 Abstracts of Title to property in Caledonian Road, Chichester, 1888 and 1920


Add Mss 30267-30271 Declaration of Trust, and other papers concerning the will of Joseph Jemmett, 1840


Add Mss 30272-30280 Deeds of property in Pau, France, and probate of Rt. Hon. Phyllis, Dowager Lady Somerleyton, 1883-1949


Add Mss 30281 Manuscript of a book on Rowlands Castle (Hampshire), written c. 1860-1863


Add Mss 30282-30287 Miscellaneous Architectural Drawings of property in Sussex, 1909-1927


Add Mss 30288-30302 Additional records of the Tudor family, 1689-1919


Add Mss 30303-30309 Papers relating to the Second World War, 1939-1945


Add Mss 30310-30312 Miscellaneous documents, 1728-1811


Add Mss 30313-30320 Minute Books of Selsey Masonic Lodge, No. 3571, 1912-1978


Add Mss 30321-30323 Title Deeds of property in Horsham, 1778-1805


Add Mss 30324 Photocopy of the Will of Edward Shelley of Field Place, Warnham, 1746


Add Mss 30325-30326 Deeds of property in Sompting and Heene, 1599-1760


Add Mss 30327 Account Book of the Rev. William Webber, Prebendary of Selsey, 1758-1788


Add Mss 30328 Court Roll of the Manor of Heene, 1589, 1591


Add Mss 30329 Title Deed of property in Steyning, 1772


Add Mss 30330 Letters to Claude E.S. Bishop from Alfred Rusbridge, 1911-1918


Add Mss 30331 Book of Reference to accompany the Bognor, Chichester and Midhurst Railway Plans, 1860-1861


Add Mss 30332 1801 Census for Sussex: Parochial Totals


Add Mss 30333 Account Book of the Henfield to Brighton Turnpike, 1788-1792


Add Mss 30334-30335 Photocopies of miscellaneous documents, 1717 and n.d


Add Mss 30336-30343 Title Deeds and other papers of the West family of Westbourne, 1817-1837


Add Mss 30344 Certificate of the Subscription of Robert Sayer to the 39 Articles, 1770


Add Mss 30345-30346 Miscellaneous Bramber documents, 1635-1699


Add Mss 30347-30442 Deeds of land at New Shoreham, the estate of the Buckwell family, situated on each side of the A259, with numerous plans, 1767-1910


Add Mss 30443-30458 Title Deeds of property in Cavendish Street, Chichester, 1835-1877


Add Mss 30459-30471 Title Deeds of 12 Wood Street, Bognor Regis, 1864-1939


Add Mss 30472-30475 Plans of Watergate House, Up Marden, 1882 and n.d


Add Mss 30476-30499 Title Deeds and related papers concerning Staker's Farm at Yapton and Barnham, 1823-1899


Add Mss 30500-30549 Records of C.F.G. Timber Co. Ltd. of Haywards Heath,. 1963-1982


Add Mss 30550-30844 Records of the Grainger family of London and Cuckfield and the Thomlinson family of London and Norfolk, 1443-1797


Add Mss 30845-31134 Title Deeds of the Estate of the Dennett family of Woodmancote, acquired between 1671 and 1760, 1345-1829


Add Mss 31135-31138 Sussex Martlets Cricket Club Scorebooks, 1926-1953


Add Mss 31139-31141 Title Deeds of Walnut Tree Cottage, Station Road, East Preston, 1714-1842


Add Mss 31142 Perambulation of the Manor of Didling and Dumford, 1724


Add Mss 31143 Pedigree of the Halsted family of Chichester, 1946


Add Mss 31144-31145 Commonplace Book, 1733-1825, and manuscript autobiography, c. 1680


Add Mss 31146-31147 School Exercise Books from the New Shoreham Protestant Grammar School, 19th century


Add Mss 31148-31244 Records of the Trustees of Shoreham Bridge, and various documents, 1780-1873


Add Mss 31245-31260 Title Deeds of Rosemary Cottage, Harting, 1791-1894


Add Mss 31261-31309 Title Deeds of properties in Kingston, Shoreham and Southwick, 1852-1932


Add Mss 31310-31311 Title Deed of property in Balcombe, 1848, with miscellaneous receipts, 1848-1853


Add Mss 31312-31319 Title Deeds of property in Sullington, 1775-1829


Add Mss 31320-31342 Miscellaneous Title Deeds, 1526-1740


Add Mss 31343 Abstract of Title to property in Twineham, 1875


Add Mss 31344-31360 Miscellaneous Probates and Title Deeds, 1744-1818


Add Mss 31361-31363 Maps of Shiprods Farm and Chestham Park in Henfield, 1738-1875


Add Mss 31364-31440 Records of Chichester Civic Society, 1945-1980


Add Mss 31441-31442 Wills of Richard and John Hill of South Harting, 1766 and 1860


Add Mss 31443-31468 Miscellaneous Title Deeds, 1659-1874


Add Mss 31469-31506 Additional records of the Tudor family, 1798-1961


Add Mss 31507-31548 Henfield Cricket Club Score Books, 1864-1971


Add Mss 31549-31551 Papers relating to the Montague Peerage Claim, 1851-1878


Add Mss 31552-31557 Court Rolls and Court Book of the Manor of Woodmancote in Woodmancote, 1697-1936


Add Mss 31558 Inventories of the Goods and Chattels of the 1st Earl of Tankerville, and Executor's Accounts, 1722-1725


Add Mss 31559-31560 Title Deeds of property called Pryers College Hold in Upper Beeding, 1769, 1839

Date: 1345-1983
Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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