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This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

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Reference: AR/4/1308

(21 Hen VII)


Lease of wood, for term of three years and eight months


Sir John Arundell, knight = (1)


John Wuluedon and John Rous of Tregengevys = (2)-(3)


(1) to (2)-(3), 12 acres of wood in the park of Nansladdron, on the south side of the wood within the park, 'that ys to say from a grete bank beyng yn the est partye of a grete oke withyn the said wode called Arundellys Oke on the west partie, and from thens alonge by the way that comyth from the place of Nansladdron unto the yate goyng owte to Pentowyn grounde, that is to say contynually from the south partye of the said wode towardes the said way, in brodnes 20 lande yerdes, and so to contynewe unto the Goolet beyng on the est partye as the mesure of the said 12 acres may be fully performed'. Consideration £12 for each acre, that is £70 now and the remainder next Easter; if there are more than 12 acres, (2)-(3) shall have it and pay according to that rate. With free access with beasts, carts, etc., while cutting, coaling, burning and carrying the wood; with licence from the present day until Michaelmas 1509 to cut, leave to lie, make coal, dig pits, cut turves and carry water, plus free pasture for their beasts in the park, in every place except for the ground of those 12 acres. (1) shall pay tithes to the parson of St Ewa for the 12 acres. (2)-(3) shall not allow wood to lie where it is cut for more than 3 months. All parties bind themselves in the sum of 200 marks to keep these agreements.


2 seals.


Tregengevys [= Tregonjeeves, in St Austell]

Date: 1506, 18th Jan
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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